Emulab's arrangement of switches and PCs

Current node to switch assignments (and number of interfaces)

PCs Switch Interfaces
pc201 - pc205
pc228 - pc240
cisco84 x Gb
pc206, pc210
pc241 - pc251
pc254, pc255
cisco8, cisco53 x Gb, 1 x 100Mb
pc207 - pc209
pc211 - pc220
pc222 - pc227
pc252, pc253
pc256 - pc259
pc281 - pc320
cisco8, cisco52 x Gb, 2 x 100Mb
pc263 - pc280
pc321 - pc360
cisco8, cisco51 x Gb, 3 x 100Mb
pc401 - pc520procurve3-54 x 1Gb
pc521 - pc560procurve3-55 x 1Gb
pc601 - pc616arista14 x 10Gb
pc701 - pc716z9500, dellexpt1-34 x 10Gb, 2 x Gb
pc717 - pc740z9500, dellexpt1-32 x 10Gb, 4 x Gb
pc741 - pc756z9500, dellexpt4-64 x 10Gb, 2 x Gb
pc757 - pc780z9500, dellexpt4-62 x 10Gb, 4 x Gb
pc781 - pc796z9500, dellexpt7-94 x 10Gb, 2 x Gb
pc797 - pc820z9500, dellexpt7-92 x 10Gb, 4 x Gb
pc821 - pc836z9500, dellexpt10-124 x 10Gb, 2 x Gb
pc837 - pc860z9500, dellexpt10-122 x 10Gb, 4 x Gb