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Projects that have actively used

Name Institution
MOSIP is a platform for national ID. We are working on understanding security and privacy of this system Carnegie Mellon University
14588-89694 Sharif University of Technology
3DML: A Platform for Data, Design and Deployed Validation of Machine Learning for Wireless Rice University
5G cellular re-design The University of Arizona
5G Experimentation. Zylinium Research
5G Networks and Systems Research Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
5G NR Security NYU
5G Over the air Latency Analysis University of Colorado Boulder
5G Security Protocols The University of Utah
5G-USA, 3GPP Open Source Evaluation Project University of Colorado Boulder
5G/6G Cybersecurity Network testing University of California, Santa Cruz
5GLIP6 University Pierre and Marie Curie
5G_SLICING Student
6G-RIC Technische Universität Braunschweig
802.11af QP-CSMA/CA test using USRPs U/ Washington
A channel independent physical layer security method for wireless networks. University at Buffalo, State University of New York
A component-based approach to data stores as a service. University of Southern California
A customizable, streaming data overlay network University of Maryland, College Park
A data-centric publish/subscribe system for tactical environments Institute for Human and Machine Cognition / University of West Florida
A experiment management framework USC/ISI
A FLOATING-CLOUD TIERED architecture leveraging on the concept of ISP tiers to distribute routing load and alleviate the global routing problem in the Internet. Rochester Inst. of Technology
A Framework for Virtual Machine Replication and Middlebox Placement in Cloud Data Centers California State University Dominguez Hills
A High-Fidelity Cybersecurity Emulator Platform for Computational Cybersecurity Research The University of Texas at San Antonio
A Hybrid Cloud Framework for Scientific Computing LSU
A hybrid network of mobility-based and point-to-point connections University of Michigan
A large scale emulator for Software Defined Networks University of Waterloo
A log-structure distributed key/value store Linkedin
A Mobility-Centric, Trustworthy Next-Generation Internet Architecture University of Massachusetts Amherst
A modification to Nova LSM project allowing to migrate ranges. University of Southern California
A natively scalable architecture Université Catholique de Louvain
A new approach to serverless model Penn State University
A new architecture for p2p live video streaming Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
A new cloud infrastructure University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A P2P Grid Information Service University of Salento
A P2P Overlay Network for Sharing Perspectives Institute of Computer Science, FORTH/Univ. of Crete
A P2P-based distributed framework for sharing information and computation Cornell University
A Parallel Geometric Multigrid Library for Finite Elements on Octree Meshes The University of Utah
A polystore analytical system University of California, San Diego
a project on virtualization based cloud management Georgia Institute of Technology
A project to better align the ns-3 simulator with Powder. University of Washington
A project to test advanced experiments not available on our modest ARN-EMULAB Research Center on Technical and Scientific Information
A protocol for distributed software transaction memory Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
A scalable IDS Clemson University
A small datacenter for experiments University of Science and Technology of China
A study of cloud multi-tenancy security The Ohio State University
A study of distributed federated learning schemes for enhancing spectral sensing capabilities The University of Utah
A study of network management protocols in poor networks SPARTA, Inc
A testbed Carnegie Mellon University
A Testing Environment for Analyzing the Effectiveness of Cyber Attacks against SCADA System Southwest Jiaotong University
A TLB-Aware CPU scheduler for NUMA enabled systems Iran University of Science and Technology
A transparent TCP stream proxy University of Alberta
A-3 is a framework for enabling autonomic capabilities in decentralized and dynamic applications. A-3 main features are a group-based approach in managing decentralization and monitoring and reconfiguration mchanisms based on Aspect-Oriented approach Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione - Politecnico di Milano
A3 Public Project The University of Utah
ABone Aerospace Corporation
Accelerated Copy Protocol Imperial College
Accessible ML Saint Louis University
Accountability in Wired/Wireless Networks The University of Alabama
Achieving High-Bandwidth Peer-to-Peer Data Transfers with the Right Incentives National University of Singapore
Active composable network services Carnegie Mellon University
Active Network Defense Stevens Institute of Technology
Active Network Time Management University of Southern California
Active Protocol Label Switching The University of New South Wales
Activecast Services University of Kentucky
Activities related to US Ignite US Ignite
Ad hoc and Wireless Mesh network Routing Evaluation University of Murcia
Adaptive Data Management for Main Memory Database Clusters Universita della Svizzera Italiana (USI)
Adaptive Middleware and Network Transports Indiana Wesleyan University
Adaptive Multicast Video Streaming OGI at OHSU
Adaptive Probabilistic Tools for Advanced Networks Cornell University
Adaptive Reconfigurable Mobile Objects of Reliability middleware architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Adaptive Streaming over HTTP and Emerging Networked Multimedia Services Alpen-Adria-University Klagenfurt, ITEC Department
Adaptive Virtual Queue scheme for AQM University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Adar development ISIS, Vanderbilt University
Add a local latency estimation to maximize the inter ISP in the BitTorrent protocol/client Universidad de Buenos Aires
Add eDRX feature to OAI NB-IoT eNB Universitas Indonesia
ADE projects experiments University of Cyprus
ADS-B Signal The University of Utah
Advance BFT Indian Institute of Information Technology
Advanced Adaptive Applications The University of Utah
Advanced Computer and Network System Security Class at University of Colorado, Fall 2017 University of Colorado Boulder
Advanced Computer Network - Emulation Experiments of TCP Incast University of Wisconsin-Madison
Advanced Network Systems course at Univ. of Colorado University of Colorado Boulder
Advanced Networking class at Univ. of Colorado University of Colorado Boulder
Advanced notions of communications and computer networks Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava
Advanced Operating Systems Class Harvey Mudd College
Advanced OS Class Projects University of Chicago
advanced OS, U of Utah, spring 2014 The University of Utah
Advanced Statistical Methods for Intrusion Detection Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze
Advanced Topics in Communication The University of Utah
Advanced Wireless Network Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Aerial experimental research plartfom Mississippi State University
Agile Protocol Research The University of Utah
Agile Store Georgia Institute of Technology
AI based IDS for SDN San Jose State University
AI-EDGE Purdue University
Airborne Network Laydown Architecture Technology Corporation
Akshat_CMPE283 - Labs San Jose State University
Alchemy: Transmuting Raw Code Into Robust Components The University of Utah
AMP NodeOS USC Information Sciences Institute
An all in-memory large-scale low-latency data center storage center system. The University of Utah
An Application Delivery Platform for Mobile Apps on Global Clouds Washington University in St. Louis
An architecture design for overlay SDN University of Illinois at Chicago
An architecture level approach to improve remote memory performance of clusters University of Notre Dame Du Lac
An elastic operating system Brown University
An experimental distributed deterministic OS Yale University
An open peer-to-peer content distribution network Princeton University
An open-source platform that simplifies the creation of software for controlling or monitoring networks. University of California, Berkeley
Analyitcs cluster for SC16 Sandia National Labs
Analyses of a new Consensus Mechanism called Probabilistic Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) Universidade Estadual de Campinas
Analysis of DNS anomalies, as viewed from a root server University of Maryland, College Park
Analysis of Go concurrency behavior The University of Utah
Analysis of Software Artifacts Carnegie Mellon University
Analysis of Software Artifacts Carnegie Mellon University
Analysis on attacks connections from public internet using Low-interaction Honeypots on virtual machines Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
analyzing distributed system logs. Purdue Univeristy
Anolis: a software-based stateful load balancer University of Massachusetts Amherst
Anomaly Detection and Performance Optimization for End-to-End Data Transfers at Scale University of Nevada, Reno
anomaly detection in a distributed environment University of Chicago
anonymous communication using opportunistic routing Arizona State University
AnyCon Duke University
Application Characterization for Adaptive Computing Platform Determination for Computational and Data-Enabled Science and Engineering Clemson University
Application DDoS detection University of Southern California
Application Defined Swap Cache University of California, Los Angeles
Application of Machine Learning Algorithms in Delay Tolerant Networking University of Houston
Application Performance and QoE Benchmarks over Cellular Networks University of California, San Diego
Application-Specific Integrated Aggregation for Publish/Subscribe Systems University of Otago
Apply software defined network (SDN) to the design and operation of data center networks, to improve bandwidth and energy efficiency. Florida International University
AQM Congestion Control Texas A&M University
AQM evaluation :-) Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Architecting Internet Post Offices Telefonica Research
Architectures for persistent memory University of Wisconsin-Madison
Argos C-RAN test Rice University
Argos C-RAN test in simulation mode (without radios) Yale University
Armada framework for I/O on Computational Grids Dartmouth College
Artifact Evaluation Comittee for SOSP 21 The University of Utah
Artifact Evaluation of ISSTA '21 National University of Singapore
Artifact Evaluation Preparation for Metastable Failures Penn State University
ASPLOS 23 artifact evaluation Princeton University
Assured Cloud Computing UIllinois
ATLANTIC-eVISION Technological University Dublin
Attack generation in testbed environment Thiagarajar College of Engineering
Attempting to infer the internal structure of networks University of Massachusetts Amherst
Auto-Configuration Tuning for Cloud Systems University of Chicago
Automated Network Management The University of Utah
Automated Spectrum Management for NextGen Wireless Ecosystem University of Colorado Boulder
Automatic generation of software diversity Global InfoTek, Inc.
Automatic Instrumentation of Network Function Software to Enable Flexible Control University of Wisconsin-Madison
Automatic Modulation Classification using Convolutional Neural Networks The University of Utah
Automatically finding tail latency behavior in file systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Automating instrumentation decisions for distributed systems Boston University
Automating Network Configuration Management (Network Self-Management and Organization) Columbia University
Autonomic Network Management and Planning Western Michigan University
Avaliacao IFC
Backbone Network Test Suit Peking University
Backup platform for Computer Networks course assignments Johns Hopkins University
Bandwidth Estimation with Min-Plus Linear System Theory University of Toronto
Bandwidth Harvesting for cloud systems University of Rhode Island
Basic configuration of Diameter security servers Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena
Behavioral Research to Mitigate Cyber Security Risk San Jose State University
Benchmark GC in Linux The University of Utah
Benchmarking Blockchains King Saud University
Benchmarking different Kubernetes network plugins Budapest University of Technology and Economy
Benchmarking SMACK - A Modular Software Verification Infrastructure The University of Utah
BFT: The time is NOW The University of Texas at Austin
BGP/BGPSEC/RPKI Interop Testing National Institute of Standards and Technology
BGPSec protocol testbed NIST
Big Data Analytics on Traditional HPC Infrastructure Using Memory-centric distributed storage system Clemson University
Big Data Benchmarking Suite for Cyber-Security Analytics Mississippi State University
Big Data Cyber-attack Detection University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Big Data Processing with Hadoop MapReduce Georgia Institute of Technology
Big Data Systems - Spring 2019 version University of Wisconsin-Madison
Big Data Systems course offered at UW Madison in Fall 2015 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Big Data Systems Course Projects Stony Brook University
Bioinformatics IT Lab Work Medical University of South Carolina
bit torrent trust managment Shahid Beheshti University
Blockchain for Internet of Vehicles, SDN/NFV in IOV, Data Privacy in IOV, MPTCP in IOV Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
Blockchain-enabled secure coordination between SDN controllers University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Bluetooth Jamming The University of Utah
Boa for Transportation Data Analysis Iowa State University
Boost distributed storage/cache performance by utilizing pagecache and GPU algorithms. University of Colorado Boulder
Botnet Detection IGDTUW
Box of Powder The University of Utah
BR Iowa State University
BuddyCache: Transactional Peer Group Caching in Distributed Object Repositories Brandeis University and MIT/LCS
Build an emulation of the actual DNS root nameserver system SPARTA, Inc
Building a Cloud service over the cloud Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, New Delhi
building and testing distributed firewalls Dept. Computer Science, Univ. Victoria
BW estimation Texas A&M University
By this project, we would like to verify whether the transmission of data and the construction of tree in RMCP-2(Relayed Multicast Control Protocol) which is an overlay multicast protocol for IPTV service providers are operating normally. Jinpyo Hong
Byzantine Fault Tolerance Applications Paul Sabatier University
Byzantine fault-tolerant replication University of Lisboa
Byzantine security for power grid equipment University of California, Davis
Caerus: A Distributed Ordering Control Layer That Enables Better Performance for Any Distributed Systems University at Buffalo, State University of New York
caprobe experiments University of California, Los Angeles
Cascade Peking University
Cassandra Cluster Time Synchronization University of Colorado Boulder
CBRS Sensing The University of Utah
CC Fluid-Model Validation on High-Capacity Links ETH Zurich
CCIT project for CloudLab user support Clemson University
CDN Accessibility Measurement for Anycast Flapping Duke University, Computer Science Department
Censorship Resistant Internet Search University of California, Santa Barbara
Censorship-resistant web browsing system Hanyang University
Center for Enable Distributed Petascale science Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Center for Enabling Distributed Petascale Science Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research Centre for Telecommunications Value-Chain Research
Channel assignment The University of Texas at Austin
Chart routing HP Laboratories
check algorithms for data centers queuing CTVR, Trinity College University of Dublin
Checking out different ways of building virtualized NFS University of Wisconsin-Madison
CheckSync: Transparent Fault Tolerance for Applications via Checkpointing Princeton University
Choice of data centers upon storage type and speeds Rutgers
Chord with Caching Princeton University
CIS 578 (Advanced Operating Systems) University of Michigan-Dearborn
CIS662 networking class at Temple University University of Delaware
class - Introduction to Network Security USC Information Sciences Institute
Class communication networks 4 Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
class experiments for advanced operating systems course Princeton University
Class experiments for Computer Networks, Grinnell College Grinnell College
Class Programming Assignment University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Class Project Development for ELE437 University of Rhode Island
Class project for federated learning The University of Utah
Class project for Lab 1 in CPSC857, Spring, 2019 Clemson University
Class projects The University of Utah
Class projects for distribtued systems The University of Alabama
class projects for distributed systems Mount Holyoke College
Class projects for MCMD class (on DHT) The University of Utah
Class projects for Network Forensics Stevens Institute of Technology
Class projects on Network Security The University of Utah
Class: Advanced Topics in Network Security USC Information Sciences Institute
Class: Introduction to Network Security USC Information Sciences Institute
Clemson Cyberinfrastructure and Technology Integration Testbed West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Clemson GENI experimentation projects Clemson University
Clemson Research Computing and Data: Engagement West Chester University of Pennsylvania
cloud Vellore Institute of Technology
Cloud and Autonomic Networking Testbed Texas Tech University
Cloud application monitoring with SDN Queen Mary University of London
Cloud computing : the virtualization layer ENSIAS
Cloud Computing Class Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City
Cloud computing for data science George Mason University
Cloud Computing Project University of California, Riverside
Cloud Computing Projects at Tufts Tufts University
Cloud computing projects at Tufts Tufts University
Cloud Datacenter Orchestration for Internet of Things Applications Oregon State University
Cloud Research & Teaching at New Mexico State University New Mexico State University
Cloud Research and Education at Iowa State Iowa State University
Cloud Storage Privacy Protection University of Connecticut
cloud system University of Connecticut
Cloud-based Object Recognition Engine The University of Texas at Arlington
Cloud-Native Database Systems Purdue University
Cloud/ Distributed Database York Univeristy
CloudClass University of Mines and Technology
CloudLab Integration with Open Cloud Testbed (OCT) University of Massachusetts Amherst
CloudLab Project for Big Data Mining (CS494) at UIC, Spring 2020 University of Illinois at Chicago
CloudLab project for NYU's Big Data and Machine Learning Class New York University
CloudLab umbrella project The University of Utah
Cloudsuite3 Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
ClouPoli Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano
Clustered Spacecraft Simulation NASA Ames Research Center
Clustering biological time series data University of Wisconsin-Madison
Clusters of Order Preserving Servers investigates how to build scalable geo-replicated storage systems. Princeton University
CMU 15-437 / 15-637 Web Applications Development, Fall 2008 Carnegie Mellon University
CMU challenging networks class Carnegie Mellon University
CMU Class projects for 15-712 Carnegie Mellon University
CMU DOT project Carnegie Mellon University
CMU wireless network testbed Carnegie Mellon University
CNDS - Johns Hopkins University Johns Hopkins University
Coded Distributed Computing Carnegie Mellon University
Coevolving Attackers and Defenders for Large Infrastructure Networks Missouri University of Science and Technology
cognitive radio testing Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Collaborate: Robust Distributed Storage University of Cyprus
Collaboration between the Advanced Research Computing (ARC) and Network Infrastructure & Services (NIS) teams. Deputy Executive Director-Network Infrastructure & Services
Collect U.S. pre-hospital data (EMS) The University of Utah
Collecting logs on representative data on 128 nodes The University of Arizona
Colorado Advanced Network Systems Class - Fall 2022 University of Colorado Boulder
CoLTE X2 handover University of Washington CSE ICTD lab
Com S 641: Data Intensive Languages and Systems - Design and Semantics Computer Science, Iowa State University
Communication Avoiding Algorithms for SpMM and SDDMM University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Communication Latency Dependent Decentralized Scheduling for Many-task Applications in Hybrid Cloud Louisiana State University
Communication Networks Course ECE 537 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Communication-Driven Analytics Stack University of Michigan
compare functions with new Emulab build by us University of Science and Technology of China
Compare Intel FlexRAN DPDK Channel Coding. to OAI based LDPC coding scheme in the gNodeB UTD
Compare the performance of CloudLab with ThoThLab University of Missouri-Kansas City
Comparing streaming systems (Storm vs Spark Streaming) in geo-distributed setting University of Wisconsin-Madison
Comparison of Checkpointing Technologies for Parallel Computing Texas Tech University
Components and Aspects for DRE Systems The University of Utah
Compositional Analysis and Verification of Android The University of Utah
Compute a complete solution to the board game "Checkers". The University of Utah
Computer Networking course for part 1b Cambridge University Computer Laboratory
Computer Networks in Farmingdale State College Farmingdale State College
Computer Security Course Southern Oregon University
Computer system architecture design and evaluation University of California, Irvine
Concurrent Data Structures using RCU over RDMA Royal Holloway, University of London
Conducting 5G Research University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Conext 2019 Artifact Evaluation Queen Mary University of London
Conflict Free Replicated DataTypes King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)
Congestion control algorithm - Extending PCC Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Congestion Control for Next Generation Networks University of Toronto
Congestion Control in DCs Illinois State University
CongestionControl University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
connectionless traffic enginnering for the internet Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Container Sizing and Degree of Parallelism over Public Cloud Penn State University
Containerized Internet Measurement Tools University of Oregon
Content-based networking University of Lugano
Context-Aware Network Control Using CORD University of Massachusetts Lowell
Contract-Switching: Value Flows and Risk Management Architecture for Future Internet University of Central Florida
Control framework for distributed and cloud systems US Ignite
Control Plane HAT TRICK project Sparta, Inc
Cooperative Interference-Embracing Communication in Multi-Hop Wireless Networks Michigan State University
Cooperative Search and Rescue Auburn University
Core Research AFIT
Cornell Internet Voting Service Cornell University
Correlating BGP with active probes Princeton University
Course Analysis of S/W artifacts Carnegie Mellon University
Course demonstrations Rice University
Course Project for GaTech CS6220 (Fall 2019) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Course Project for Princeton's COS518 Fall '22 Semester Princeton University
Course Projects in CS525 (Advanced Distributed Systems) at UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
CPSC 8570 Project Clemson University
cpsc8810 Clemson University
CPU-GPU load balancing on a cloud server Stony Brook University
Critical infrastructure protection mechanisms testing University of Lisboa
Cross-functional Information System for Decision Making Singapore University of Technology and Design
Cross-layer Transfer Optimization University of Nevada, Reno
crowdnet Cornell University
CS 184 Networks 2 Class Project George Washington University
CS 4251 Princeton
CS 4480 SDN Programming Assignment The University of Utah
CS 6480 Debugging Tool for Distributed Systems The University of Utah
CS 6480 Experiment Management System The University of Utah
CS 6480 for 2020 The University of Utah
CS 6480 PhantomNet Class Project The University of Utah
CS 6480 Unikernel Evaluation The University of Utah
CS 736 University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS 744 Big Data Systems Fall 2020 University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS 744 Big Data Systems Fall 2021 University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS 839, Spring 2022 course on Advanced Machine Learning Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS for Internet Measurement Data University of Oregon
CS330 - Computer Networking, Fall 2018, Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois Wesleyan University
CS330 - Computer Networking, Fall 2021, Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois Wesleyan University
CS330: Computer Networking - Fall 2011 Illinois Wesleyan University
CS330: Computer Networking - Fall 2014 Illinois Wesleyan University
CS356: Computer Networks The University of Texas at Austin
CS378: Big data programming course testbed taught at UT Austin The University of Texas at Austin
CS4480-2020 The University of Utah
CS5961 Networked Game Design projects The University of Utah
cs739p2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
CSC364-2009S Grinnell College
csci7000-project University of Colorado Boulder
CSIT Majors Cloud Computing Course La Salle University
customized router design Institute of Creativity Technology
Cyber Attack Impact on Critical Smart Grid Infrastructures Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Cyber Defence Simulation Lab Cranfield University
Cyberforaging in Pervasive Computing Environments The University of Utah
DARPA PCES Program Support The University of Utah
Data Center Systems University of Washington
Data Communication 2 Lecture Fachhochschule Aachen
data dissemination over mobile wireless networks University of Maryland, College Park
Data Geolocation National University of Singapore
Data informed Network Simulation University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Data Intelligence, Reliability, and Reproducibility University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Data Quality and Security Evaluation Framework for Mobile Devices Platform Rochester Institute of Technology
Data replication to support edge services The University of Texas at Austin
Data Throughput And End System Energy Optimization University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Database Calculator Georgia Institute of Technology
Database Replication in WAN environments School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Datacenter assignment manager for performance and energy efficiency. University of Michigan
DataCenter Network Research University of Massachusetts Amherst
Datacenter Scale Computing University of Colorado Boulder
Davis Social Links University of California, Davis
DDOS Attacks, Protection and Recovery Purdue University
DDoS detection and analysis USC/ISI
DDSS study University of Wisconsin-Madison
Declarative Networking University of California, Berkeley
Deep learning framework for intrusion detection system IBA
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Data Management Gabriel Campero Durand
Deep Reinforcement Learning for TCP in FreeBSd Deakin University
DeepLog The University of Utah
Delay Tolerant Network Development Intel Research, Berkeley
Delay-Tolerant Data Transport Georgia Institute of Technology
Demo for EMPOWER workshop The University of Utah
Demonstrating VIOLIN on GENI-alpha DOCOMO Labs USA
Demonstration of HPC cluster topology configurations Air Force Research Laboratory
Dependable Distance Education for CMU Carnegie Mellon University
Deployment of cloud based architecture for highly available searching services Concordia University
Deployment of M-CORD Waterford Institute of Technology
Descentralized Scalable Scheduling in millions nodes Universidad de Zaragoza
Design a Lab. course for OAI National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
Design and Demonstration of a Scalable High Performance Active Network Node Washington University in St. Louis
Design and end-to-end performance evaluation of fault tolerant distributed algorithms Technion, EE
Design and evaluate new Adhoc Routing protocols The University of Utah
Design and Evaluate Scaling Incremental Applications and Frameworks in Cloud Universty of North Carolina at Charlotte
Design and implementation of real-time resource management algorithms that can provide end-to-end timing assurances in highly dynamic system environments and network infrastructures Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Design And Versatile Implementation of Non-binary wireless Communications based on Innovative LDPC codes professor assistant
Design collaborative video rendering and streaming for multiple users The University of Texas at Austin
Design the optimal Zygote Tree structure to optimize OpenLambda cold start time University of Wisconsin-Madison
Design, development and implantation of socio-technological solutions in remote areas by means of network virtualization for multiple providers services over a single network infrastructure University of Sao Paulo
Design, implementation and performance analysis of a novel transport protocol providing reliable transfer based on fountain codes and omitting congestion control Dept. of Telecommunications and Media Informatics, Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Designing a transport protocol for satellite based internet Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham University
Designing and analyzing a high performance and reliable centralized sequencers for distributed systems. Princeton University
Designing comprehensive and efficient defense mechanisms against micro-architectural side channel attacks Massachusetts Institute of Technology
detect convergence in BGP University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dev Ops in the Cloud Fall 2018 (University of Colorado) University of Colorado Boulder
Dev Ops in the Cloud Fall 2021 (University of Colorado) University of Colorado Boulder
Develop a BGP speaker to read offline BGP messages Clarkson University
Develop a Control Plane for the Internet US Ignite
Develop a transport protocol for multicast virtual circuits University of Virginia
Develop and test systems to run video analytics at scale University of Chicago
Develop networking projects to be used on Emulab Harvey Mudd College
Developer-friendly, Optimized Generalizable Bringing Relational Algebra to Linear Algebra University of Wisconsin-Madison
Developing Big Data Technologies Georgia Institute of Technology
Developing distributed spatial framework Georgia Institute of Technology
Developing effective application-aware scheduling algorithms that aim to improve application QoE to ensure wireless resources are effectively managed. University of Michigan
Developing MyPLC The University of Utah
developing new pcc Northeastern University, China
Development and evaluation of load balancing mechanisms for dependable Web services UNICAMP - University of Campinas
development and testing of xapp implementations in the context of oran. TU Dortmund University
Development of Cloud-based Labs to support Computer Security education West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Development of complex appliances for scientific computing University of Chicago
Development of routing mechanism for ad hoc networks, based on the XOR distance of node identifiers Universidade Federal de Uberlandia
Device Discovery on the POWDER Network Raytheon
Dexter extends BitTorrent to enable arbitrary peers to dynamically create and use hardware multicast to transfer pieces to a group of peers, which reduces both the network load and file transfer time. Rice University
DIF-Emulab Integration University of Maryland, College Park
DigOver is an evidential overlay fault diagnosis framework. Illinois State University
diploma projects University Politehnica of Bucharest, Computer Science and Engineering
Direct Telemetry Access Carnegie Mellon University
Disaggregated Blockchains The University of Texas at Austin
Discover and analyze software bugs Clarkson University
discovering CloudLab Universite de Lorraine
disseminated, distributed operating system deployement University grenoble alpes of france
Dissemination of Security Updates University of California, Los Angeles
Dissent Protocol in Python Master student at Yazd University
Distributed and Complex Subset Query System for Data Centers University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Distributed approach to DDoS defense University of California, Los Angeles
Distributed Computing Infrastructure Lab West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Distributed coordination algorithms Naval Research Laboratory
Distributed Data Collection from Twitter California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Distributed database implementation looking at the use of multicast in various new join algorithms we are developing. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Distributed Decentralized Cooperative Defense against Network Attacks Rutgers University
Distributed DOS Detection University of Florida
Distributed framework for reinforcement learning University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
distributed home agent for robust mobile access University of Pennsylvania
Distributed implementation of MapReduce Carnegie Mellon University
Distributed KVS using Bluefield Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Distributed Log Querier University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
distributed machine learning Case Western Reserve University
Distributed ML EdX University of Wisconsin-Madison
Distributed protocols University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Distributed Query Evaluation University of Victoria
Distributed sensor network using swarm techniques for GENI. University of California, Davis
Distributed shared log for Ceph University of California, Santa Cruz
Distributed simulation Texas A&M University
Distributed Software Engineering Group Imperial College
Distributed Software Engineering Research Imperial College London
Distributed software-defined memory (DSDM): cost-effective and programmable memory scaling on clouds University of Nevada, Reno
Distributed SQL server Stanford University
Distributed Storage and Networking The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Distributed System for Collaborative Information Processing and Learning Rutgers University
Distributed Systems Class Projects Carnegie Mellon University
Distributed Systems Masters Course University of Washington
Distributed worm simulation USC Information Sciences Institute
DistStorage University of Wisconsin-Madison
DNS resolution research San Jose State University
Docker Performance Study Sacred Heart University
Docker scheduler University of California, Santa Cruz
Domain-aware Tuning for Floating-point Programs The University of Utah
Domain-specific Distributed Systems The University of Utah
DoS remediation Massachusetts Institute of Technology
DoS testing of Host Identity Protocol Helsinki Institute for Information Technology
DSL for Genomics Iowa State University
dtour experiments Uppsala University
Dynamic Accountability on the Cloud Pennsylvania State University
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over Http Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Dynamic Adaptive Streaming With Go OZYEGIN UNIVERSITY
Dynamic Content Generation Proxy Computer Science, Duke
Dynamic control of virtualized resources University of Michigan
Dynamic database caching Tanu Malik
Dynamic Real-time Distributed Software Instrumentation JHU Applied Physics Laboratory
DynaShield: Build on demand ddos defense architecture with cloud service Duke University
Eager Paging Evaluation University of Wisconsin-Madison
ECE 157 A wireless communications lab test University of California, San Diego
ECE431Spring18Project Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Edge Computing and Federated Learning The University of Utah
Edge Computing Platform University of Massachusetts Amherst
Edge Network Provisioning and Auto Scaling Element University of California, Santa Cruz
Edge vs Cloud computing for disaster response City University of New York
Education of Emulab, ProtoGENI, and GENI The University of Alabama
EEL-6892 Virtual Computers Spring 2015 University of Florida
EEL6892 Virtual Computers, ECE, University of Florida, Spring 2019 University of Florida
EEL6892 Virtual Computers, ECE, University of Florida, Spring 2021 University of Florida
EEL6892 Virtual Computers, ECE, University of Florida, Spring 2022 University of Florida
EEL6892 Virtual Computers, ECE, University of Florida, Spring 2023 University of Florida
EEL6892-Spring16 University of Florida
Efficiency of the improved Fast Paxos algorithm EPFL
Efficient algorithms for verifying data consistency of distributed databases East China Normal University
Efficient and sustainable data processing performance on current and future hardware. University of Wisconsin
Efficient load balancing and overload control for OLDI microservices Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Efficient Metadata Services for large data centers The Ohio State University
Efficient P2P Live Streaming Yale University
Efficient redundancy schemes for low latency content serving Carnegie Mellon University
Effort to understand the POWDER capability and how to structure a partnership to benefit both organizations US Navy, Naval Information Warfare Center
Elastic containerized serverless and microservice infrastructure University of Colorado Boulder
Elasticity in storm clusters University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Emerging Apps over emergying networks U. Manitoba
Empirical Analysis of the Performance of Communication Networks for Containers Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina (UDESC)
Emulab failure and recovery study The University of Utah
Emulate simple network topologies - Duke class Computer Science, Duke
Emulating Mobile Wireless Networks HRL Labs
Emulation of SDN Controlled Firewalls
Enabling a Collaborative environment for wireless Communication and Networking Research. Alexandria University
Encrypting Your Data on the Blockchain Carnegie Mellon University
end system multicast Carnegie Mellon University
End-to-end interoperability in large-scale networks University of Bordeaux
End-to-End Performance Analysis with 5G Network Slicing The University of Edinburgh
End-to-end Programmable Networks and RDMA National University of Singapore
Endpoint congestion control University of Washington
Energy Efficient Algorithms The University of Utah
Energy efficient NFV University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Enhancing Coupled-SFR Logging Mechanism to Deliver Fast Recovery Guarantees in NVM Penn State University
Epidemic Protocols in Ad-hoc Wireless Networks University of California, San Diego
ES Sensor Scheduling The University of Utah
Escher Cornell University
Establish interoperability among selected encalves using the CoABS Grid Global InfoTek Inc
eval University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Evaluate ordered consensus systems with real-world decentralized finance applications. Cornell University
Evaluate our consensus protocol in simulated environment, analyze collected results IoT and Big Data Joint Lab
Evaluate the effectiveness of decentralised scheduling in large datacenters. University of Cambridge
Evaluate the Security of BGP ETH Zurich
Evaluate the use of P2P technologies to deploy network services for satellites in space. Washington University in St. Louis
Evaluating alternatives to fast recovery for TCP reordering Stony Brook University
Evaluating Emulab for WAILworks interface University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evaluating measurement tools University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Evaluating NoSQL tools for managing JSON data University of Missouri
Evaluating performance of composable BFT protocols. Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Evaluating Routing Control Platform Princeton University
Evaluating the efficacy of gossip protocols that tolerate Byzantine and selfish behaviors The University of Texas at Austin
Evaluating the Leaderless Byzantine Consensus Protocol The University of Sydney
Evaluating the performance of different private blockchain platforms in a medium network setting Washington University in St. Louis
Evaluating the Performance of SMORE Stony Brook University
Evaluating the performance of some parallel Delaunay triangulation algorithms by measuring how they perform when they are run on a physical multicore and multiprocessor system and on multiprocessor parallel system provided via the cloud. Colorado Technical University
Evaluating the resilience of MOSIP against DDoS attacks Carnegie Mellon University - Africa
Evaluation and Documentation of Network Testbeds Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Evaluation for integration in Gent Ghent University/imec
Evaluation of a new architecture for scalable AB monitoring University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Evaluation of a novel packet scheduler Rutgers University
Evaluation of applying SDN and NFV to the LTE mobile core Chair for Communication Networks (LKN)
Evaluation of Data-centric middleware West Chester University of Pennsylvania
evaluation of file transfer protocols University of Missouri-Kansas City
Evaluation of Network Abstractions University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evaluation of new DASH over CCN approaches. University of Massachusetts Amherst
Evaluation of overlay multicast using multi-tree vs. mesh LUMS, Pakistan
Evaluation of P2P overlay multicast protocols Trinity College Dublin
Evaluation of traffic conditioning techniques Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena
Evaluation of user plane jitter using virtualization technologies Chalmers University of Technology
Evaluations of P2P topologies for virtual environments Queen Mary University of London
Evalutation of some available bandwidth estimation tools University of Bamberg
Exercises for CSC 332 Computer Networks Course Farmingdale State College
Expeditus is a distributed congestion-aware load balancing protocol in the data plane. It's designed to replace ECMP in data center networks for low-latency high-throughput networking. The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Experiment Archive The University of Utah
Experiment Cloud FIRBE Federal University of Para
Experiment with distributed protocols. Purdue University
Experiment with network virtualization Rice University
Experimental Analysis of Straggler Mitigation Strategies in Hadoop University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Experimentally evalute new network architectures Carnegie Mellon University
Experimentation and development of a robust SDN controller Purdue University
experimentation for distributed systems Universite de Lorraine
Experimentation with BATMAN routing protocol Universidad Politecnica de Cartagena
Experimentation with large-scale object sharing. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Experimentation with source routing University of Maryland, College Park
Experimenting with approaches to defend against DDoS attacks. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Experimenting with bioinformatics tools University of Missouri
Experimenting with Ethernet Switches & Intra-domain Routing Dept. of Computer Science, Stony Brook University
experimenting with Information Centric Networking over LTE Texas A&M University
Experimenting with Novel Wireless Technology to Support High Capacity LPWAN Florida State University
Experimenting with the use of clock time in SDN policies Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Experimenting with Worm Propagation Models State University of New York at Buffalo
Experiments on Massive MIMO BS Northeastern University
Experiments to avoid distributed livelock New York University
Experiments with privacy-preserving electronic surveillance techniques Yale University
Exploiting Diverse and Heterogeneous Resources in a Multi-cloud Environment University of Nebraska at Omaha
Exploiting storage hierarchy for speeding LSM KV stores Princeton University
Exploiting the effects of quantization of NNs on the proximity of adversarial attacks The University of Utah
Exploration of P2P backup exploiting unused disk space for storage Carnegie Mellon University
Explore how Kubernetes and OpenStack Services can co exist and cooperate Huawei
Explore Powder wireless OpenAI profiles cord-testdrive,
Exploring 5G experiments for vehicular mobility in smart cities Clemson University
Exploring ABM design methods and optimization techniques for HetNets Oklahoma State University
Exploring fast re-routing protocols University of South Carolina
exploring gray-box techniques on top of tcp University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploring hybrid execution models in data centers SUNY Buffalo
exploring mobility in cellular networks Georgia Institute of Technology
Exploring NFV in cellular Stony Brook University
Exploring Pre-Authentication Traffic in 5G NYU
Expressive Internet Architecture research group Carnegie Mellon University
Extend SABR with user preferences for high-level feature-based controlling MAKI TU Darmstadt
Extensible TCP The University of Utah
Extension and testing of Aerospace Space Networking Testbed The Aerospace Corporation
Extreme-scale Content-based Image Retrieval in the Cloud Queensborough Community College of CUNY
FaaS Application University of Mazandaran
FABRIC federation Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Failure as a Service (FaaS): A Cloud Service for Large-Scale, Online Failure Drills University of California, Berkeley
Fast Connection Recovery against Region Failures with Landmark-based Source Routing Nanjing University
Fast Efficient FT Consensus TU Darmstadt
Fast Geo-Replication over Wide Area Networks University of Southern California
FAU Massive MIMO Research Florida Atlantic University
Fault tolerance and Performance Enhancement in Memory Disaggregated Systems Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati
FCP 5G Study in SUTD Singapore University of Technology and Design
Federant for the TIED GENI prototyping project The Aerospace Corporation
Federation of Cloud testbeds into the Slice Federation Architecture US Ignite
FIFR/LISF Transient Loop Experiments University of California, Davis
filtering on overlay networks Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
FlashRoute Case Western Reserve University
Flat name resolver Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Flatt and Regehr's project on precise GC in the OS The University of Utah
FlexRAN over PhantomNet The University of Edinburgh
Floodwatch DDoS USC Information Sciences Institute
Flow Table Synthesis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fluid Models for Large, Heterogeneous Networks Dept. of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts
FogOrchestration UNICAMP
For Course "CPR E 537: Wireless Network Security" Iowa State University
for measurement Harvard University
For testing Beta Emulab WebUI Carnegie Mellon University
For the Course: Network Design and Performance TAMU-Commerce/RIT
For the CPS lab at Rutgers ECE Rutgers University-New Brunswick
For use by CSE 434, Computer Networks, at Arizona State University Arizona State University
Forensics of Smart Contracts The Ohio State University
Formal analysis for resilient and approximate computation The University of Utah
Formal Verification of High Performance Distributed Systems Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Foundations for Correctness Checkability and Performance Predictability of Systems at Scale University of California, Davis
Framework for building intrusion-tolerant distributed systems IBM Zurich Research Lab
free5GC NCTU
FreeBSD QA The FreeBSD Project
Fresh replicas through append-only storage and RDMA Simon Fraser University
Full Duplex scheduling in 5G New York University
Future Internet Konkuk University
Future Internet Classes Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco
Game theoretic system resource allocation. Boston University
GENI application management Williams College
GENI Experiments for Traffic Capture Capabilities and Security Requirement Analysis The University of Alabama
GENI Science Shakedown University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Georgia Tech College of Computing Networking and Telecommunications Group Georgia Institute of Technology
Get logs from Openstack vm. Nankai University
Globecome Tutorial test via IEEE Queensland University of Technology
GNS3 Testing University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
GNS3_Asnet.am_Topology Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA
GNU Radio (software radio) Blossom Research
GNU Radio Conference 2018 The University of Utah
Gossip based communication protocol Westmont College
Gossip peer to peer development plateform INRIA France
Gossip protocol tests Cornell University
GPO project to gain familiarity with Emulab GENI Project Office
Grad Networks 2010 Princeton University
Graduate Cloud Computing Class University of California, Santa Barbara
Graduate course on network and computer system security, Fall 2014 University of Colorado Boulder
Graduate Course on Network Security Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze
Graduate Projects in Distributed Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graph Algorithms on Cloud Platforms Illinois State University
GraphEngine The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
GraphX vs McSherry Implmentation University of Wisconsin-Madison
Grey Fiber is a part of the Internet Atlas project University of Wisconsin-Madison
GRIN project deals with developing and evaluating techniques for maximizing the available bandwidth among different (diverse) paths between any two end points. These techniques would form building blocks of large-scale wide area replication systems. NEC Laboratories America, Inc.
GuanYin Project Portland State University
Guaranteeing Data Freshness in P2P Systems University of Waterloo
GW CloudLab George Washington University
Hadoop University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Hands on Computer Networks Drexel University
Hands-on assignments for COS 561 Princeton University
Hardware and operating systems for rack-scale disaggregated memory systems Penn State University
Hardware Security Benchmark Suite University of Colorado Boulder
Hatswitch Research University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Healthcare provider defined network access for Telemedicine The University of Texas at Dallas
Hermit: Low-latency and High-throughput Remote Memory via Feedback-Directed Asynchrony University of California, Los Angeles
Heterogeneity Aware Gossip Protocol INRIA Rennes
Hierarchical Scheduling Algorithms University of Toronto
Hierarchical Two Dimensional Queuing: A Scalable Approach for Traffic Shaping using Software Defined Networking Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
High Performance Overlay Experimentation Washington University in St. Louis
High Performance ParalleX CREST, Indiana University
high performance state machine replication The University of Texas at Austin
High performance transport for cloud datacenters CS Division
High-Performance, Application-Integrated Far Memory Massachusetts Institute of Technology
High-throughput job scheduling for data centers University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Highly available networking University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Highly deployable mobile networks for public safety Ohio University
HighPerfSSD University of Wisconsin-Madison
History Independent Database Cornell University
Holding project for demonstration profiles. The University of Utah
Holding Project for geni slices The University of Utah
Holding project for POWDER-headed O-RAN Plugfest 2021 resources The University of Utah
Holding project Utah's Flux group. The University of Utah
Homa simulation results Lahore University of Management Sciences
How to build a lab for my class Jackson State University
HPC CLOUD Universidad autonoma de occidente
HPSC Master course student, Hannam University
HTTP based load balancer Georgia Institute of Technology
Human factors in roadway accident hot spot identification Jackson State University
Hustle is a new data processing kernel that aims to support both relational and propositional machine learning in the same platform. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hybrid routing/forwarding protocol for tolerating compromised routers University of California, San Diego
i want this system to help my student for the graduation University of Catania
IAMANET effort to research secure network implementation Telcordia
IBDS The University of Utah
ICS-NS Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences
IDCC Trial 1 InterDigital
Identification of jobs communications patterns for application characterization. UNESP
Identify fences automatically The University of Texas at Austin
Identifying anomalies in Blockchains by delaying messages The University of Sydney
Identifying security threats (e.g., impersonation) from implementing network slicing for 5G with SDN and NFV. Arizona State University
IDS Exploration - We intend to evaluate the quality of various IDS systems, as part of a larger ARO-funded DoD MURI grant. University of Wisconsin-Madison
IDS4ID Carnegie Mellon University
IDS_Snort_ Bro San Jose State University
Impact of Datacenter OS API on Utilization and Security Princeton University
Impact of Kernel Same-page Merging (KSM) on the Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) University of Florida
Impact of unreliable wireless communication on distributed applications The University of Texas at Dallas
Implementation of Distributed Algorithms University of Cyprus
Implementation of Network Functions as container images for easy spawning and orchestration San Jose State University
Implementation of the WISE framework University of Maryland, College Park
implementing craq Princeton University
improve failure detection in distributed system Johns Hopkins University
improvements of Ditto (Mobisys 2008) Lahore University of Management Sciences
Improving database performance and reliability with new hardware and system architecture. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Improving EPC performance Hankuk (Korea) University of Foreign Studies
Improving Fault-Tolerance in Large-Scale: We aim to construct a high-quality testing environment to identify reliability and performance issues in large-scale distributed enterprise applications The University of Memphis
Improving Internet Protocols Université Catholique de Louvain
Improving network performance of distributed file system with SDN and NF University of Wisconsin-Madison
Improving networking performance by offloading packet processing The Ohio State University
Improving QoE of Video streaming Purdue University
Improving the performance of container environments University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Improving the topology of a Gnutella network Faculty of IE and M, Technion
In this class, students need to get experience in network secuirty and intrusion detection systems University of North Carolina at Charlotte
In this project the data availability of the data in the cloud computing is increased by using the peer-peer networks Bannari Amman Institute of Technology
In this project, we explore how configurations affect the performance of distributed systems, and we will explore ways to diagnose and fix performance-related misconfiguration problems in cloud infrastructure systems. University of Chicago
In this project, we will study how to build a mobile cloud on top of Mobile ad hoc network to use mobile resources efficiently. University of Washington Tacoma
In-band TCP measurements University of California, San Diego
In-Network Storage and Computation on GENI DOCOMO Labs USA
In-Transit Data Analysis in Federated Ecosystems Rutgers University
Incast Control in datacenters University of Illinois at Chicago
Incentive via Bankless Virtual Currency System National University of Singapore
incremental data stream processing Concordia University
Industrial Control Sistem Testbed Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute
information retrieval in p2p environments University of Massachusetts Amherst
Initial experimentation potentially related to various proposed efforts on massive MIMO, especially related to TVWS in rural deployments. Southern Methodist University
Initial test project from a Telecomm PhD Student Drexel University
INSANE: A Uniform Middleware API for INtegrated Selective Acceleration at the Network Edge Università degli Studi di Bologna
Install Open Air Interface on top of POWDER Universitas Indonesia
Install PNNL electric power grid simulator under Windows XP USC ISI
Intelligent Architectures for Space Internet Case Western Reserve University
intelligent media networking Kent State University
Intelligent Reduction of Energy through Photonic Integration for Datacenters University of California, Santa Barbara
Intelligent straggler mitigation on spark Shanghai University of Electric Power
Inter-cloud experiments by overlay cloud architecture National Institute of Informatics
Interactive ISP-victim DoS defense USC Information Sciences Institute
Intercloud web services lab exercises for students University of Missouri
InterDigital RAN orchestration experiments InterDigital
InterDigital_OAI InterDigital Communications
Interdomain routing security University of Massachusetts Amherst
Intermediate Storage System University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Internet 3.0 Washington University in St. Louis
Internet broadcast to large, end-user personal caches University of Washington
Internet Congestion Control University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Internet Defense Technology Experimental Research Network ISI DeterLab
Introduction to Cloud Computing West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Intrusion Dection In Cloud Environments ENSIAS
Intrusion Detection and Information Fusion Fordham University
Intrusion detection and prevention in SDN using traffic Engineering San Jose State University
Intrusion Detection Systems Testing Georgia Institute of Technology
Investigate improved memory allocation mechanisms for improved performance of cloud workloads University of Wisconsin-Madison
investigate scalability of link-state protocols University of Kentucky
Investigating Georeplication strategies for Cloud Federation University of California, Santa Barbara
Investigating how to improve on the performance of high load servers by reducing the number of read and write system calls University Politechnica Bucharest
Investigation for CN3 Work CN3
Investigation into the use of SNMP in lossy environemnts Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Investigation of Distributed Denial of Service, Attacks, and Prevention Mechanisms The University of Utah
Investigation of scalability characteristics of a distributed lossy filter service Freie Universitaet Berlin
Investigation of using SCTP for MPI in a WAN environment The University of British Columbia
Investigations into Issues in Deploying Software Defined Networks on Traditional Network Infrastructure Birla Institute of Technology & Sceince, Pilani
IoT Security Education Project San Jose State University
iotX - A simulator for the Internet-of-Things Rochester Institute of Technology
IP fast rerouting evaluation University of California, Irvine
IP over P2P University of Florida
IP service management NEC Labs America
IP-Centric, Latency-Tolerant, Bus-less System Architectures Keio University Shonan Fujisawa Campus
ITRI Energy Savings PoC Industrial Technology Research Institute
it_sim Cornell University
Java-oriented Active Network Operating System The University of Utah
js-version-measurement project The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
JSys Artifact Evaluation Board The University of Utah
K.K. Ramakrishnan's Projects on SDN-NFV and ICN University of California, Riverside
Kayak Extension Johns Hopkins University
Key-Value store authentication Syracuse University
Khazana The University of Utah
Khopesh: Tracking Covid-19 Without Sacrificing Privacy University of Pittsburgh
Kobus Test Project The University of Utah
Kubernetes Cluster Fault Injection University of California, Santa Cruz
Lab design collaborated project NC A&T State University
labs1 Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem
LabTest University of Macedonia
language support for scalable network services University of Pennsylvania
Large-Scale Multi-Source Download University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Large-scale SDN Security Research Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Latency Model for Microservices: Exploring Wide-Area Service Placement Trade-offs Emory University
Learn and try emulation in student projects Inner Mongolia University
learn more about PhantomNet capabilities University of Illinois at Chicago
Learned Distributed Concurrency Control University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Learning Cloud Computing using Openstack Estrella Mountain Community College
Learning DPU implementation Boston University
Learning Spark and Hadoop University of Wisconsin-Madison
Light Speed Networking University of Massachusetts Amherst
Lightweight Distributed Tracing Princeton University
Lightweight VMFUNC Domains University of California, Irvine
link flood attack defence Georgia Institute of Technology
LinnOS Nanyang Technological University
Linux Kernel Testbed The University of Utah
litols Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
Live debugging of Kernel Computer Science
Live Distributed Objects Cornell University
Live Migration of Ensembles University of Colorado Boulder
live migration trial Stony Brook University
Live VM Migration involving WAN Networks National University of Sciences and Technology
LND Washington State University
Load Balancing in the CephFS Metadata Cluster University of California, Santa Cruz
Log and Replay xen VM from instruction level George Mason University
Log-structured merge tree for NVM Rutgers University
Logistical Session Layer Indiana University Bloomington
Low-latency SDN controllers and networks University of California, Irvine
Low-latency storage stack University of California, Irvine
Low-rate DDoS detection University of Southern California
lptonussi Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
LSM Tree Physical Replication on Compacted Files in RocksDB Columbia University
Lumos Princeton University
M-Torrent: An Island Multicast Enabled BitTorrent Protocol Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur
M5G National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST)
Machine Learning based Intelligent Network Dynamics Huawei Technologies Investment Co. ltd
Machine Learning for Channel Estimation University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Machine Learning for MIMO Multipath Mitigation Raytheon
Main memory OLTP Database Engine The University of Utah
makeoscloud Branson Academy
MAKI-Exp Technical University of Darmstadt
MAKI-Test Technical University of Darmstadt
Making improvements to cellular software stacks The University of Utah
Making MeshTest more like Emulab, and adding paravirtualization Laboratory for Telecommunications Sciences
Manage Software Defined Network with Fuzzy Logic Universita' del Piemonte Orientale
Managing ephemeral data on microservices infrastructures The University of Utah
MANAnet Shield : Defenses Against Distributed Denial of Service Attacks Cs3 Inc.
Maninderjit_cmpe210_labs San Jose State University
Many to many multicast protocol Information and Communications University
MapReduce Scheduling and Optimization Georgia Institute of Technology
MapReduce Workload Distribution for Hybrid Cloud Rochester Institute of Technology
Mason JSys Submission Anonymous Institution
Massive MIMO Study for ARA Iowa State University
Massive MIMO using Single Carrier Modulation and Filter Bank Multicarrier waveforms The University of Utah
Master thesis Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Mastering srsRAN and New Radio Iowa State University
mclab_tcp The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Measure the impact of background traffic on application behavior University of California, San Diego
Measurement of Internet data transmission protocols Fudan University
Measurement-based Software Performance Evaluation University of Stuttgart, Germany
Measurements and characterization of Internet topology and routing USC Information Sciences Institute
Measurent of P2P middleware architectures University of California, Irvine
Measuring a Cassandra Cluster MS student at University of Colorado at Boulder
Measuring distributed systems on training of Deep Neural Network University of Oregon
Measuring OpenStack Performance in DoS and DDoS Scenarios Vishnu Institute of Technology
measuring system health through heartbeats Rutgers University
Medical Data & Enhancements to Postgres University of Southern California
Members of the Chair of Network Architectures and Services at the TUM Department of Informatics Technischen Universität München
memoria-mcord Universidad de Chile
Memory Disaggregation Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
MERIF 2019 tutorial project The University of Utah
Mesh Based Content Routing using XML University of California, San Diego
Meta operations center for GENI Indiana University - Global Research NOC
MFT Testbed Indiana University Bloomington
Michigan big data course student projects and assignments University of Michigan
Middleware for information flow applications Georgia Institute of Technology
Midonet SDN No
MIMO for high resolution wireless sensing Microsoft Research
misc projects DoD
MIT 6.828 Graduate OS Seminar Course Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT 6.829 course project Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mizzou Cyber Education and Research Initiative project University of Missouri
ML based Channel Estimation Interdigital Inc
ML for Systems UIUC course project University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MLOS Notebooks for optimization University of Wisconsin-Madison
mlsys Oak Ridge National Lab
Mobile Gigabit Wireless Access with Core-to-Edge Network Coding University of Wisconsin-Madison
Mobile networking experimentation University of California, Santa Barbara
Mobile networking, cloud and SDN The University of Utah
Mobility and channel estimation experimentation University of California, San Diego
Model Integrated ACE ORB Vanderbilt University
Modeling the networking performance of data-center applications University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
ModelNet Integration into Netbed/Emulab The University of Utah
Modern Network Concepts University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Modified QUIC BBR evaluation over cellular Karlstad University
Monitoring and Measuring POWDER Network Raytheon
Monitoring the global state of large-scale distributed systems Georgia Institute of Technology
mOS Case Western Reserve University
MPTCP study University of Colorado Boulder
MS-Viv Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
MUBS_LAB Modern University for Business and Science
Multi-class active queue management The University of Utah
Multi-FedLS: A Scheduler of Federated Learning Applications in a Multi-Cloud Environment Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro
Multi-hope experiments with delay-gradient TCP Swinburne University of Technology
Multi-resolution Network Emulation Georgia Institute of Technology
Multi-source Multicast Hewlett Packard Labs
Multicast rerouting University of Goettingen
Multicast traffic engineeing Nation Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Multicast Web Server University of Kentucky
Multihop Opportunistic Transmission Cleveland State University
Multimedia Networking Class @ UNC University of North Carolina
Multimedia Stream Control University of California, Santa Barbara
Multipath on Cellular Networks George Mason University
mww2023 The University of Utah
N/A North Carolina State University
NA Plugfest 2021 Keysight RICTest Solution Keysight Technologies
NA Plugfest 2022 Keysight RICtest Keysight Technologies
Named Data Networking experiments on the routing protocols and forwarding strategies. The University of Arizona
Named Data Networking in 5G The University of Utah
Near storage elastic CPU with minimal overhead Columbia University
Nebula: Distributed Edge Cloud for Data Intensive Computing University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
neondp PostDoctoral Fellow
net aware Ghent University - imec, IDLab
NetDB Research at Penn University of Pennsylvania
NetSec New York University
Network architecture exploration Carnegie Mellon University
Network Coding over Wireless Networks University of California, Irvine
Network Emulation for Protocol Tuning and Evaluation University of Napoli
Network Emulation Testbed (NET) University of Stuttgart, IPVS
Network Function Virtualization VMware
Network Function Virtualization for 5G networks University of Rome Tor Vergata
Network Functions as-a-Service over Virtualised Infrastructures Leibniz University Hannover
Network Intrusion Detection System QoS and Effectiveness Against DDoS and MITM Attacks Using Snort and Bro San Jose State University
Network layer protocol security research Brigham Young University
Network Management and Security Research at Georgia Tech Princeton
Network Operations and Administration California State University East Bay
Network Optimization for Distributed Query Processing University of Wisconsin-Madison
Network Performance Measurement The University of Utah
Network Performance Measurement using O-RAN University of Notre Dame
Network Proximity and Congestion Control for Chord, a Peer-to-Peer lookup protocol MIT/CSAIL
Network Route Reconfiguration for SD-WAN HPE
Network Security at Mills College Mills College
Network security class projects The University of Utah
Network Service Architecture University of Massachusetts Amherst
Network Slicing Technische Universität Ilmenau
Network slicing orchestration University of Macedonia
Network Stream Watermarking University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Network Technology Development Group Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Networking and Operating Systems Lab at the University of Edinburgh The University of Edinburgh
Networking aspects of cloud platforms Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Networking Class Projects Colgate University
Networking course labs City University of New York
Networking Lab Nokia Bell Labs
Networking projects Massachusetts Institute of Technology
networking research projects University Politehnica of Bucharest, Computer Science and Engineering
Networking Testbed Escola Politecnica - Universidade de Sao Paulo
NetworkJob Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
neutral host sharing on the RAN Universiteit Gent
New England Workshop on Software Defined Radio tutorial The University of Utah
New Network Measurement Framework on Software Switches Boston University
New technologies for peer-to-peer systems University of California, Riverside
Next gen. internet testbed Swedish Institute of Computer Science
Next-Generation Networks Course at Georgia Tech Princeton
Next-generation Transport Architecture Yale University
NFSTest Meta
NFV San Jose State University
NISupport The University of Utah
NLP for therapy session data The University of Utah
Now I Understand Networking Baylor University
nsdf-testbed Giorgio Scorzelli
NVM supporting for OS Rutgers University
NXM Powder Colloboration NXM Labs Inc
O-RAN Experimentation Samsung Research America
O-RAN software community integration China Mobile Technology (USA) Inc.
OAI Fall 2021 Workshop The University of Utah
oai workshop demo TCL communication
oai-SA No.43, Keelung Rd., Sec.4, Da'an Dist., Taipei City 106335, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Oakland CloudLab for Education and Research Oakland University
OceanStore:Exploring Global-Scale Persistent Storage University of California, Berkeley
OCT internal project to work on FPGA nodes (pc151 & pc153) University of Massachusetts Amherst
Octopus University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
OMEC Open networking foundation
On Improving TCP performance over Mobile Data Network Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
ONAP deployment for the Academic Summit AT&T
ONAP ORAN SMO package trial AT&T
Ongoing 5G development scenarios Enext Wireless Inc.
Ongoing cloud/edge distributed computing and AI/ML research of the DOC Group Vanderbilt University
ONOS Testbed for UML Research University of Massachusetts Lowell
OnTimeMeasure GEC10 Tutorial University of Missouri
onvm Tsinghua University
Open AI-enabled RAN Controllers for Academic Research Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Open air interface techniques IIT Kanpur
Open educational materials that run on CloudLab New York University
Open Flow network switch simulation Georgia Institute of Technology
open platform for prototyping and testing artificial intelligence-based controllers Mississippi State University
Open Ran Trust University College Dublin
Open5GS + Ueransim Universitetet i Agder
OpenAirInteface 5G NR sandbox Eurecom
Openairinterface Project National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
OpenLab Cloud Native Computing Foundation
OpenStack testing University of phoenix
openstackUNIFI University of Pisa
Operating System (ecs150) @ UCDavis University of California, Davis
Operating System Models (ecs251) @ UCDavis University of California, Davis
Optimal scheduling for tensorflow Stony Brook University
Optimised storage network Aston University
Optimistic Agreement with Synchronous Fallback University of Maryland, College Park
Optimistic Causal Consistency The University of Texas at Austin
Optimized Resource Management for FaaS platforms Université Grenoble Alpes
Optimizing maching learning over normalized data University of California, San Diego
Oran conditional handover feature Arizona State University
OrangeFS parallel file system research Clemson University
orchestration of multidomain clouds CNIT
Order Fairness in Byzantine Consensus University of Pennsylvania
Orthogonal Time Frequency Space (OTFS) is a 2D modulation technique that transforms the information carried in the Delay-Doppler coordinate system The University of Utah
OSDI 2020 Artifact Evaluation The University of Utah
Othello Hashing and Its Applications to Scalable and Dynamic Network Forwarding and Functions Jack Baskin School of Engineering, UC Santa Cruz
Our project is motivated by the need that grids have of effective and efficient accountability systems scalable for accommodating large number of users and resources. Purdue University
Our project will integrate P4P policies with the Hadoop task scheduler to allow large scale data processing on the Internet without overloading network link or nodes. Yale University
Overlay network multicast EECS, Northwestern U.
Overlay networks for distributed applictions Washington University in St. Louis
ownload Acceleration via Multiple Network InTerfaces Columbia University, Computer Science
P-CORE team for DARPA CHASE University of Virginia
P2P architecture for cache sibling University of Franche-Comte
P2P Collaboration and networking University of Cincinnati
p2p mobile infrastructure Massachusetts Institute of Technology
p2p system based on gossiping techniques University of Roma Tor Vergata
P2P Systems, Course Projects University of Washington
P2Pac is focused on the the problem of enforcing database access control in P2P networks. Italian National Research Council
p4 Topology Experiments The University of Utah
Packet Loss Inference University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
PADRES constitutes research on federated content-based publish/subscribe system infrastructures. Middleware Systems Research Group
Paradrop Edge Computing University of Wisconsin-Madison
Parallel Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP Princeton University
Parallel Model-checking The University of Utah
Parallel_Dift University of California, Santa Cruz
Parameterized log anomaly detection University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Passive network performance measurements in distributed environments such as grids Lancaster University
patch-demo University of Science and Technology of China
PathFinder: Self-Organizing Overlay Net Princeton University
Peer 2 Peer Backup using Erasure coding. We are planning to use EmuLab to do performance analysis of our system and try to experiment with different network and systems configurations. Carnegie Mellon University
Peer to peer grid free to join. UFCG
Peer-to-Peer Anonymity Network Carnegie Mellon University
Peer-to-peer architecture for massively multiplayer games National University of Singapore
peer-to-peer experiment for online video Yale University
Penn Networks University of Pennsylvania
Performance and Scalability Analysis of Large-scale Web Applications Louisiana State University, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
performance comparisons among various topologies and testing of new topology designs Seoul National University
Performance evaluation of synchronization services. Technion, EE
Performance Evaluation of SCTP for Soft Real-Time Applications Dept. of Computer Science, Karlstad University
Performance Evaluation of Serverless Network Functions University of Milano-Bicocca
Performance in Cloud University Hassan II of Casablanca
Performance of solutions to the distributed slicing problem Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne
Performance testing of BFT algorithms Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Performance Variability Study of Big Data Applications Leiden University
Performance-Optimal Read Atomic Transactions ETH Zürich
Pervasive Infrastructure Sensor Networks Carnegie Mellon University
PetaShare is an NSF funded project which aims to build a distributed data archival, analysis and visualization cyberinfrastructure for data-intensive collaborative research. University at Buffalo, State University of New York
PhantomNet Exploration Idaho National Laboratory
PhantomNet project for CS 6480 in 2016 The University of Utah
PhantomNet projects for the Fundamentals of Computer Networks course at Stony Brook Stony Brook University
PhantomNet related project for CS 6480 in 2017 The University of Utah
PhD UFMS: Computer Network Course Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso do Sul
Physical layer design North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
Piconet physical layer sharing Terna Engineering College, Nerul (W) navi Mumbai
Pinta: Kubernetes native HPC University of Southern California
Place for non-admins to build geni racks The University of Utah
PlanetP started out as a peer-to-peer (P2P) project concerned with content addressing, i.e., content search, ranking, and retrieval. Rutgers University
POC of a scalable datacenter framework Dell Research (Engr Tech Senior Engineer)
Popcorn Linux Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
POWDER handson for CS3020-2018 The University of Utah
Powder Monitoring The University of Utah
POWDER SIGCOMM 2019 tutorial The University of Utah
PowderProfiles The University of Utah
PowderSandbox The University of Utah
Power aware resource allocation using data center traces College of William and Mary
Power-efficient Rack-scaling Computing Hanyang University
PPDP Lanzhou University of Technology
Practical Decentralized Mixing in Bitcoin Saarland University
Practical network security based on consent. New York University
Precise Security Instrumentation for Enterprise Networks Carnegie Mellon University
Predictable Wireless Networking Iowa State University
Prefetching for RDMA swapping New York University
Preventing radio window attack The University of Utah
Princeton Class Projects Princeton University
Priority-aware Forward Error Correction for HTTP University of Alberta
Privacy Leakage mitigation in TOR Networks University of Salford
privacy-preserving distributed information sharing Carnegie Mellon University
Proactive autonomic management of cloud resources Laboratory for Analysis and Architecture of Systems
Proactive autoscaling on kuberntes pods ESI
Probabilistic Multicast Purdue University
Probabilistic performance bounds Leibniz Universitaet Hannover
Profiling and prediciting asynchronous SGD training in different configurations University of Southern California
Programmable Network Infrastructure University of Massachusetts Lowell
Programmable network storage and functionality Columbia University, Computer Science
Programming Assignments for VTCS-5914: Warehouse-Scale Computing Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Project for CS 4480 in 2017 The University of Utah
Project for CS 6480 CloudLab lab assignment in 2017 The University of Utah
Project for CS 6480 course in 2013 The University of Utah
Project for CS 6480 in 2016 The University of Utah
Project for CS4480 in 2018 The University of Utah
Project for ECS 251 University of California, Davis
Project for extending research into Openstack Illinois State University
Project for hacking the xen hypervisor and deployment to large nodes Georgia Institute of Technology
Project for hands-on session at OAI 2019 workshop The University of Utah
Project for hosting PhantomNet Workshop activities. The University of Utah
Project for INL summer 2022 wireless workshop attendees to do hands-on sessions on POWDER The University of Utah
Project for lab assignment for CS 6480 The University of Utah
Project for mobile wireless week (MWW) 2019 The University of Utah
Project for NRDZ exploration on POWDER The University of Utah
Project for NTU CSIE National Taiwan University
Project for PhantomNet CCNC Tutorial The University of Utah
Project for PhantomNet GLOBECOM tutorial The University of Utah
Project for PhantomNet tutorial at SIGCOMM 2016 The University of Utah
Project for POWDER team members The University of Utah
Project for scalable big data processing Louisiana State University
Project for Senior Project Students at UofU The University of Utah
Project for testing various caching and routing strategies for ABR video streaming University of Massachusetts Amherst
Project for the stony brook fundamentals of networking class. Stony Brook University
Project for trying out PhantomNet without creating your own project The University of Utah
Project for tutorial at IEEE SECON 2019 The University of Utah
Project for users of ns-3 to experiment with POWDER. University of Washington
Project for working on challenge of OAI Fall 2021 Workshop Universidad Tecnológica Nacional
Project to explore network policy in a software defined infrastructure The University of Utah
Project to test the parallel interpreter in the Acumen language Rice University
Project to try out RF simulation and RF hardware simulations by Dolcera Dolcera
Project to try out the POWDER experimental workflow The University of Utah
Projects for the Advanced Networking class CS 692 at Stony Brook University Stony Brook University
Provide real-time data feed for GridStat in the Cloud Washington State University
Providing Faster Virtual Operating Systems University of Michigan
Provisioning service for GENI The University of Arizona
PSP OSN emulation Pennsylvania State University
Public cloud network scheduler Penn State University
QoE Improvements For Adaptive Video Streaming Over SDN-Enabled Networks University of Victoria
QoS for the last mile UPMC
QoS routing in SDN San Jose State University
QoS Support in Next-Generation Metro Networks Purdue University Calumet
quality of service mapping, transport protocols for quality of service network NICTA Australia
Quality-Adaptive Media Streaming The University of British Columbia
Quality-aware Service Management in Peer-to-Peer Networks University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Quantum Enabled Wireless Networks Princeton University
Quark Version Control University of Colorado Boulder
queueing delay measurements Northwestern University
QUIC Transport Protocol: Design and Internet-Scale Deployment St Clair College
Quiksilver Multicast Project Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
Quorum systems usually are implemented by a static set of servers. We consider a dynamic variant and propose a set of protocols that emulates a register in dynamic systems in which processes are able to join/leave the servers. UnB
Rack-Scale Storage University of Michigan
Radios in Alex's Office The University of Utah
RAM is Byzantine state-machine replication algorithm for wide-area systems Yahoo! Research
RAMCloud as a fast storage system Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham
RAN Emulator Comparison Johns Hopkins University
RAN Intelligent Controller Dr.
RAN Slicing on LTE Northeastern University
Random testing of software The University of Utah
Rate-Limiting LUMS
Raytheon Machine Learning FEC Raytheon Applied Signal Technology
RDMA based consistent log University of Colorado Boulder
RDMA enhanced big data computing University of Colorado Boulder
RDMA over Ethernet Case Western Reserve University
RDMA Performance The University of Edinburgh
RDMA replication library Cornell University
Re-Architecting RAN University of Wisconsin-Madison
Reaching the cloud. One day at a time. Lehman College, CUNY
Real Time measurments over WAN Michigan State University
real-time cluster George Washington University
Real-time Control of Dense, Mobile, Millimeter Wave Networks Using a Programmable Architecture Purdue University
Real-time fault-tolerant middleware Carnegie Mellon University
Real-time interactive network simulation Florida International University
Real-time NFV University of Pennsylvania
Realisation of nfv and sdn using phantomnet's openEPC via emulab testbed Student (ECE) 4th year undergraduate (JIIT -62 Noida)
rearchitecting the internet protocols University of Washington
Recommendation Engine University of Wisconsin-Madison
Redesigning Hardware for Data Center Applications Carnegie Mellon University
RedLeaf Operating System University of California, Irvine
Redshift Operating System University of California, Irvine
Reducing Latency Through Modelling Queuing Delay in mmWave Purdue University Fort Wayne, University of Minnesota, University of Florida, and Kenessaw State University
Reducing the Embodied Carbon Footprint of Data Centers Carnegie Mellon University
reinforcement learning for wireless network optimization The Pennsylvania State University
Reliable and Secure Group Communication Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Reliable Connect to the World - Next generation networking frameworks National Central University, Taiwan
Reliable Multicast in 802.11 Networks Cleveland State University
RENCI-NRIG University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Replicated data over nodes Stony Brook University
Replicating data between machines Integrated Data Corporation
Replication Architecture for NFS University of California, Riverside
Reproducible Host Networking Evaluation with End-to-End Simulation National University of Singapore
Research and experimentation across stacks in the serverless platform. Technische Universität München
Research class on Distributed Storage Systems (EECS E6897) Fall 2019 Columbia University
Research for congestion control in wireless systems New York University
Research group at NYU Tandon School of Engineering studying low-latency networking New York University
Research on hardware security The University of Utah
Research on migrating enterprises to the cloud Purdue University
research project for Software Defined Networking with professor at IBA karachi IBA KARACHI
Research project on service model mapping and scheduling based on container network University of Science and Technology of China
Research projects for a course on operating systems in datacenters University of California, San Diego
Research Reproducibility Stanford University
Researches on disruption-tolerant networks National Institute of Informatics
Researching on compression techniques that can be used for Federated Learning George Mason University
Researching SSL variants The University of Utah
Resilience The University of Utah
Resilience Manager University of California, Irvine
Resilience on Disaggregated Systems College of William & Mary
Resilient and Energy-efficient Framework for GPU applications Clemson University
Resilient and Secure SD-WAN Communications Fordham University
Resilient and Survivable Networking University of Kansas
Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm for NASA Space Exploration Purdue University
Resilient Overlay Networks Carnegie Mellon University
Resource allocation for Open-RAN University of Illinois at Chicago
Resource allocation testing for network slicing. Kennesaw State University
Resource Discovery in Pervasive Edge Computing New Mexico State University
Rethinking Disaster Resilience with Edge Computing University of California, Irvine
Rethinking Wireless Network Management Through Sensor-driven Contextual Analysis University of Colorado Boulder
reu2020 The University of Utah
Revisiting rocketfuel on controlled topologies Université Catholique de Louvain
RIC Intel
Rice RENEW Project Rice University
RISE Summer School Rutgers University
Robust and secure networks University of Michigan
Robust Localization by Massive MIMO Florida Atlantic University
Rocky Mountain Advanced Computing Consortium 2015 HPC symposium Tutorial Getting Started on Cloudlab The University of Utah
RouterLabs for Educational and Research TU Berlin / Deutsche Telekom Labs
Routing experiments for the NSF DETER-EMIST project University of California, Davis
Routing in multiple layer evaluation Georgia Institute of Technology
routing with competing interests u of washington
RTII 356 Information Technology in Radiology Loma Linda University
Run some benchmarks School of Computing
Running 5G Simulations Using Software Defined Radio San Diego State University
Running Split I/O benchmarks with containers University of Wisconsin-Madison
Running synthesized examples on the cluster University of Wisconsin-Madison
Runtime Policy Monitoring University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
S Venkatesan UT-Dallas
Safe Internet worm generation and defense. University of California, Davis
SafeEdge: Public Safety with an Open Muni Network The University of Utah
Sandbox for PhantomNet The University of Utah
Sandstorm The University of Utah
SATCom University of Houston
SCADA security on Emulab Interdisciplinary Center for Security, Reliability and Trust
SCADA testbed Tennessee Tech University
Scalability experiments for PerSoNet overlays University of Florida
Scalable context-Aware middleware for mobiLe EnviromentS (SALES) focuses on management aspects of context data distribution in large-scale distributed networks University of Bologna
Scalable data processing platform for Earth observation data repositories Institute for Informatics and Automation Problems of NAS RA
Scalable Distributed Information Management System The University of Texas at Austin
Scalable Monitoring, Analysis, and Response Toolkit (SMART) for the Internet The University of Texas at Austin
Scalable State Machine Replication Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina
Scalable Testbed for the Evaluation of Hybrid Wireless Network Technologies University of California, Los Angeles
Scalable, Proactively Survivable Distributed Systems Carnegie Mellon University
scaling and large scale performance tests of various CORBA technologies Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Labs
Scaling Distributed Search University of Massachusetts Amherst
Scaling up crowdsourced joins University of Wisconsin-Madison
scaring-fuzzing The University of Utah
Scheduling for distributed storage system University of Wisconsin-Madison
Scheduling for microservices in containerized environments Escuela Superior Politecnica del Litoral, ESPOL
Scheduling for Serverless Leiden University
Scheduling in Hadoop across Data Centers University of Massachusetts Boston
Scheduling Serverless Functions Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zurich (ETH Zurich)
Scheduling tasks across geo-distributed datacenter Stony Brook University
SCION Future Internet architecture ETH Zurich
SCTP experiments University of Delaware
SDC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SDN San Jose State University
SDN - BCC 2020 San Jose State University
SDN Class projects for MSD students The University of Utah
SDN Dynamic Security Texas A&M University
SDN for 5G Test Georgia Institute of Technology
SDN MPI Interface Texas A&M University
SDN para arquitecturas IoT Universidad Nacional de Colombia
SDN Resiliency University of California, Riverside
SDN Securities Lab North Carolina Agricultural and Technical Institute
SDN/NFV San Jose State University
SDNLearning Institute of Business Administration
SDN_NFV San Jose State University
SDR experiments by AERPAW researchers NC State University
SeaStar Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Seattle / Emulab test integration Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Secure and Dependable Web Services Cleveland State University
Secure big data platforms on the cloud Fordham University
secure content centric network Lehigh University
Secure high-performance data movement Argonne National Laboratory
Secure IP Geolocation. Develop a machine learning based algorithm to protect manipulation of hop and latency measurements. Tennesee State University
Secure logging for intrastructure clouds (within TClouds project) Politecnico di Torino
Secure P2P framework for heterogenous networks Institut for Applied Information Processing and Communications
Securely Orchestrating through 5G with Intelligence & Control The University of Utah
SecureSDN University of Wisconsin-Madison
Security Analysis Of Metro CBTC system BEI JING JIAOTONG UNIVERSITY
Security and Machine Learning Carnegie Mellon University
Security and Privacy in 5G NR University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Security aware VM education
Security in Advanced Networking Technologies Clemson University
Security Monitoring Techniques Titu Maiorescu University
Security Network Functions Virtualization Clemson University
Securtiy enhanced Domian Name System TU Dresden
Segment Routing functionalities evaluation University of Rome Sapienza
self scheduling at runtime on big data analytics cluster Tongji University
Self-Healing Networks Project USC Information Sciences Institute
Self-tuning of Hadoop performance University of Florida
Selfish Neighbor Selection in Overlay Networks Institute of Computer Science, FORTH/Univ. of Crete
Semantic parsing experiments The University of Utah
Sending packets and measuring path loss ratios and estimate link loss ratios Florida State University
Sensing and Processing Across Networks Washington University in St. Louis
SERG Related work Spiros Mancoridis
Server Experimentation Web Server Manipulation
Serverless University of Mazandaran
Serverless Tracing Cornell University
Service Function Chaining LAAS-CNRS
Service Mesh Performance Comparison The Interdisciplinary Center
Service-Centric Networking Princeton University
Session Layer Management of Network Intermediaries Stevens Institute of Technology
Set up a mini emulab system Universiti Tenaga Nasional (National Energy University)
Shared WAN network University of Alberta
Sharing Expertise and Artifacts for Reuse through a Cybersecurity Community Hub The University of Utah
Shortened Loop Overlay Transport Purdue University
Side channels in cloud Carnegie Mellon University
Signal Discovery with CNN Raytheon
Simple cellular networks University of Michigan
simple router San Jose State University
Simulate and demonstrate practical BFT consensus algorithm IIT Bhilai
Simulating OAI Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad
Simulation and Emulation Integration Vanderbilt University
Simulation of Industrial Control System Networks Colorado State University
simultaneous allocation of computing and networking resources University at Buffalo, State University of New York
SJSU CMPE148 Student Course Project San Jose State University
Skyhook, an elastic database for the cloud University of California, Santa Cruz
SLATE is an NSF funded (#1724821) research project aiming to build and maintain an international, federated Kubernetes infrastructure for scientific applications. The University of Utah
SLT analysis of 3-tier systems Stanford
Smart Sensor Networks School of Computing, UU
smc University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Sniper University of California, Riverside
SNP University of South Florida
Software (mathematical, GNU, and other) portability testing The University of Utah
Software artifacts validation for the ICPE 2018 conference. Delft University of Technology
software defined mobile edge for iot Bell Labs
Software Defined Storage University of Waterloo
Solar Trust model Simulation University of California, Davis
SOS Clemson University
Source Router Approach to DDoS Defense University of California, Los Angeles
Space Communication Protocol Standards The MITRE Corporation
Spam control using distributed quota enforcement Massachusetts Institute of Technology
SpecEES: DISCOVER: Device Identification for Spectrum-optimization using COnVolutional nEural netwoRks Northeastern University
Spectrally-Efficient and Fair Coexistence between LTE and Wi-Fi in Unlicensed Bands University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Spectrum Sharing via Interference-resilient Passive Receivers and Passive-aware Active Services Brigham Young University
speculative concurrency control for distributed replicated databases Cornell University
Splay User-Space Network Emulation University of Neuchatel
Stateless and Stateful Firewall using POX Controller San Jose State University
Stitching Computation Service The University of Utah
Stochastic Performance Bounds for Information-Centric Communication Networks University of Ulm
Storage for Mass Data University of Hawaii
Storage Function Migration Placement for Sharded Distributed Store in Serverless Computing Penn State University
STORM Storage Engine Migration Testing The University of Utah
Stragglers in geo-distributed env University of Wisconsin-Madison
Stream processing on edge computing University of Pittsburgh
Stress Test The University of Utah
Student projects for MIT 6.824 MIT/CSAIL
Student projects in a graduate distributed systems course at UBC. The University of British Columbia
Studies of the Chimera Overlay and Applications University of California, Santa Barbara
Study bufferbloat and design methods to manage network buffers The University of Utah
Study covert channels The University of Utah
Study network resillience Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Study of Blocking Methods for Entity Matching University of Wisconsin-Madison
study of tcp congestion inside of Tor Georgetown University
Study of TCP/IP behavior on networks using EMULABA San Diego State University
Study of the BitTorrent Protocol Michigan State University
Study reliability of networks Rice University
study the effects of worms on enterprise networks Penn State University
Studying Co-location Strategies in Cloud Schedulers University of California, Davis
Studying RDMA Resource Fairness and Management Problems The University of Texas at Austin
Supplement to CIF Small: Precision measurement and modeling of dynamic millimeter-wave wireless propagation channels University of Southern California
Support for educational courses to be taught at NUST SEECS School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National University of Sciences and Technology
Support for latency SLOs on cloud storage services University of Michigan
Support of Force feedbackdevices in wide area networks University of Massachusetts Amherst
SVRC Hewlett Packard Labs
Swift: A Wireless Data Center Network Architecture North Carolina State University
SWIFT: NGRAN-Navigating Spectral Utilization, LTE/WiFi Coexistence, and Cost Tradeoffs in Next Gen Radio Access Networks through Cross-Layer Design Rutgers University- New Brunswick
Symbolic Execution & Static Analysis The University of Utah
SYRAH Distributed Research Testbed Harvard University
System for efficient Internet bulk content delivery Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
System for ML with data compression Harvard University
System support for managing risk and cost in cloud platforms University of Massachusetts Amherst
Systematic measurement of shuffle services for big-data analytics frameworks using big data benchmarks Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Systems of Systems Common Operating Environment US Army
Tail Latency Remission in Coded Cloud Storage Stevens Institute of Technology
Targeted Swarm Testing Oregon State University
TCloud related Emulab project The University of Utah
TCP and UDP based data transfer performance evaluation University of Missouri-Kansas City
TCP congestion signatures Colgate University
TCP over WiFi experiments Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
Teaching Distributed Software Programming using Hadoop The University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Teaching Network Security/Mapping. Radford University
Team Green Side Channel Analysis Johns Hopkins University
Test and evaluation of emulab Johns Hopkins university Applied Physics Lab
Test drive the CORD development environment Intel Corporation
Test for Segment Routing Tsinghua University
Test for TCP congestion control evaluation Politecnico di Torino
Test network research with Lockheed Martin ATL (Cherry Hill, NJ) Taylor University
Test New topologies San Jose State University
Test of performance benefits from custom compilation. University of California, Los Angeles
TEST phantom for ISR Institute for Systems Research
Test platform for iPlant Atmosphere The University of Arizona
test project University of Macedonia
Test project for Patwari lab projects Washington University in St. Louis
Test project for POWDER profiles/tutorials etc. The University of Utah
Test project for Sandia National Labs Sandia National Laboratories
Test project to familiarize with the environment Ss. Cyril and Methodius University - Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
Test Proxy IP Anycast Service boxes Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Test supercloud technology over cloudlab. Cornell University
test TCP relay Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Test the performance of Content-Based Routing in REDS Politecnico di Milano - DEI
Test-Driven Development of Descriptors for Virtualized Network Functions Technische Universitaet Darmstadt
Testbed activities for data grid emulation and QoS UAB Computer and Information Sciences
Testbed for DAHL Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Testbed Research The University of Utah
Testbed validation engine for Scriptroute measurements University of Maryland, College Park
testbed_monet Open Networking Foundation
Testing International Computer Science Institute
testing cadi ayyad
testing a group of virtual peers communicating with each other Future Institute of Engineering and Management
testing and evaluation parallel and distributed network applications Illinois Institute of Technology
Testing control node of IG rack for OF stack installation Barnstormer Softworks, Ltd.
testing e2e network slicing Institute for Systems Research
Testing environment for students Colgate University
Testing infrastructure for PerCom 2016 Visiting scholar researcher
testing mpc on cloud Boston University
testing multi cloud systems traffic Chungnam National University
Testing new ways to build scalable file systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Testing of a wireless overlay network University of Maryland, College Park
testing of peer to peer network protocols University of California, Davis
Testing opensource robotics frameworks that can be run in/with the cloud IBM Research Africa
testing overlay routing, network virtualization related sub-projects The University of Tokyo
Testing some cloud instance Arizona State Univ.
Testing spontaneous networking LSR-IMAG
Testing the OptAck implementation University of Maryland, College Park
Testing the video streamer mpeg4ip over the NICE application layer multicast protocol University of Maryland, College Park
Testing Utah's Emulab setup and compare to ours UGent - IBCN
Tetris: Multi-Resource Packing for Cluster Schedulers University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Boa language and infrastructure for Mining Software Repositories Bowling Green State University
The course assignment for distributed system/computer networks Computer Science, Duke
The Datapository Carnegie Mellon University
The Georgia Tech Middleware Project Georgia Institute of Technology
The goal of the project is to study multi-domian routing. We will investigate the applicability and efficiency of recently proposed algorithms by conducting research experiements on ProtoGENI. TAMU-Commerce/RIT
The goal of this project is to analyze the real time stream data i.e. Twitter data using twitter API in a distributed manner using Apache Storm Texas Tech University
The goal of this project is to democratize genome sequence analysis using CloudLab. University of Missouri
The goal of this project is to develop new migration schedules on top of OpenStack to mitigate side channels in cloud environments Carnegie Mellon University
The goal of this project is to develop new network functions for the next generation Internet. Duke University
The Gulliver Testbed Chalmers University of Technology
The HyFlowTM project is developing distributed transactional memory (or DTM) as an alternative to lock-based distributed concurrency control. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
The intermediate data-passing patterns for microservices Shanghai Jiao Tong University
The Interplay of Markets and Security in 5G Shared Spectrum Services Boston University
The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab Communications and Networking Research Group JHU APL
The main objective of our research project is to propose and study new architectures, services and protocols that will enable efficient and secure communication through the Internet. Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique
The project aims at developing a software infrastructure providing efficient transfers of very large files over public networks like the Internet Department of Computer Science, Universita' del Piemonte Orientale, Alessandria (Italy)
The project for USENIX OSDI + ATC 2022 artifact evaluation. ETH Zurich
The project investigates the construction of overlay networks for large-scale content delivery and processing applications Brown Computer Science
The project is exploring P2P implementations of distributed services. Georgia Institute of Technology
The Prototype GENI Project The University of Utah
The RobinHood Distributed Caching System seeks to develop a caching system that minimizes tail latency (instead of maximizing hit rates). Carnegie Mellon University
The testbed for Named-Data Networking projects at UALR The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
The use of encrypted path information in wifi meshes to detect misbehaving and/or misconfigured hosts. Tufts University
The work aims to investigate the security of SCADA Control Systems by analyzing vulnerabilities and attacks. Liverpool John Moores University
This effort investigates design and implementation of scalable data stores. University of Southern California
This is a project on virtualization performance study. Georgia Institute of Technology
This is the project group for RASL group at UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This makes data sharing more efficient Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
This project builds and evaluates a concurrency control scheme named Minet. University of California, Berkeley
This project deals with investigating potential performance issues in next-generation of transport networks. Michigan State University
This project deals with investigating potential performance issues in next-generation of WiFi networks. Lahore University of Management Sciences
This project investigates TCP performance over multihop wireless topologies.for understanding starvation problems. University of Pittsburgh
This project investigates the provision of next generation content delivery infrastructure for home users. Lancaster University
This project is focused on network security education, research and development and to share the experience in network security related studies. National Chung-Cheng University
This project is Lab1 of Advanced OS course at UT austin The University of Texas at Austin
This project is performing a study on BitTorrent; specifically we are looking at the distribution of chunks within real-world swarms. Lancaster University
This project looks at developing a high-level language for expressing queries on streaming graphs. University of Colorado Boulder
This project mainly studies mulit-path inter-domain routing by using the negotiation-based mechanism design. Guilin University of Electronic Technology
This project seeks to link distributed resources for micro assembly including planning, analysis and simulation. Oklahoma State University
This project will be exploring the scalability issues related to adaptive load balancing for distributed systems. University of California, Irvine
This project will center on cloud computing, datacenter networking, multi-tenant cloud management, and serverless computing. University of Colorado Boulder
This project will measure TDOA between two signals on the network and display the relative positions of the UE to the base station Raytheon
This research consists of a mathematical exploitation of botnet propagation dynamics for botnet containment University of New Brunswick
This work is supported by the National Basic Research Program of China (973 program) under grant No. 2007CB310701. It researches about Manageable, controlable and measureablt next generation networking. Tsinghua University
Time and Event Based System Software Construction Washington University in St. Louis
To test substitution networks Universite Lyon 1 / LIP
ToMaTo testbed using Cloudlab bare-metal nodes TU Kaiserslautern
Tomography-aware congestion control and load balancing Purdue University
Top Secret Project The University of Utah
Topics in Internet Research Fall 2018 Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology
TopoCreator - a prototyping tool for testing SDN switch's performance SoICT
Tor-Project Università degli Studi della Campania Luigi Vanvitelli
Towards Efficient Cloud Services University of Michigan-Dearborn
Towards Taming the Resource and Data Heterogeneity in Federated Learning George Mason University
Traffic Aware Placement of Interdependent NFV Middleboxes Florida International University
Traffic Characterization of an OpenStack Management Network Through a Network Monitoring System Santa Catarina State University - UDESC
Traffic Differentiation mechanism to avoid DDoS attacks NBN Sinhgad School of Engineering, Pune
Traffic rate rescaling in TE for software defined data center WANs The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Transparent Proxy Infrastructure for Low-Latency Multipath Networking University of the Pacific
Transport layer protocol research CISC Dept; Univ of Delaware
Transport of 3D video Koc University
Trusted PaaS Platform Instituto Superior Tecnico / University of Lisbon, Portugal
Tunable Availability Consistency Toolkit University of California, San Diego
Tunable Storage as an Infrastructure Service Sun Microsystems Laboratories
Tutorial co-located with MobiCom The University of Utah
TWISC ProtoGENI Test National Center for High-Performance Computing
UAV experimental platform for DARPA PCES program BBN Technologies
UC Santa Cruz Computer Science 107 course on Open Source Programming University of California, Santa Cruz
UCF Cybersecurity and Networking University of Central Florida
UChicago Systems Availability Reliability and Elasticity University of Chicago
UCSB earthquake source studies in cloud Department of Earth Science, UCSB
UCY-CS499-DC University of Cyprus
UFMG-DCC831 Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
UIC CS Education University of Illinois at Chicago
UIC Data Center Systems University of Illinois at Chicago
Umbrella project for postgrad student projects University of South Africa
UMKC-CC projects University of Missouri-Kansas City
UMKC-NA1-F14-Project University of Missouri-Kansas City
Uncertainty quantifications for power system applications Mississippi State University
Understand Quality of Service degradation in network Yale University
Understanding how to make the Internet data-centric Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Understanding Service Function Chain Characteristics Purdue University
UNESP's Security Lab Graduated Projetc UNESP - Sao Paulo State University at S.J.Rio Preto, Brazil
Univ of Utah Distributed Systems class projects The University of Utah
Univ. of Colorado Advanced Network Systems Fall 2016 University of Colorado Boulder
University of Colorado, Boulder Advanced Networking Course University of Colorado Boulder
UNL testbed for GpENI-ProtoGENI-DCN interaction University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Unmanaged Internet Architecture Massachusetts Institute of Technology
untrusted cloud storage service New York University
UPenn Networking Research University of Pennsylvania
USC 558L Internetworking and Distributed Systems Lab University of Southern California, Information Sciences Institute
Use Parallel Matrix Operations for Regression University of Georgia
Use WebUi to create and manage multiple networks on 5G Framed Route Implementation Universidade de Coimbra
Used for Testing the Cornell Emulab. Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
User Level Interrupt Carnegie Mellon University
User-level File System Rutgers University
Using a programmable testbed managment system to impove network research. Dept. of Computer Science, UCL
Using Bluefield smart NICs for NFV acceleration The University of Utah
Using cloud VMs to analyze inbound connections University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Using CloudLab in Distributed and Parallel Computing Education West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Using coroutines to boost MLP of memory-intensive workloads Georgia Institute of Technology
Using Emulab in lab assignments on network protocols San Jose State University
Using Grid Middle Ware Jason R Lee
Using Machine Learning Techniques to Detect DDoS Attacks Dokuz Eylul University
Using overlay networks to prevent DDoS attacks ETH Zurich
Using RDMA for data serving in a DBMS Carnegie Mellon University
using the ML to classify the type of loss Tsinghua University
UT Austin's effort to "Build and Emulab" The University of Texas at Austin
UT OS Research The University of Texas at Austin
Utah CS5460 The University of Utah
Utah Distributed Systems CS6963 F16 The University of Utah
Utah FaaS IS The University of Utah
Utah Network Testbed Project The University of Utah
Utah Student Research Projects The University of Utah
UW Madison course on Big Data Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
UW-Madison CS 744 class in Fall 2019 University of Wisconsin-Madison
uwmimo project University of Washington
validate ad x New York University
Validate theory on the size of router buffers Stanford University
Validation of conflict graph inference University of Houston
Various distributed networking applications/protocols Carnegie Mellon University
Various investigations associated with mMIMO communications. Zeta Associates
various projects Princeton University
Verifiably Secure NDN-based Coalition Networks over 5G Perspecta Labs
Verification of XOS Hello World using Ansible tutorial Intel
Viavi-POWDER testing/automation The University of Utah
VIPR Autonomous Verification and Validation Clemson University
Virtual Computers course Spring 2017 University of Florida
Virtual Network Infrastructure Princeton
virtual network using emulation Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information
Virtual ROuters On the Move Princeton University
Virtualization Research and Development Northwestern University
Virtualization tests for the Caprica project IMT Atlantique
Virtualization with Shared Forwarding Tables Princeton University
Virtualizing network bandwidth in a data center University of California, San Diego
VMPA Columbia University
VMTorrent is a novel architecture for efficient just-in-time deployment and execution of virtual appliances. Columbia University
VNF Benchmarking Karlstad University
Vulnerability Assessment and Robust Defenses for Optimized Attacks in Dynamic SDNs Computer Science Department, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
WAN Distributed File System Project University of Kentucky
WanLab Testing Cloud New York University
We aim to experiment different strategies to accomodate changing demands for different classes of services hosted by cloud architectures. University of Modena
We aim to measure the performance of different NFV data plane technologies The Chinese University of Hong Kong
We are exploring performance tradeoffs between HTTP 1.1 and 2.0, and ways to engineer a web server so that it seamlessly performs efficiently for users regardless of whether they access the server using HTTP 1.1 or 2.0. Case Western Reserve University
We are exploring the use of SDN like mechanisms for middlebox management Stony Brook University
We are investigating technologies that address the scalability of Internet sites. In particular, the study we would like to utilize emulab for concerns a new name service architecture. Case Western Reserve University
We evaluate resource utlilization for the cloud applications dynamically to achieve cost efficiency and performance. Indiana University Bloomington
We plan to measure, evaluate and imporve the performance of the KAD network. Kansas State University
We propose a novel idea for handing off leadership on PNUTS like primary replica wide area systems. We will need to experiment the our proposed hand off primitive at a larger scale on Emulab testbeds. University at Buffalo, SUNY
We propose Learning-Based Congestion Control (LBCC), a new congestion control architecture Hebrew University of Jerusalem
We want to test new distributed algorithms for storage and compute over RDMA networks Nokia Bell Labs
We will experimentally evaluate new network architectures University of Pittsburgh
We will investigate a few security properties of Freenet Florida State University
We will reevaluate Kayak and verify the results presented in a paper by its authors University of Virginia
we would like to investigate latency distributions with storage systems Purdue University
White hat bot to troubleshoot nodes suspected of malicious bot infection. Air Force Institute of Technology
WiCOS Northeastern University
Wide Area Group Communication George Washington University
Wide-area Federated Resource Sharing Intel Research Berkeley
Wide-area Legion I/O Experiments Cornell University
Wiera University of Nebraska at Omaha
WindRiver and Keysight joint O-Cloud demo Wind River
Wireless interference management Michigan State University
WIreless loss experiments University of California, San Diego
Wireless Network Management The University of Utah
Wireless Spectrum Analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wireless Testbed WINLAB, Rutgers.University
Wireless Testing ATT AT&T
Wisconsin CS 739 Distributed systems course University of Wisconsin-Madison
WISR Group University of Wisconsin-Madison
WLAN backoff process modeling and queueing analysis. It is intended to determine realistic average backoff widow size and then analytically estimate through information entropy. Thus, leading to the development of an accurate analytical model. Institute of Business Administration
WLAN Intrusion Detection Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze
Work on smart search algorithms for CMPs with dynamic NUCA L2 caches The University of Utah
Worm detection The University of Utah
WPI 5G Distributed data collection Worcester Polytechnic Institute
WRF Hydro in the cloud University of Massachusetts Amherst
XCap: Practical Capabilities and Least Authority for Virtualized Environments University of California, Irvine
xen for computer lab Cambridge Computer Lab
xen hacking Georgia Institute of Technology
XOS: A service abstraction layer for the Cloud Intel Corporation
Yale Dissent project on accountable anonymous communication Yale University
Zero Trust Network Architectures for BYOD use cases. Clemson University
Other projects registered on Emulab.Net:
Name Institution
Dynamorio Extension Carnegie Mellon University
RDMA + NVM based distributed storage Rice University
Resource Management in Clouds for Executing High Performance Applications Universidade Federal Fluminense
Self-Learning and Self-Evolving Detection of Altered, Deceptive Images and Videos University of Missouri
Ultima: Robust and Tail-Optimal All-Reduce for Distributed Deep Learning Purdue University
5G Hidden Operations Through Securing Traffic University of Colorado Boulder
5G OTA R&D Study University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
5G SDR Wireless Coexistence Testbed Singapore University of Technology and Design
5G Security Purdue University
5G security threat detection Stevens Institute of Technology
5G Testing Celona
5GVA University of Leeds
802.11 wireless test bed MITRE Corporation
A cache layer for SafeFS Computer Science
A clean-slate architecture and protocol for next generations of cellular network University of California, Riverside
A Cloud Network Exchange Brown University
A comparison of microarchitectures for cloud-based workloads Georgia Institute of Technology
A complete framework for future Internet is being proposed from developing countries perspective. Its an initiative for research community from developing countries to participate in future Internet development. Lahore University of Management Sciences
a data center for energy study Clemson University
A Distributed Urban Sensing Platform University of California, Los Angeles
A distributed, self healing object storage Free Software Foundation
A dynamic quorum approach to reduce the network latency in a geo-distributed environment Distributed Computing Systems Group at the University of Minnesota
A Fast Mobile User Data Accessing Scheme University of California, Santa Cruz
A flexible system to do large scale time series analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Framework for Creating VR Streaming Related Apps for Mobile Devices University of Wisconsin-Madison
A general-purpose, large-scale, nonexpert-accessible system Massachusetts Institute of Technology
A graph framework for near-disk processing Graduate Research Assistant
A high performance distributed execution engine for emerging AI applications University of California, Berkeley
A Laboratory for Data Science and HPC Courses at Texas A&M Texas A&M University
A link state protocol for the Internet Carnegie Mellon University
A Low Latency 5G Core Network based on High-Performance NFV Platforms Commnication Service/Software Laboratory
A Market-Inspired Overload Control Framework for Microservices University of Pennsylvania
A new key-value store Cornell University
A new memory manager to mitigate NUMA effect on Linux futex Sharif University of Technology
A parental control application using Paradrop. University of Wisconsin-Madison
A Peer to Peer data distribution syste, University of California, Irvine
A peer-to-peer system based on the XOR metric Stanford University
A pilot cloud effort for comparing data intensive technologies supporting vehicle instrumentation data. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
A project for artifact evalution of SC'21 papers in order to ensure reproducability University of Cambridge
A project for fast transport layer design research for data center network Fudan University
A Project Investigating Serverless Computing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
A project on how to redirect flows smartly Computer Science Department, Sapienza University of Rome, Italy
A pure rust implementation of Egalitarian Paxos Princeton University
A Quality of Service-Driven Software Product Line Engeering Framework for Distributed Real-time and Embedded Systems University of Alabama at Birmingham
A reference suite of benchmarks in various cost metrics (e.g. number of rounds, time, communication size, etc). Purdue University
A Secure Virtualization Architecture Illinois State University
A serverless virtual memory layer abstraction for industry streaming applications, disaggregated across physical machines Yale University
A simple test project. University of Wisconsin-Madison
A simulator that allows studying of scheduling policy. Stanford University
A small project exploring the OpenFlow protocol and the Ryu Network Operating System Student at Neumont University
a smart network based on P4 and ebpf National University of Defense Technology
A stateful serverless architecture based on virtualizing a managed runtime. (I don't have a project page yet) Harvard University
A Study on Kubernetes Data Generation For Microservice Security Enhancement Carnegie Mellon University
A Tracing Plane for Distributed Systems Brown University
A Unified Ingestion and Storage System for Scalable Big Data Processing INRIA
A-State Education Cloud Arkansas State University
Acceleration of Distributed Training of Reinforcement Learning University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Accurate estimation of round-off errors with symbolic Taylor expansions The University of Utah
Acheiving simple fairness using ML and existing gear. Princeton University
achieving reliable and guaranteed IP packet delivery ETH Zurich
ACI-REF facilitators The University of Utah
ACI-REF researcher engagement Internet2
ACI_REF project for UH Ref for training University of Hawaii System
Active Multimedia Proxy Services Dept. of Computer Science, University of Massachusetts
Active-based Networking Monitoring System Purdue University Calumet
Ad Fraud Analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adaptive and precise intermittent packet retrieval in DPDK Department of Computer Science Sapienza - University of Rome
Adaptive Trust Mechanisms for Data Intensive High Bandwidth Applications University of Puerto Rico
AdaptiveCAP San Jose State University
Adding ephemeral resources to LegoOS Illinois Institute of Technology
Adding resource management to Real-Time CORBA Ohio University
Administration of Clemson's CloudLab resources Clemson University
Advanced Cloud Computing Course The University of Arizona
Advanced Data Science University of Colorado Boulder
Advanced Data Stores University of Southern California
Advanced Wireless Research at UNL Netgroup University of Nebraska-Lincoln
AdvancedOS Project University of Wisconsin-Madison
Adversarial Machine Learning University of Wisconsin-Madison
AFS-like Distributed File Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
AF_XDP for accelerating QUIC Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Age Estimation in Children using Fingerprint images Clarkson University
Aggregate Data of Distributed Checkpoints Rochester Institute of Technology
AI System Class Project University of Wisconsin-Madison
AIFM Demo University of Kansas
AIFM-enhancement Shanghai Jiao Tong University
aifmtest Peking University
ALCHEM AIFM University of Southern California
Algorand network protocols exploration Universidad de Buenos Aires
Alibaba DTS Contest Test Bed -- The Ohio State University HPC Research Team Yang Wang
AMS 560 project for Prasad Srinidhi and Saurabh Stony Brook University
AMS Big Data- Assignment1 Stony Brook University
AMS560 Stony Brook University
an ECE wireless networking course at the University of Utah The University of Utah
An experiment testing collocation of multiple job types on single machines Oakland University
An exploration of energy profiles when using various lossy compressors. Clemson University
An exploration of scaling core network federation to many unreliable community organizations University of Washington
An exploration of topology programming and traffic engineering for flexible wide area connectivity University of Oregon
An Internet Infrastructure for Video Streaming Optimisation Post Doc
An OCCI-based Toolchain for Everything-as-a-Service Inria
An open source locally administered distributed filesystem University of California, Irvine
An open-source controller for SDN research University of Massachusetts Amherst
An optimized version of the Eiger-PORT protocol Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
An umbrella project for Privacy Preserving Machine Learning and Big Data Services Georgia Institute of Technology
Analyse the performance of a faas system Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Analysing Query Performance on Different Data Layouts in Cloud Object Stores University of Wisconsin-Madison
Analysis of different distribution strategies for machine learning Simon Fraser University
Analysis of DNS anomalies, as viewed from a root server University of Maryland, College Park
Analysis of ML Benchmarks for Processing in Memory Pennsylvania State University
Analysis on Spark University of Wisconsin-Madison
Analyze fixed and vulnerable source from VCCFinder dataset using machine learning Mississippi State University
Analyze software reproducibility issues Clarkson University
Analyzing 100 GbE Traffic on Commodity Hardware Université Catholique de Louvain
Analyzing Effects of Network on Distributed Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Analyzing Information Leakage in the Cloud Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Analyzing the blockchain transactions data to quantify cryptocurrency market risk University of Manitoba
Analyzing the cost benefit of instance types Research Assistant
Analyzing tradeoffs between wear leveling and write amplification in the SSD devices. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Android in Cloud FIT
Android Security Oakland University
Anomalies openstack DWP
Anomaly Detection in Log Files using Machine learning University of Washington
Anomaly detection on simulated logs thanks to appropriate log parsing IRIT
Anomaly Detection with Machine Learning San Jose State University
antenna design and testing The University of Utah
anycast Johns Hopkins University
Aplication Programming Interface Development and Testing Texas Tech University
Apollo - Linear SMR for Weak Synchrony Purdue University
Application Aware Anonymit Georgetown University
Application Aware networking University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Application Driven Networking LAAS-CNRS
Applications Coordinating with Transport, IP, and Optical Networks University of Virginia
Apply Tensorflow ML models on Spark Architecture University of California, San Diego
AQM Networks and telecommunications
arc of the Tangent project The University of Utah
Architectural Antipatterns in Cloud Computing Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology
Architecture Reading Club Repository U of U
Architecture vor hybrid VN management University of Missouri
Archive '10 Workshop The University of Utah
AREA lab University of California, Riverside
Ariadne TU Delft
arm key value measurments forth-ics
ARM vs x86 Performance Comparison Clemson University
Artefact Evaluation Eurosys 2022 University of California, Berkeley
Artifact Evaluation University of Southern California
Artifact evaluation for ASPLOS 2022 submissions Google, Inv
Artifact evaluation for ASPLOS submission NVIDIA research
Artifact evaluation for ATC2022 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Artifact Evaluation for FUZZING workshop 2022 National University of Singapore
Artifact Evaluation for POPL 2022 The University of Utah
Artifact Evaluation for Submissions for a Conference University of Stuttgart, Germany
Artifact evaluation for supercomputing conference (SC'21) University of California, Santa Barbara
artifact-review Tongji University
AS-based VoIP peer-to-peer system Columbia University, Computer Science
asgn09 Clemson University
ASPLOS '23 AEC Fall Artifact Evaluation The University of Edinburgh
Assess the viability and performance of using docker for scientific computation with FEniCS. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Assessment of Cloud Storage for Large Unstructure Datasets National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
Assignment 1 Stony Brook University
Assignment#1 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Assignments and Project University of Wisconsin-Madison
Assignment_1 Stony Brook University
Asynchronous Parallel and Distributed Optimization with Scheduling for ML Distributed Computing and Systems
ATC22 Artifact Evaluation for Primo Nanyang Technological University
Attacks on 5G core The University of Edinburgh
Attempt to make trace run faster/cheaper, either through using GPU or ARM instances. Stanford University
Attractor Selection Based Experimentation University of Massachusetts Amherst
Audio Experiment Over the Internet DePaul Universirty
Augment SkyhookDM with in-storage support for a relevant subset of Awkward Array operations Rice University
Auto SSD optimizing system with Reinforcement learning University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Auto-indexing for a cloud database The University of Oklahoma
Automated Application Security for Cloud Computing Southern Methodist University
Automated Penetration Testing with Virtualised Networks Kings College London
Automated Tuning of Apache Flink University of Florida
Automatic code transformation and offloading for near-data processing The University of Edinburgh
Automatic testing for cluster management controllers University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Automatic Vectorization for Secure Multiparty Computation (MPC) through Program Analysis Purdue University
Automating the benchmarking process of server, storage, and database systems Duke University
AutoMM University of Pittsburgh
Autonomic Cyber-Security - Fall 2020 Mississippi State University
Autoscaling of Cloud resources using Graph Neural Network (GNN) Waterford Institute of Technology, Ireland
Autotune parallel code for both time and energy across architectures Iowa State University
Avoiding joins safely McGill Universify
AVsys University of California, San Diego
Barnstormer APT Test Project Barnstormer Softworks
basemods spark Clemson University
BDE University of Missouri-Kansas City
Beehive: A Modular, Flexible Hardware Network Stack University of Washington
Being able to migrate Virtual Machines between non-identical processors. OFTY Cameroun
Benchmark and compare some database systems University of California, Santa Cruz
Benchmark comparison between x86 and ARM servers Georgia Institute of Technology
Benchmark Framework Carnegie Mellon University
Benchmark network file systems University of Colorado Boulder
Benchmark of system performance characteristics University of California, San Diego
Benchmark Popular Data Warehouse Commercial Solutions (Databricks, Snowflake, etc) Cornell University
Benchmarking and analyzing AR/VR workloads Texas A&M University
Benchmarking applications for analyzing variability University of Wisconsin-Madison
Benchmarking cloud infrastructure Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Benchmarking Containers Against VMs For Microservices Using DeathStarBench University of Rhode Island
Benchmarking differing spark clusters University of Missouri-Kansas City
Benchmarking eventual consistency University of Waterloo
Benchmarking for secure CRDT protocols Universidade do Porto
Benchmarking WASM-compiled functions. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) University of California, Berkeley
BFT Key Value Store SQL API Cornell University
BFT Query Processing Cornell University
BFTdatabase Keio University
BFTdatabase Keio University
BGP Artemis Open Networking Foundation
BGP Path Poisoning for Censorship Avoidance Arizona State University
Biased System Carnegie Mellon University
Bidl: A High-throughput, Low-latency Permissioned Blockchain Framework for Datacenter Networks The University of Hong Kong
Big Data GITAM University
Big data analytics Duke University
Big Data HW1 Stony Brook University
Big data management in CloudLab University of Wisconsin
Big Data Project for Big Data Course @ Stony Brook University Stony Brook University
Big Data System University of Wisconsin-Madison
Big Data Systems, Algorithms and Networks Stony Brook University
Big-data and Optical Lightpaths Driven Systems Rice University
Bioinformatic analysis of Citrus transcriptome and genome sequencing data Clemson University
Blockchain based application framework The University of Texas at Austin
Blockchain based Decentralized Cloud Federation Marketplace Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Blockchain Playground University of Wisconsin-Madison
BlockChainFileSharing Student of La Salle University
Bonus Clemson University
BroadCast Latency in Wireless Sensor Networks Lahore University of Management Sciences
Buffer Dimensioning Boston University, Computer Science
Build a comprehensive benchmark for memory disaggregation system. University of California, San Diego
build a disaggregated storage across network Peking University
Build a secondary index middleware on top of HBase for real-time analytics Syracuse University
build a small private cloud using physical machines from cloudlab Montclair State University
Build high-performance indexes on memory disaggregation architecture The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Building a framework for the integration of SDN and IoT Monash University
Building and Deploying Serverless Applications Egypt Japan University of Science and Technology
Building and evaluating distributed consensus that is robust when running on varying network conditions. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Building direct message passing in openwhisk serverless platform Harvard University
Building High Performance and Fault Tolerant Distributed SplinterDB University of California, San Diego
Building ksplit(OSDI'22) implementation as described in their documentation Seoul National University
Building new TCP congestion control algorithm University of Southern California
Burst-parallel serverless computing University of California, San Diego
busys Boston University
BYOC Texas A&M University
Byzantine Chain Replication Stony Brook University
c++ protocol Tianjin University
CA project University of California, Riverside
Caching on LSM-based KV Stores Princeton University
Caching Stratigies for Semi-structured and Non-structured Data Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
capstone-echo Saint Louis Universirty
Cascade K/V store performance evaluations Universitetet i Oslo
cassandra project University of Colorado Boulder
Cassandra_ntp University of Colorado Boulder
Catania cloud test INFN
Causal Consistency on the Network Edge IMDEA Software Institute
CCI 5G Commonwealth Cyber Initiative - Virginia Tech
cclab2013 project Konkuk University
CDN carbon Load Balancing University of Massachusetts Amherst
cell-offloading University of Massachusetts Amherst
Chaining in Serverless University of Waterloo
Challenge 1.2 University of Michigan-Dearborn
Chameleon Argonne National Laboratory
Changing the single-server Mumps database to distribute locks across a Zookeeper cluster. University of Wisconsin, Computer Science
Characterize performance of databases under virtualization. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Characterizing the edge of the network EECS, Northwestern U.
Characterizing the performance of Bluefield DPUs Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Chloe-Serverless National Technical University of Athens
CHPC-Fedushare The University of Utah
Class Assignments University of California, Riverside
Class on Big Data and Machine Learning NYU
Class Project for E6998 Virtual Cloud Tech at Columbia University Columbia University
Class projects for Network Measurements, Modelling and Simulations National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Classifying Cloud Colocation from Edge Measurements Stanford University
Clemson HPCC Systems experimental project Clemson University
Clemson University CPSC4770_6770 class Clemson University
Clemson University School of Computing Clemson University
client-server socket program University of California, Riverside
Clock synchronization with kernel bypass and software timestamp PhD student at Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University
cloud analysis San Jose State University
cloud and edge offload in cognitive radio network Stevens Institute of Teachnology
Cloud AR/VR over 5G/MEC Orange Silicon Valley
Cloud bursting into Cloud Lab from Rutgers Senior Scientist, Research Computing Support
cloud computing stonybrook university
Cloud Computing University of California, Riverside
cloud computing & system software testing Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Cloud Computing and Softwarization of Networks Oxford Brookes University
Cloud Computing course Delaware Technical Comm College
Cloud computing course at UF University of Florida
Cloud Computing Lab University of Technology (Yatanapon Cyber City)
Cloud computing Network as a Service(NaaS) Curtin University, Sarawak campus Malaysia
Cloud Computing NS2 Simulations University of California, San Diego
Cloud Databases Encryption University of Arkansa
Cloud Infrastructure for ITIS 6320 University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Cloud Lab La Salle University
Cloud lab Our Lady of the Lake University
Cloud Labware Development Purdue University
Cloud Mentoring: Guiding Cloud Users for Cost Performance through Testing and Recommendation The University of Texas at San Antonio
Cloud Networks Education using P4 Harvard University
Cloud Persistent Memory-Aware Buffer Pool Tuner Experiment The University of Oklahoma
Cloud Platform Demo Austin Community College
Cloud TCP Project Harvard University
Cloud Usage with Hadoop Texas Southern University
Cloud with CloudLab Ecole national superieur d'informatique et analyse de systeme
Cloud-based 5G network testbed University of Colorado Boulder
Cloud-based anonymous communication system University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cloud-based projects from CENT Syracuse University
Cloud-native Networking Research Purdue University
Cloud-Native Recoverability University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Cloud2019 University of Missouri-Kansas City
CloudComputingTools Course SEENIVASAN R.P.
Cloudlab University of North Carolina at Charlotte
CloudLab Automation University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Cloudlab could really help us in running our parallelized serverless shell (PaSH) implementation Brown University
Cloudlab Experiments of the NetLab of Fulda University of Applied Sciences Fulda University of Applied Sciences
CloudLab First Project ISEL / INESC-ID Lisboa
CloudLab for SDN Security North Carolina A&T State University,public, coeducational, historically black, research university
CloudLab Non Users The University of Utah
Cloudlab presentation and documentation Utah Valley University
CloudLabExp University of Misosuri- Kansas City
cloudmesh Indiana University Bloomington
CloudSuite on ARM EPFL
cloudtcp University Politehnica of Bucharest
Cluster in CloudLab University of Florida
Cluster schedulers for heterogeneous resource demands without estimating execution time The University of Tokyo
Cluster Scheduling for Cloud Computing University of Wisconsin-Madison
Cluster-On-Demand Duke University
Cluster-Powered Dynamic Analysis for Efficient Dependency-Based Debugging Georgia Institute of Technology
cmpe210 San Jose State University
CMU 15-712 Project - PostgreSQL Replication with eRPC Carnegie Mellon University
CNSA Michigan Technological University
Coalescent Computing Illinois Institute of Technology
CockpitCI - Cybersecurity on SCADA: risk prediction, analysis and reaction tools for Critical Infrastructures University Roma TRE
Code Generation for Sparse Operations Georgia Institute of Technology
Coflow simulation and multi-resource fair allocation Stony Brook University
Cold Start Mitigation In Serverless Computing Using LightVMs Shahid Beheshti University
Collaborative Edge Federated Learning on Collaborative Edge Computing Western Sydney University
Collaborative Research: NGSDI: CarbonFirst: A Sustainable and Reliable Carbon-Centric Cloud-Edge Software Infrastructure Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Collecting and generalizing particular statistical security engineering experimental results Southern Polytechnic State University
collection and analysis of the data ATLAS distributed projects University of Chicago
communication scheduling for mesh ml University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Communication Time Measurement in Microservice and Serverless Applications Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Compare performance of XEN VM migration University of Florida
Compare Stream Processing Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Compared tensorflow performace in K8S and local Fordham University
Comparing algorithms for the testbed mapping problem The University of Utah
Comparing RPC mechanisms GRPC and Thrift for Distributed Systems course project University of Wisconsin-Madison
Comparison of performance between AWS, DigitalOcean, and Azure Harvard University
Compiling Graph Analytics Colorado School of Mines
Computation offloading University Paris 13
Computation Offloading for a fleet of Drones Northern Arizona University
Computer Architecture and Security Technologies Lab Columbia University
Computer Architecture Simulation EPFL
Computer Systems at Colgate University Colgate University
Computing Platform for Distributed Sorting University of Wisconsin-Madison
Concolic Testing UFPR
concurrency control for performance University of Florida
Conduct data analytics on big malware repository College of Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University
Conducting research implementation of STIX/TAXII for various threat vectors Johns Hopkins Universisty
Confidential VM live migration and checkpointing Binghamton University, State University of New York
Confidentiality Preserving Computing on IaaS Cloud Cloudflare Inc
Congestion aware routing European Organisation for Nuclear Research
Congestion Control Plane Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Congestion Manager Carnegie Mellon University
Connection pool management Imperial College London
Consistency Protocols for Dissaggregated Memory The University of Edinburgh
Constraint-based resource allocation Systems Group, ETH Zurich
Constructing Cross-VM Covert Channel Clemson University
Container live migration by having memory state shared through an remote memory server using RDMA. University of California, San Diego
Container network performance acceleration Korea University
container network plugin with low latency/overhead Duke University
Contextual Edge Computing University of Kentucky
Continuous Analysis of Many CAMeras (CAM2) Purdue University
Control of thousands of Geo-distributed data centers University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Controller for HADOOP Cluster University of Florida
Cooldown University of Michigan
Cooperative AI Inference in Vehicular Edge Networks for Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems Rowan University
cooperative caching and job scheduling for data processing clusters Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Coordinating Robot Swarms with the Cloud Georgia Institute of Technology
Could Solution Development and Training EPIC College
Course Project Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Course Project - Team Xpress736 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Course project for network systems University of Colorado Boulder
Course projects CS 598FTS: Fault-tolerant and consistent data center systems at UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Course projects for INFSCI 2750: Cloud Computing University of Pittsburgh
Coursework Clemson University
CPES Instituto Federal de Alagoas
Crash Consistent File System University of Wisconsin-Madison
CRDB Driver Cornell University
Create RDMA primitives to help consensus protocols University of Washington
Creating a cloud database server to teach 140 undergrad students at UW-Madison about database design. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Creating a LAN using USRPs and GNURadio Georgia Institute of Technology
Creating a private cloud platform using openstack Institut National des Postes et Télécommunications INPT Rabat
Creating Adversarial Attacks Against CPU Schedulers With Reinforcement Learning Massachusetts Institute of Technology
creating index for a cluster database The University of Oklahoma
Creating RF traces Repository for Repeatable Experiments Prairie View A&M University
creation of cloud infrastructure sri ramakrishna engineering college
Critical Infrastructures Protection University of Skovde
Cross-Layer Power-Bounded High Performance Computing on Emerging and Future Heterogeneous Computer Clusters Clemson University
CS 208 Class Project University of California, Riverside
CS 5110/6110 - Software Verification (Spring 2018) The University of Utah
CS 598 FTS Project University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
CS208 University of California, Riverside
CS380L Advanced Operating Systems The University of Texas at Austin
CS541 OpenAurora Purdue University
CS5914 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
CS6220 Project for Group 11 : Decentralized Federated Learning among different nodes in a P2P environment Georgia Institute of Technology
CS736 | Client Side Resource Manager University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS739: Evaluting Importance of Low Overhead Communication/Storage on Cassandra University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS740 University of Wisconsin-Madison
cs764_fall17_project University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS784 Exploring parallel join University of Wisconsin-Madison
CS838_MLOS University of Wisconsin-Madison
CSE 400: Undergraduate Thesis Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET)
CSE453 project in Autumn 2022 University of Washington
CSE490 Course Project University of Washington
Cyber Arena University of Louisville
cyber physical framework for micro assembly Oklahoma State University
Cyber-Physical System Research University of California, Berkeley
Cybersecurity Cloud Research University of Wisconsin-Madison
DAI Washington University in St. Louis
Dapper Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Data Analysis Research and Education at Fayetteville State University Fayetteville State University
Data Analytics System University of California, Berkeley
Data Center Ethernet Data Storage Instite
Data Center Scale Computing Class University of Colorado Boulder
Data Intensive Computing University of Massachusetts Lowell
data intensive computing courses at UML University of Massachusetts Lowell
Data Leakage Prevention on DPDK New York University
Data Science Colorado Technical University
Data science project for entity matching University of Wisconsin-Madison
Data Skip Technology for Cloud Analytics Workloads Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Data Structure Engineering for High Performance Software Packet Processing Tsinghua University
Data-Driven Vulnerability Prediction for Software Requirements Mississippi State University
Database on ARM Processors The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Database Workload Embedding The University of Utah
Datacenter Caching Boston University
Datacenter Congestion Johns Hopkins University
Datacenter Design Frontend Optimizations Georgia Institute of Technology
Datacenter Network Latency Research University of Wisconsin-Madison
Datacenter Network Performance The University of Edinburgh
Datacenter Network Quality of Service University of Washington
Datacenter Reconfiguration Simulation Illinois Institute of Technology
Datacenter TCP Fudan University
datacenter transmission measurement and improvement University of Science and Technology of China
Datalog Evaluation in Database (Quickstep) University of Wisconsin-Madison
dataplane optimization Georgia Institute of Technology
data_pods_benchmark University of Wisconsin-Madison
DBMS knobs tuning Harbin Institute of Technology
db_testing University of Wisconsin-Madison
DC Course Project University of Florida
dcnLegoOS Tianjin University
dctcp NJIT
DCTCP protocol simulation NJT
DDCHIT Harbin Institute of Technology
DDCHITSZ Harbin Institute of Technology
DDOS detection and prevention Smt Parvatibai Chowgule College
DDoS Reconnaissance - Studying DDoS reconnaissance/probing attacks Carnegie Mellon University
De-mystifying microservice topology shape Tufts University
Debugging Cloud Computing Tufts University
DECADE for Internet Storage Yale University
Decentralized scheduling for many-task HPC applications in the cloud Louisiana State University
Decentralized Zero-Trust IoT Data Fabric University of Georgia
Decentralized, Online Social Network Duke University
Declarative Programmable Storage University of California, Santa Cruz
Deconstructing Distributed Deep Learning University of Southern California
Deep Learning Classification Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Deep Learning for Human Activity Detection Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Deep Learning meets Coding Theory University of Southern California
Deep learning model management University of Missouri-Kansas City
Deep Neural Network University of Wisconsin-Madison
Deep neural network for VGT University of Wisconsin-Madison
Deep Parallelism for Word2Vec on GPU-Accelerated Systems Clemson University
DeepChem University of Wisconsin-Madison
DeepLearning model to convert 2D videos to 3D videos University of Wisconsin-Madison
DeepLog study Dataset BUPT
deeptrace Technische Universitat Berlin
Demikernel memory pinning project The University of Texas at Austin
Demo of Sr. Project The University of Utah
Demostrate p4 capabilities Anna University
demostrator setup Institute for Systems Research
Deploying a Cloud using Openstack Montclair State University
Deploying Cloud Access Security Brokers to enhance security of SaaS applications Concordia University of Edmonton
Deploying ToMaTo infrastructure to CloudLab University Kaiserslautern
Derecho and Cascade DDS Cornell University
Derecho Benchmark University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Design and Implementation of an Enhanced Network Intrusion Detection System in Cybersecurity Based on Adaptive Clustering Tuskegee University
Design and Implementation of Virtual Sensor Networks St. Cloud State University
Design benchmarks and analyze Stream Processing systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Designing a new fault injection engine to test cloud systems The Ohio State University
Designing Cloud Applications for Rural Communities Carnegie Mellon University
Designing Datacenter Transport For Low Latency and High Throughput Cornell University
Designing efficient storage system for ML The University of Texas at Austin
Designing Request-Aware Microservice Scheduling Strategies Carnegie Mellon University
Destination migration University of Southern California
Detecting and Troubleshooting Forwarding Misbehavior in Software-defined Networks Northwestern University
Deter Testing Information Sciences Institute
Determining hardware acceleration opportunities for data center tax operations Carnegie Mellon University
Determining performance limitations of Google's gVisor (Library OS for Containers) University of Wisconsin-Madison
Developing an algorithm for managing loading applications for serverless functions with co-located resources. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Developing Novel Quantum Simulators University of Wisconsin-Madison
developing techniques to passively discover resources in grids Georgia State University
Development a Cybersecurity dataset for Network intrusion detection with machine learning University of Cincinnati
Development of a a Future Internet Network for Experimentation (NfExp) among Brazil and Europe. Salvador University
Development of A Cloud-based Platform for Competition and Education in Cyber Security The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
Development of a new mobility management protocol for IP networks Sunway University College
Development of a P2P transport protocol for streaming applications University of Udine
Development of routing mechanism for ad hoc networks, based on the XOR distance of node identifiers Universidade Federal de Uberlandia
Differential DBMS Testing University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Differential Privacy Synthesis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Diffie-Hellman IPFS Group Key Sharing UNLV
Digital City Simulation Polytechnic School of the University of S. Paulo
Directed Diffusion: Adaptive 2 Phase Pull University of Copenhagen
Disaggregated memory performance modeling and analysis The University of Texas at Austin
Disaggregated NVRAM on Fast Distributed Network Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Disaggregated System for Machine Learning Syracuse University
Discover and analyze compiler bugs Clarkson University
Discover route changes based on e2e measurements Columbia University, Computer Science
Dissertation lab Robert Morris University
DISTL - Distributive SDN Platform with Enhanced Security The University of the West Indies
Distributed Adversarial Training University of Wisconsin-Madison
Distributed and Parallelized Learning Systems for Multi-task Heterogeneous Machine Learning Montclair State University
Distributed Applications on Programmable Switches Purdue University
Distributed Collaboration for Security Settings PnP Networks
Distributed computing on smartNIC University of Wisconsin-Madison
Distributed Deep Learning Training Offload to smartNIC Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Distributed Detection and Inference Intel Research
Distributed Erlang Alternative Carnegie Mellon University
Distributed Event Extraction University of Oregon
Distributed Event Extraction University of Oregon
Distributed Factorised Databases University of Oxford
Distributed Field-aware Factorization Machine University of Wisconsin-Madison
Distributed HGCN University of California, San Diego
Distributed Hierarchical Fairness Enforcement in Programmable Switches University of Illinois at Chicago
distributed machine learning Case Western Reserve University
Distributed ML Inference with Autonomy University of Texas Rio Grande Valley
Distributed Orchestration Federal University of Uberlândia
distributed overlay cloud across hybrid spaces. University of California, San Diego
Distributed Stream Processing on Edge-Cloud Bogaziçi Üniversitesi
Distributed Style Transfer For Video Rochester Institute of Technology
Distributed Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Distributed Systems Verification Columbia University
Distributed Time-Series Data Processing The University of Utah
Distributed Training/Learning Communication Analysis Colorado State University
Distributed-Streaming Virtual Machine Introspection Carnegie Mellon University
Distributed_Vision University of California, San Diego
distribution of RUBBoS in cloud environment Augusta University
Do dome tests on a platform for wifi sensor, testbed on nodes TELECOM Nancy
Docker, kuber, cloud platform experiment Illinois Institute of Technology
DoD speech recognition Clemson University
DoERs Syracuse University
Doing video streaming based on Ceph cluster purdue
dp Oak Ridge National Lab
DPDK research and learning Intel
DPI as a service for NFV San Jose State University
DPU_k8s National Tsing Hua University
DragonFly: 360 Video streaming Purdue University
Drill Bits Search unaffiliated
DRLetProject Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
Dtecting software anomalies in networked environment Computer Science, Louisiana Tech University
Duplicate Aware Scheduling Tufts University
Dynamic Analysis for floating point errors Rutgers
Dynamic Layer-3 routing using ryu controller and OVS San Jose State University
Dynamic load balance for serverless computing Peking University
Dynamic range partitioning in Nova-LSM University of Southern California
Dynamic Resource Allocation Yale University
Dynamic routing for SDN using Ryu controller San Jose State University
Dynamic Spectrum Sharing with O-RAN University at Buffalo, State University of New York
EBPF-based high-performance container network University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
ECE 522 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
ECE-UY 3613 Communication Networks New York University
ECET-580-F22 Drexel University
ECN-Encoding Precise Congestion Control for RDMA Networks Tsinghua University
Edge and Cloud Computing for Drone Applications University of Massachusetts Amherst
Edge Based Distributed System University of Colorado Boulder
Edge Caching on MPEG DASH multimedia streams Hellenic Mediterranean University of Crete
Edge Computing RISE AB
Edge scheduler for OpenLambda University of Wisconsin-Madison
Edge Telemetry Carnegie Mellon University
Education: communication networks class Shiv Nadar University
EEcomputing Clemson University
EEL6761 - Cloud Computing Systems & Applications - Spring 22 University of Florida
EEL6892 (Virtual Computers) class projects University of Florida
EEL6892 Virtual Computers, ECE, University of Florida, Spring 2020 University of Florida
EEL6935 - Distributed Computing - Spring 20 University of Florida
EEL6935 - Distributed Computing - Spring 21 University of Florida
Effective Prefetching for Fabric Attached Memories Texas A&M University
Effective Prefetching for Multicore/Multiprocessor Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Effectiveness of intelligent transportation architectures in the cloud Towson University
Efficient Arbitration in High-Level Synthesis from Multithreaded Code Imperial College London
Efficient CPU scheduling for kernel-bypass software Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Efficient Digital Currency Exchange Stanford University
Efficient logging in 2pc University of Wisconsin-Madison
Efficient scaling of TCP throughput with queue provisioning Hamilton Institute, National University of Ireland
Efficient Smart NIC on Cloud Servers University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Efficient WAN GCS Hebrew Univ.
Efficient Wrokload Scheduling in Serverless Environment HKUST
Efficiently generating cost-efficient multi-tier cache configurations Emory University
Elasticizing Linux for the Cloud University of Colorado Boulder
Elba Standard Project on WISE Microservices Georgia Institute of Technology
Empirical evaluation of Forward Erasure Correction in QUIC protocol University of Alberta
emu-eval Science Applications International Corporation
Emulating the DFuse placement algorithm Georgia Institute of Technology
Emulation of an heterogeneous network with QoS and Management control LARC - Laboratory of Computer Architecture and Networks
Enabling Efficient VM Executions on SmartNICs University of Wisconsin-Madison
Enabling fault-tolerant NF chaining with NFChain-as-a-Service University of Southern California
Enabling large-scale monitoring-as-a-service through flexible infrastructure, efficient algorithms and advanced monitoring-backed Cloud management techniques TJ Watson Research Center
Enabling Metacomputing frameworks with data services Emory University
Enabling technologies for low latency mobile web at the edge Purdue University
End to End Optimization with Zero Shot Model Technische Universität Darmstadt
energy efficient could computing Clemson University
energy efficient could computing Clemson University
energy efficient could computing Clemson University
Energy efficient Network Function Virtualization Georgia State University
Energy-Efficient Operating Sysetms Wayne State University
Energy-impact of data consistency management in Clouds and Beyond INRIA
Enforcing Social Network Privacy by Adversarial Machine Learning University of Lorraine
enhance the scalablity of file system Fudan University
Enhancing Cloud Edge Continuum using Faas The University of Utah
Enterprise Network Design for Small Organization San Jose State University
Entity Matching as a service University of Wisconsin-Madison
Environment for Large Data Processing and Visualization Using MongoDB University of Nevada, Reno
Epic Broadcast University of Maryland, College Park
erasure coded mongodb University of Michigan
Error Detector The University of Utah
eSIM IoT Provisioning Columbia University
Estudos em bases de dados distribuidas Universidade de Brasilia
EvaCS598Project University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Evaluate an artifact from MICRO 2021 Univeristy of Michigan
Evaluate ONAP software using the cloud lab resources Radisys
Evaluate performance of different BFT protocols University of Pennsylvania
Evaluate the AIFM (OSDI'20) Institute of Computing Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences
Evaluating a secure overlay network Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Evaluating BitTorrent/TCP interaction Princeton University
evaluating HPCC using PINT Harvard University
Evaluating inconsistency in overlay-network measurements University of California, Los Angeles
Evaluating Network Inference Tools University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evaluating Network Performance of Peer-to-Peer Distributed Deep Learning Training. Case Western Reserve University
Evaluating Performance of Honeypots in the Cloud Lancaster University
Evaluating Scaling in an NFV-based EPC University of Cauca
Evaluating SSD infrastructure using a simulator University of Wisconsin-Madison
evaluating the impact of interference for cloud VMs Stony Brook University
Evaluating the performance gain achieved from using Demikernel Datapath OS Birla Institute of Technology and Science
Evaluating uncacheable sensitive data University of Colorado Boulder
Evaluation and comparison of short-circuiting techniques in cluster architectures Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse (IRIT)
Evaluation environment for the performance verification of distributed systems University of Michigan
Evaluation of a solution such as Emulab in the classroom environment Pellissippi State Community College
Evaluation of an artifact for Eurosys Umea University
Evaluation of distributed systems Michigan State University
Evaluation of Joins in Parallel University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evaluation of MobilityFirst future Internet architecture WINLAB, Rutgers.University
Evaluation of network communication overhead in distributed ML training Indiana University Bloomington
Evaluation of prototypes for systems-related work in the CARV laboratory at FORTH-ICS, Greece University of Crete and FORTH, Greece
Evaluation of Task Allocation Algorithms for Mobile Computing University of Southern California
Evaluation of the address translation overhead on Arm servers The University of Edinburgh
Evaluation of tsdb on compressed object store University of Massachusetts Lowell
Evaluation of wide-area network security protocols University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evaluation of XRP Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Evaluation, review, and critique of focused OPNFV networking concepts Professional enrichment and personal contribution to SDN and NFV open source development.
Evolving censorship evasion strategies University of Maryland, College Park
Exam lab Telecom SudParis
Examining Federated Learning backdoor attacks and potential defenses University of Pennsylvania
Examining the affect of a malicious operating system guest in KVM affecting the performance of other guests. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Executing Microservice Applications on Serverless, Correctly Aarhus Universitet
Exp University of North Texas
Expanding Pulser's real testbed University of Illinois at Chicago
experiment for the NDSS paper about dectecting LFA Tsinghua University
Experiment with distributed version of OpenLambda and design new schedulers for it University of Wisconsin-Madison
Experiment with edge compute technologies that could benefit the cable industry CableLabs
Experiment with large scale distributed training on GPU clusters Microsoft
Experiment with the CloudLab to see how useful it is The University of Utah
Experiment with various uses cases for an intelligent RAN controller. University of California, Berkeley
experimental labs for a security class Hunter
Experimental research for Signal Processing The University of Utah
Experimental testbeds for CS740 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Experimentation tools USC/ISI
experimenting with attacks on TOR Nirma University
Experimenting with distributed models for machine learning The University of Utah
Experimenting with ways to scale python for data science Columbia University
Experiments on TCP stacks Politecnico di Bari
Experiments to explore KubeShare Clemson University
Experiments with Blockchain consensus algorithms and use cases University of Lisboa
Experiments with Docker for HPC Clemson University
Exploit and Malware Research Project Tsinghua University, China
Exploiting Accelerator Level Parallelism to Accelerate Database Analytics University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploiting Load Imbalance Patterns for Heterogeneous Cloud Computing Platforms Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
Exploiting P2P approaches for BigData problems National Research Council of Italy
Explore an IoT Framework (Things-in-a-Fog) on Powder Clemson University
Explore and learn for CloudBank University of California, San Diego
Explore audit trails in RDMA design to make the applications GDPR compliant Carnegie Mellon University
Explore Hardware Security Issuse of Cloud FPGAs Northeastern University
Explore possible extensions for OpenStack for Fog/Edge computing integrations OpenStack
Explore programmability and performance of offloads onto the Bluefield-2 DPU. Georgia Institute of Technology
Explore the performance boundaries of virtualized networks in clouds SWITCH
Explore what is available on Cloudlab so can recommend to faculty George Mason University
Exploring a customizable cyberinfrastructure that enables a community to share and deploy machine learning models easier. Everett Community College
Exploring attacks in online CI services University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploring better container orchestration techniques University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploring CPS modeling on Cloudlab USC/ISI
Exploring Edge-informed SISR University of Wisconsin-Madison
Exploring Improvements to Mempool Gossip in C Chain of Avalanche Cornell University
Exploring performance envelope of HTTP/2 University of California, Santa Cruz
Exploring serverless scheduling and resource management Stony Brook University
Exploring the limits of the Function-as-a-Service programming model Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Service Prototyping Lab
Extending Secure Trusted Execution Environments Between HPC Nodes University of California, Davis
Extracting Citation Information from Webpages Using Fully Convolution Networks Augmented with Conditional Random Fields University of California, Berkeley
Extreme Computing The University of Edinburgh
FalconDB: Blockchain-based Collaborative Database The University of Utah
Far Data Lab University of Toronto
Farm distributed system Peking University
Fast and Efficient Hyperparameter Exploration of Machine Learning Models University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fast Kernel Context Isolation Purdue University
Fast Network Interface for Virtual Storage Connection University of Michigan
FAST protocols for ultrascale networks Caltech
Fast RDMA in software University of Washington
faster database tuning Emory University
Faster Hyperlapse University of Wisconsin-Madison
Fault localization Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Fault Tolerant Distributed ML Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zurich (ETH Zurich)
Federated Learning Based on Serverless George Mason University
Federating VNode and ProtoGENI The University of Tokyo
felis University of Toronto
Field-level Intraprocess Partition using MPK Penn State University
File system For FaaS Stony Brook University
File Systems for Fast Memory Rutgers University
Final Projects North Carolina A&T State University
Find a curve that embeds secp256k1 University of California, Berkeley
Find dynamic range partitioning mappings for elastic load balancing all while satisfying SLA. USC
Finding performance anomalies in RDMA Duke University
Fine Grain Isolation Primitives for Cloud Computing Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Finer-grained Resource Allocation for Right-sizing Serverless Functions The University of Texas at Austin
Flexible capability-based routing University of California, San Diego
FlexRAN and network slicing FER
FlinkExperiment Cornell University
Floating point error analysis The University of Utah
Floating point error analysis for straight line and floating point codes The University of Utah
FloMore: Meeting bandwidth requirements of flows Purdue University
Flooding attack mitigation on SDN Nanjing University
Floodlight SDN Controller, Distributed, FT and Durable. University of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences.
Flow Mangement in VMS Lums
Flow Scheduling Algorithms Columbia University
Focusing on high performance computing to be used for cloud Université Mohammed V
Fog Thapar University
Fog Computing meets Game Theory University of Piemonte Orientale
fogcomputing Masters Students
FogSLA Sorbonne Paris Nord Université
Following our work of collecting and classifying 100 concurrency issues, our team want to dive into each application for more detailed analysis The Ohio State University
for course cs6675-cs4675 Georgia Institute of Technology
For experimentation on CloudLab in ASU's CSE 534 class Arizona State University
For students in ECE-GY 6143 at NYU Tandon School of Engineering New York University
For teaching at Harvard Harvard University
Forensics Analysis of the Cloud Oakland University
ForkBase University of Wisconsin-Madison
Formal Verification of Distributed Systems Yale-NUS College
Forwarding Layer for Application-level Peer-to-Peer Services The Aerospace Corporation
FPGA100Gbps University of Nebraska-Lincoln
FPGAMD Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
framework for designing CPSBot for Cyber Physical System GD Goenka University
FSToolkit tests University of Patras, Greece
FT K8S scheduler Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing University of Massachusetts Amherst
Fundamentals of Cloud Computing University of Massachusetts Amherst
Future Internet Testbeds Experimentation Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Future Networks for University Campus Birmingham City University
Future Serverless Architectures ETH Zürich
Fuzz-Testing-Threads Grad Student
Fuzzing course at the University of Utah The University of Utah
Fuzzing the Linux Kernel Boston University
Gateway Experimentations Stony brook
Gem5 Experiment University of California, Santa Barbara
GenDP University of Michigan
generate some log Xi'an Jiaotong University
Generating Machine Learning examples for visualization experiments. University of Wisconsin-Madison
genomic cloud computing infrastructure Covenant University
Geo-Distributed Streaming University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Geometric BigData Computing University of the District of Columbia
get experience in distributed systems by implementing own version of GFS University of Oregon
Getting started with a lab La Salle University
Giglab Testing University of Tennessee Chattanooga
GkleeShare: a place to try Gklee U of U
GMU CS Machine Learning Group George Mason University
GMU Network Tomography and Resource Allocation George Mason University
GNS Testbed University of Massachusetts Amherst
Google Cluster Analysis Stony Brook University
Grad Class in Cloud Computing University of California, Santa Barbara
Graduate course COMP-SCI 5540 (Principles of Big Data Management) University of Missouri-Kansas City
Graduate networks project Carnegie Mellon University
Graduate Systems Class University of California, Berkeley
Graph DB vs Relational DB University of Wisconsin-Madison
Graph matching implementation over Spark Northeastern University, ECE DEPT
Graph processing on F2 University of Wisconsin-Madison
greenedge University of Padova
Group projects for CS 764 Topics in Database Systems Fall 2018 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Group projects for CS 764 Topics in Database Systems Spring 2020 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Group projects for CS 764 Topics in Database Systems Spring 2021 University of Wisconsin-Madison
GTesting UFPA
H-Quic Tsinghua University
Hadoop and Spark
Hadoop-Based Database Management System for Shopping Data Analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hadoop-Based Database Management System for Shopping Data Analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison
Handling biodiversity data on the cloud U. of Florida
Handling Overload in Publish/Subscribe Systems project Silesian University of Technology
Hands on Computer Networks Drexel University
Hardware and Software Co-design for Microservices and Serverless Computing Texas A&M University
Hardware and Software Prototyping of 5G-and-Beyond Wireless Systems and Rural Broadband Iowa State University
Hardware as a service Boston University
Hardware support for Persistent Memory Carnegie Mellon University
HCI2021 Universidad de San Andrés
Heard about CloudLab from an XSEDE Campus Champions call. Just wanted to familiarize myself with how it operates. Tennessee Tech University
Hello Johns Hopkins University
Helm Chart for SkyhookDM, Dask, and ServiceX Stack University of California, Santa Cruz
Heterogeneous Video Analytics Georgia Institute of Technology
Heterogenous System LLC Management University of Wisconsin-Madison
Hierarchical Clustering for Resource Estimation for Mobile Offloading to the Cloud The University of Texas at El Paso
Hierarchical filter and Refine on CPU + DPUs Marquette University
Hierarchical Learning University of California, San Diego
Hierarchical Resource Control Using ML University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
High performance on-demand video transcoding using clouds University of Louisiana Lafayette
High Performance Scalable Video Transmission State University of New York at Buffalo
High Speed FPGA design for Frames Filtering Illinois Institute of Technology; Research Project
High-performance Packet-Level Network Analytics University of Colorado Boulder
High-performance serverless computing san diego
Holistic Data Repairs with Column-Oriented Data Error Detection Preprocessing University of Michigan
Homomorphic Encryption HW acceleration Clemson
Host Hijacking University of Surrey
Hotspot analysis Arizona State University
Housing Precarity, Evictions, and Inequality in the Wake of COVID 19 University of California, Berkeley
how to bid the cloud Purdue University
HP Labs Networking and Distributed Systems Project University of California, Riverside
HP Labs: Networking and Mobility HP Labs
HPC Enabled Real-Time Remote Processing of Laparoscopic Surgery Clemson University
HPCCSystem and Cloudlab Clemson University
Hybrid Datacenter Congestion Control Scheme Imperial College London
Hybrid Human-Machine Clustering Princeton University
HyperDex vs. MongoDB University of Wisconsin-Madison
I wish to replicate the Infiniswap(nsdi'17) work and optimize it in active mode. College of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, HuNan University
Identifying and Addressing Isolation Bugs in Database Applications The Ohio State University
Identifying new hardware performance counters needed to make data center scheduling decisions Carnegie Mellon University
Identifying sensative information in data University of Colorado Boulder
Ignore this project please The University of Utah
ImgFS: Faster gVisor File System for Serverless Computing University of Wisconsin-Madison
Impact of interference on wireless network performance Illinois Institute of Technology
Implement an application to manage a distributed file system University of Oregon
Implement and evaluate crush University of California, Santa Cruz
implement gNB and UEs University of Colorado Boulder
implement virtual machine and honeypot xi'an jiaotong liverpool university
Implementacao de RAID em Sistemas de Arquivos Distribuidos Universidade Federal do Oeste do Para
Implementation of a Replication Protocol Technische Universität München
Implementation of Real-Time FaaS Budapest University of Technology and Economics
Implementing Intelligent Handover between gNBs University of California, San Diego
Implementing map reduce framework using web sockets Princeton University
Implementing Sharing Memory Robustly in Message-Passing Systems University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
improve cloud access by using mtcp overlay network technique Rangsit University
Improve Neural Networks Training by distributed SGD and NV-SHMEM Clemson University
Improving Ceph Performance for locality intensive applications University of California, Santa Cruz
Improving connectivity for underserved communities of Westside Atlanta Georgia Institute of Technology
Improving Cybersecurity with Information Disclosure The University of Texas at Arlington
Improving Deep Reinforcement Learning training in Adaptive Bitrate Streaming with easy to learn environments University of California, Irvine
Improving Efficiency of Microservices Autoscaling and Scheduling with Kernel Tracing Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Improving hardware prefetching with reinforcement learning University of Michigan
Improving Latency and Throughput of Blockchain Consensus algorithms University of California, Berkeley
Improving network connections in the Cloud. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Improving Performance of the SZ Lossy Compressor using Vectorization (NSF Grant: SHF-1910197) Clemson University
Improving RDMA Progammability with Shared Objects University of Colorado Boulder
Improving Similarity Joins with MapReduce Bowling Green State University
Improving TCP performance Goa engineering College
Improving the chained serverless runtime performance with in-memory object storage for intermediate data generated for chained serverless functions. King Mongkut's University of Technology North Bangkok
Improving the query range feature of WiscKey KV store. Texas A&M University
In NSF funded research, we are investigating the feasibility of an incentive mechanism based on economic principles to be deployed over the public Internet to control e-mail spam. The University of Texas at Austin
In the NSF proposal writing stage California State University Long Beach
In this project we seek to passively monitor node behavior to determine if it is susceptible to specific vulnerabilities. Georgia State University
In this project, we will implement and evaluate a third party trusted Internet agent service, which will provide secure and controllable media content delivery. George Mason University
In-SSD Computation Exploration Penn State University
incentive mechanisms for shared testbeds UPMC Sorbonne Universites
Independent Study Lehigh University
INF2202 lab UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Inference of TCP Sender States and limiting factors of data sending Northwestern University
Information Retrieval experiments based on newspaper data collections. Ghent University - iMinds
Instead of using pretrained model to extract image feature, we try to use SOTA self-supervised model to extract features directly from ZSL datasets University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Instrumenting applications utilizing LLVM IR passes University of Wisconsin-Madison
Integrate MongoDB with Ceph University of California, Santa Cruz
Integrate Tensorflow in quickstep University of Wisconsin-Madison
Integrated system supporting routing in Software Defined Networks AGH University of Science and Technology
Integrating SDN Framework for Drone Systems San Jose State University
Intelligent Data Movement Service Indiana University Bloomington
Intelligent networked systems at UMKC University of Missouri-Kansas City
Intelligently re-ranking server lists using distributed network information in an OpenAFS cell University of Minnesota, Morris
Interference in a Wireless Net Illinois Institute of Technology
Interference-aware cloud performance management Stony Brook University
Interoperability with ORCA CF Renaissance Computing Institute
introduction to cloud computing ncsu
Introduction to Enterprise Computing: Elba Georgia Institute of Technology
Introduction to Networking Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University
Introduction to vizualisation and cloud computing Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et d'Analyse des Systèmes
Intrusion detection University of Arkansas at Littlerock
Intrusion Detection Class Johns Hopkins University
invar University of Massachusetts Amherst
Investigate algorithms for differentiated I/O service at the parallel file system level. The University of Texas at El Paso
Investigate prefetching for TLB to increase performance of large data applications Penn State University
Investigate private media delivery New York University
investigate the arm microarchitecture based on Gem5 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
investigate the arm microarchitecture based on Gem5 École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Investigating attacks on load balancers University of Wisconsin-Madison
Investigating novel security mechanisms for cloud deployments University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Investigating Open-Source Cloud-Native Application Solutions University of Washington - Tacoma
Investigating phase-based architectural policies in CPUs Princeton University
Investigating Resource Usage and Interaction Between Simultaneously Executing Deep Neural Network Frameworks Using Mesos University of Michigan
Investigating Technologies that help Bridge the Gap between Hands on Learning and Virtual Learning PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY
Investigating the feasibility of QUIC on wearable devices North Carolina State University
Investigation and ensurance on I/O priority across VMs in KVM/ARM Columbia University
Investigation of ML performance on modern computer hardware University of Wisconsin-Madison
Investigation of TCP Incast Problem University of Wisconsin-Madison
Investigation performance isolation in hurricane University of Toronto
IoT monitor server for controling app behavior Clemson University
Iowa State University - Research IT testing Iowa State University
IPV6 used as predefined client creditial Handling Clemson University
Is connection speed limiting Ceph Storage? University of Massachusetts Lowell
ISA wars: Benchmark comparison between x86 and ARM servers Georgia Institute of Technology
IsoDiff: A Tool to Quantitatively Analyze Anomalies Caused by Weak Isolation The Ohio State University
Isolation via Software-Defined Networking University of Wisconsin-Madison
ITIS 6320 CloudLab Tutorial University of North Carolina at Charlotte
iu5g Indiana University Bloomington
Job scheduling in disaggregated memory systems University of Pittsburgh
Johns Hopkins University - Applied Physics Lab (JHU/APL) Research and Experimentation Supporting Open, Ubiquitous, and Reliable Communications Environment (RESOURCE) JHU APL
Juniper Networks Virtual Networking Clemson University
Just a test project ( to do the oct-workshop) Boston University
Just testing. Please Ignore. The University of Utah
Just to get familiar with the setup and intro Carnegie Mellon University
K8S for ML Queen Mary University of London
k8s-kn-ceph-build Peking University
KAL Technology CloudLab Evaluation Test Bed US Ignite
KATIO Myself
kernel bypass scheduling University of Pennsylvania
Kernel trace analysis University of Wisconsin-Madison
key value store implementation University of Wisconsin-Madison
Key value store on SSD University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Key-based distributed stream partitioning strategy for stateful operation Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Key-value Store on Heterogeneous Storage Columbia University
Knative network optimization Peking University
KnowOps and related projects The University of Utah
Kosovan Police Distributed System University for Business and Technology
ksplit Vu Amsterdam
ksplit-kvm National Taiwan University
Kubernetes Multi-tenancy with OpenStack Boston University
Kubeshare Clemson University
KubeTrial University of Pisa
KVM/ARM Work, Investigations, and derivatives Columbia University
KVStore: A Hashtable Architected for the Speed of DRAM University of California, Irvine
L1-TF Assesment on cloud infrastructures University of Rome Tor Vergata
Lab activities related to SDN security for students The University of Texas at Dallas
Lab for Analytics in Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Data Mining West Chester University of Pennsylvania
LAN and WAN Protocols Testing University of Ghana
Landslide detection with multiple sources Georgia Institute of Technology
Large Scale Reinforcement Learning Schedule University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Large-scale computation without synchronization Basho Technologies, Inc.
Large-scale Data Analytics Purdue University
Latency-based Cloud Inference Optimization Harvard University
latte Duke University
Leaderless and Unordered BFT Cornell University
Learn hybrid Cloud University of Maryland, College Park
learn2route Harvard University
Learning about how virtual machines work and how to configure them University of Colorado Boulder
Learning about the capabilities of CloudLab University of Southern California
Learning cloud security Wright State University
Learning EMU Lab nasa
Learning GENI for US Ignite participation SimCenter Enterprises, UTC
Learning how to use POWDER testbed Iowa State University
learning Mellanox Bluefield-2 Monash University
Learning Openstack for Research Project Gavilan College
Learning tensorflow University of Wisconsin-Madison
LegoOS study Xiamen University
Leveraging spot instance for AI workloads Peking University
libp2p Harvard
Library OS for the Datacenter Microsoft Research/University of Washington
Lightning fast cloud infrastructure using RDMA New York University
Lightweight Capability Domains University of California, Irvine
Lightweight Serverless Solution for the Edge George Washington University
link a main memory database into mysql database server Simon Fraser University
Linkdelay experiments in P2 Project The University of Utah
Linkdelay experiments in Planetlab Project The University of Utah
LISP-Lab experimental platfor UPMC-LIP6
Live measuring domain from certificate transparency logs Universiteit Twente
Livestreaming Protocols test Student at University of Victoria
Load Balancing in cloud Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Locality Profiler University of Michigan
Location of Faults on Aircraft Wiring (and communication of those results) The University of Utah
Location-Aware Storage Based on HDFS Penn State University
log University of Luxemnourg
Log monitoring at cloud infrastructure level Technical University of Berlin
Logging in 2 Phase Protocol University of Wisconsin-Madison
Logically Centralized Border Gateway Protocol University of Massachusetts Amherst
LOIS: Lightweight Oblivious IoT Services University of California, Santa Cruz
Long project name testing The University of Utah
Long-term Fairness on Spark Stony Brook University
Lossy Scientific Data Transfers Clemson University
low-overhead container overlay network Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Lower bound algorithms for genuine atomic multicast Universidade Federal de Uberlândia
LSM-RDMA-ML Fudan University
LTE on SDN/NFV environment Yemen Mobile Co.
Lustre file system optimization University of Nevada, Reno
M-CORD National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
M-CORD development ITRI
Machine learning for the communication of highly mobile users UT Austin
Machine Learning meats Data Cleaning University of Wisconsin-Madison
machine learning workshop University of Missouri
MAKI-C2 TU Darmstadt
making a virtual machine University of California, Riverside
Making the OS smarter by crosslayer data sharing Rutgers University
Malware Classification using Machine Learning (class project) The University of Utah
Manage GridFTP traffic in cluster computing environment with SDN University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Management, Analysis and Recommendation of Fine Grained Software Citation University of Pennsylvania
Managing Boot Storms in Large Virtualized Data Centers IIT Bombay
Managing smart-grid resources with a distributed SCADA implemented with OWL Princeton University
Mapping middle mile network operations. DigitalC
Masters Students Project University of Sargodha
MAX GENI to ProtoGENI Interoperation Development Mid-Atlantic Crossroads
MCC Boston University
MCC Masaryk University
Measure the Internet, save the data, and make it universally accessible and useful. Measurement Lab
Measurement of IoT Cloud Providers University of Oregon
Measurement of the P2P streaming quality around the world Northwestern Univ.
Measuring Resource Usage of an ML framework & possible resource elasticity University of Wisconsin-Madison
measuring throughput in mesh networks Istanbul Technical University
Mechanisms for Providing Causal Consistency on Edge Computing Student
Medical Data Lake University of Wisconsin
Medusa-Project Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa
Mellanox/Bluefield NIC use and profiling University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
MellanoxOff New York University
Memory deduplication on serverless systems ETH Zurich
Memory disaggregation KAIST
Memory disaggregation on Cloud native database University of Nevada, Reno
Memory Disaggregation using SmartNIC KAIST
Memory Fragmentation&Huge page University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Memory Optimization with RDMA-based Remote Access and Local Storage the Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Delaware
Mesos HPC Internet2
Messing Around DriveScale, Inc.
Metoo University of Wisconsin-Madison
Microburst Analysis University of Toronto
Microservice architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Microservice Profiling University of Virginia
Microservices security and performance improvement through better observability Penn State University
Migration of VIs Universidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
MIND: In-Network Memory Management for Disaggregated Data Centers Yale University
Minikube cluster The Pennsylvania State University
Minimizing Network Connectivity Delays During Container Failover Princeton University
mininet expirement The University of Utah
Mining and Understanding Bug Fixes in Android University of Colorado Boulder
MIT 6.111: Off-Premises HDL Build Service Proof-Of-Concept Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MITM in SDN North Carolina A&T State University
MITM Lab in SDN North Carolina Agricultural & Technical
ML workload pipeline characterization Georgia Institute of Technology
MLab traces Mid Sweden University
MLOS_heatherjia University of Wisconsin-Madison
mobile networking University of California, Santa Barbara
Mobile Routing University of California, Santa Barbara
mobile sensor networks for wildlife tracking Princeton University
Mobile-aware Cloud Resource Management Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Mobility Management small cells Universidad Sergio Arboleda
Mobility performance Evaluation of Mesh rOuting protocols RouteK SL
mobius Tsinghua University
MobiusNeuron Tsinghua University
mod benchmarks University of Wisconsin-Madison
Model driven Cyber Range with emulation and simulation capabilities CITY University London
Modeling, systems, and applications of big data Clemson University
Molecular Dynamics on FPGA Boston University
Montana State University - Research Cyberinfrastructure Montana State University
Moon Cloud - Continuous Monitoring on Cloud University degli Studi di Milano
Morpheus: Domain Specific Run Time Optimization for Software Data Planes Queen Mary University of London
Mosaico University of Technology of Troyes
MOSIP Deployment for CMU Africa and Pentesting Carnegie Mellon University
Moving target defense Lancaster University
MPEC-DASH over QUIC performance measure Korea Institute of Science of Technology Information
MTTCG for qemu Georgia Institute of Technology
multi hop LTE Texas A&M University
Multi level cache experiment University of Florida
Multi resource fairness in NFs Student
Multi-agent systems for sensor/actuator networks University of Bristol, United Kingdom
Multi-cloud broker Rutgers University
Multi-Dimensional Deep Learning University of Wisconsin-Madison
Multi-Mechanism Adaptation for the future Internet (Marburg) Philipps-University of Marburg
Multi-physics cyber-physical testbed Purdue University
Multi-tenant Memcached Environment University of Illinois at Chicago
Multicast with Coding in Application-layer Overlay Networks University of Toronto
Multidomain heterogeneous SDN experiments University of California, Davis
Multimedia Communication Ceské vysoké ucení technické v Praze
Multimedia Networking University of South Australia
Multimedia Video Kent State University
Multiple backdoor attacks against Federated Learning University of Essex
MultiTestbed University of Washington
MxFaaS University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
N/A University of Michigan
Nairobi Transit Data Exchange Framework Clemson University
National education and research network cloud Tanzania Education and research Network
NDN on emulab for UNL University of Nebraska-Lincoln
NDN Traffic generator Tennessee Tech University
Need to setup a lap for testing different security projects Aggregators
Network 5G - FEELT IFTM
Network Anomaly Detection and prediction University of Missouri-Kansas City
Network congestion avoidance with modified TCP&end to end QoS Credis. Bucharest University
Network Controlled System Missouri University of Science and Technology
network design to enable high performance computing on clouds. University of Manitoba
network emulation Mininet Project
network exploration University of Washington
Network interface extensions for improved load balancing of incoming network traffic to the cores of multi server CPUs Georgia Institute of Technology
Network Lab Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis Mostaganem
Network layer and collaboration protocols for ad hoc cognitive radio networks. George Mason University
Network Monitoring in Cloud University of California, Riverside
Network on Demand For Cloud of Things Oregon State University
Network optimization in geo distributed queries University of Wisconsin-Madison
Network Overlay-related Research Columbia University
Network Performance Analyzer Clemson University
Network Security Course Qatar University
Network Security Experiments Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Network Security in Developing World Information Technology University
Network security project University of Colorado Boulder
Network Simulation University of Washington
Network Slicing and Frequency Sharing The University of Edinburgh
Network Stack Offloading on SoC-based smartNIC Internet Initiative Japan Research Laboratory
Network Stacks on Edge Georgia Institute of Technology
Network Tomography Princeton University
Networked Subsurface Mapping University of Vermont
Neuroscience Data Cloud Case Western Reserve University
New Attribute Based Encryption scheme testing New Mexico State University
New messaging method for faster inter service communication University of California, Santa Cruz
NEw routing algorithms over Xpander datacenter Hebrew University of Jerusalem
New software stack for datacenter application Georgia Institute of Technology
New TCP for real-time, multicast, highspeed Princeton U
new-cc-algorithm New York University
NF placement and resource allocation huazhongkeji university
NFactor Facebook
NFV deployment using Openstack and tosca Karlstad University
NFV Security Clemson University
nfv-sec University of California, Davis
NFV-test Jilin Univ.
Nimbus Cloud Computing University of Chicago
NMSL University of Missouri-Kansas City
NO Clemson University
Non-Determinism in Deep Learning System Columbia University
Non-photorealistic rendering Princeton University
Non-Volatile Memory Shanghai Jiao Tong University
None Pohang University of Science and Technology
NoobaaCaching Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
NorNet Simula Metropolitan Centre for Digital Engineering
Nova LSM w Accordion University of Southern California
NrOS AE Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
NSF Computer Systems Research Internet of Things Healthcare embedded medical systems Pittsburgh Technical College
NSFCloud For Everyone Workshop The University of Utah
NSH Routing Braunschweig University of Technology
Nulitics Location Based Analytics University of Pretoria
Numerical Deep Learning Experiments University of Wisconsin-Madison
NVF University of Massachusetts Lowell
NVM caching University of Wisconsin-Madison
nvram NJIT
O-CU Bracket Testing VIAVI Solutions
OASIS University of Puerto Rico
Object Detection for autonomous drones University of Wisconsin-Madison
Object Relational Model in DBMS University of Wisconsin-Madison
Object Store in Tandem with File system University of Wisconsin-Madison
Observing Energy Draw of HPC Compression Clemson University
OCT FPGA P4 University of Massachusetts Amherst
ODISSEIA (Open DISaggregated and SoftwarizEd InfrAstructure) Federal University of Pampa
Offloading University of California, Riverside
OMEC-DEMO University of North Carolina at Charlotte
On demand policy deployments New York University
On Model for Low-Rate Shrew DDoS University of Sci. & Tech. Beijing
On-demand Nested Virtualization for Live-Refreshing Cloud Systems The University of Tokyo
OneDataShare University at Buffalo, State University of New York
OneLab test project University Pierre et Marie Curie
Online Hybrid Congestion Control Johns Hopkins University
OOPSLA23 Artifacts Evaluation - Paper 11 ETH Zurich
Open Cloud Testbed University of Massachusetts Amherst
Open-Source Prototyping of Advanced Wireless Systems for Smart Agriculture and Connected Rural Communities Iowa State University
OpenDLB University of California, Merced
Opening up the cellular network black box Stanford University
OpenLambda University of Wisconsin-Madison
OpenLambda - Exploring Serverless Computing University of Wisconsin
OpenLambda Memory Manager Grad Student
OpenLambda+gVisor University of Wisconsin-Madison
OpenNetVM Tutorial University of Colorado Colorado Springs
Openstack San Jose State University
OpenStack Experimentation CyVerse
Openstack Swift experimentation with Cords University of Wisconsin-Madison
OpenStack Tutorial University of Missouri-Kansas City
Openstack-helm deployment Carleton University
Operating system for understanding NVM Rutgers University
Operational discoverie, honeyclient The MITRE Corporation
optimal predictive task scheduler University of Wisconsin-Madison
Optimal Scheduling Algorithm for Inter Data Center (DC) Traffic using P2P approach University of Southern California
optimisation for distributed DB tshwane university of technology
optimization University of Florida
Optimization Challenges in the Operation of the Future, Federated Internet University of Vienna
Optimization for federated learning George Mason University
Optimization of Data-Driven Applications University of Chicago
Optimization of TCP CUHK
Optimize read latency with remote learned index cache University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Optimize read latency with remote learned index cache (HBase) University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Optimized Scheduling of Scientific Jobs with Apache Mesos SUNY Binghamton
Optimizing Base Station Switching for Stability The University of Texas at Austin
Optimizing CephFS for Columnar Granularity Princeton University
Optimizing Cloud Hadoop Stony Brook University
Optimizing Data-intensive computing in virtualized environments University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Optimizing Model Partition in TensorFlow Stony Brook University
Optimizing operating system kernel for high performance container network Kennesaw State University
Optimizing the latency, accuracy, and cost of dispersed real-time analytics in resource-constrained environments. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Orchestration of several docker hosts to run data streaming and machine learning applications Institute of Information Technology
Orchestration Stack for LEO Satellite Compute Georgia Institute of Technology
Organizational sharing with privacy preservation University of Nevada Reno
OSDI Artifact evaluation The Arctic University of Norway
OU cloud lab Oakland University
Out-of-core graph processing EPFL
Out-of-distribution Detection for Cyber-Physical Systems with Reinforcement Learning Control Stony Brook University
Ove is a protocol which allows two or more clusters of nodes running a Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol to communicate with each other in a byzantine fault tolerant way. University of California, Berkeley
p2p architecture of distributed machine learning Case Western Reserve University
P2P Networking Sudies University of Victoria
P2P protocols for video on demand University of Houston
P2P Streaming in Heterogeneous Networks University of California, Irvine
P4 Program Analysis and Description University of Wisconsin-Madison
P4 Project University of Pennsylvania
P4-based SDN architecture Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
packet value pie algorithm Karlstads university
Paging across machines Texas A&M University
Parallel and Cloud Computing Rochester Institute of Technology
Parallel File System Optimization University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Parallelism of Zero-Knowledge computation through epoch parallelism. Georgia Institute of Technology
Parallelizing Coalescent Applications in Population Genetics Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona
ParallelRDFQueryProcessing University of Missouri-Kansas City
Paris traceroute Universite Pierre et Marie Currie-LIP6, CNRS
PaSh is a system for parallelizing POSIX shell scripts, hosted by the Linux Foundation. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Password Management With Bilateral Actions via Trust. This project focuses on bilateral management of user accounts and passwords - users and the services platform themselves. Carnegie Mellon University
Patwari Digital Communications course project Washington University in St. Louis
PDC projects for student research University of Southern Indiana
PeDEL study of CloudLab usability The University of Utah
Peeking behind Serverless Project University of Wisconsin-Madison
Peering at IXPs University of Central Florida
Penn Research in Real-Time Cloud and the Internet of Things University of Pennsylvania
Penn State Cloud Computing Research Penn State University
People Counter Mobilads LLC
Performance Analysis for Applications Using RDMA The Ohio State University
Performance Analysis of Different Hardware Architectures in a Heterogeneous Computing Platform Boston University
Performance Benchmarking DISA
Performance Comparison of MapReduce vs. Spark using Hibench Stony Brook University
Performance Counters for Hardware Resource Scheduling Carnegie Mellon University
Performance evaluation of Ceph tiering mechanism University of California, Santa Cruz
Performance evaluation of Ceph tiering mechanism University of California, Santa Cruz
Performance evaluation of WIC abstraction EPFL
Performance management of virtualized resource pools University of Calgary
Performance of Scalable and distributed Hyperledger Ledger Fabric for Internet of Things PhD Student
Performance Optimization of E-Commerce Architectures University of Calgary
Performance Prediction for Never Seen Before Distributed Machine Learning Rochester Institute of Technology
Performance study of NFS over wireless links and performance improvments obtained from using protocol level gateways. IBM Research Lab, India
Performance Testing for Serverless Applications The University of Texas at San Antonio
Performance Testing of Beacon OpenFlow controller Stanford University
Performing FDI in Modular Aerial Systems and Vehicle Platoons University of Pennsylvania
Performing simulated cyber-attacks to evaluate security resilience of large IT infrastructures School of Electrical Engineering and COmputer Science, National University of Science and Technology
Peter Desnoyers - test project Northeastern University
PFSCheck University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
PKIChain Information Technology University of Punjab
Place data and replication smartly. University of Florida
PLDI 2023 Artifact Evaluation National University of Singapore
PoC for a decentralized system to prevent roaming fraud in cellular networks Indian School of Mines
Policy allocation in SDN National University of Singapore
Powder Stop The University of Utah
Power based speedup Clemson University
Power of d choices University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Practical and Robust Privacy Amplification with Multi-Party Differential Privacy Purdue University
Practical memory disaggregation University of Cyprus
Practical Secure Multiparty Deep Learning Lehigh University
Practice for Spring 19 University of Illinois at Chicago
Pre-stack optimization by XDP Peking University
Predicting and alerting user when an anomaly is detected in cloud infrastructures North Carolina State University
Predicting DNN Training Resource Requirements on Serverless Infrastructure University of Waterloo
Predicting Query Time in Cloud University of Wisconsin-Madison
Predictive Routing Clemson University
Prefetch Thread in Java University of California, Los Angeles
PRIDE Columbia University
PRIME: Pervasive-Rest run-tIMe Environment Politecnico di Milano
PRISM: primitives for remote memory access Microsoft Research / University of Washington
Privacy Compliance by Construction for Database-backed Web Applications Brown University
privacy preserving computing Boston University
Private Computing on Public Clouds SMU
Private Information Retrieval for DNS Northwestern University
Proactive Auto-scaling for Containerized ML Inference Pipelines Queen Mary University of London
Profiling and analyzing AI data pipeline University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Profiling and improving tail latencies for Hermit's Physical Page Allocation subsystem. University of California, Los Angeles
Profiling GPU applications to understand better power management strategies Carnegie Mellon University
Profiling GPU-based applications to identify hardware bottlenecks Carnegie Mellon University
Program Composition for Embedded Systems Lockheed Martin Corporation
Programmable router primitives University of Wisconsin-Madison
Programmable System for Performance-aware Routing University of Goettingen
Project for ACM SIGCSE Workshop 2019 Clemson University
Project for Familiarization and Learning University of Missouri-Kansas City
project for primoGENI GEC10 tutorial Florida International University
Project for the OSDI 2021 Artifact Evaluation Process National University of Singapore
Project on adding a Machine Learning component to Magma Core Rice University
Project related to cloud computing class Universita' del Piemonte Orientale
Project S2: CS740 Spring 2018 University of Wisconsin-Madison
Project to allow POWDER submissions to CNERT 2021 to be reproduced The University of Utah
Project to be developed with graduate students in the Computer Networks course State Center of Technological Education Paula Souza - Faculty of Technology Jales
Project to introduce my IT 379 students at ISU to cloud computing Illinois State University
Project to introduce my IT 379 students at ISU to cloud computing Illinois State University
Project to kick-start the porting of JASMIN Cloud software to OpenStack. Science and Technology Facilities Council
project to test proteus tutorial student at Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Projects for DS420 Big Data Elizabethtown College
project_sec Clemson University
Provenance collection for GENI Indiana University Bloomington
Provide consistent performance to Virtualized Applications by minimizing inter- and intra-application interference and by ensuring placement and resource allocation in accordance with the VAs' structural and semantic requirements. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Providing cloud tenants with more control University of Southern California
ProxyWeb-Int Carnegie Mellon University
PSC Cloud Infrastructure Evaluation Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
PSSP: Proof-of-Space algorithm on arbitrary scaled cloud infrastructure University of Colorado Boulder
PSU Applied Research Laboratory Expoloratory Project The Pennsylvania State University
Public DHT Service Carnegie Mellon University
Purdue Internet Systems Lab Test Purdue University
Pure-software containers that provide deterministic results on any machine, at any time Indiana University Bloomington
Pythia: Large-Scale Simulation-Based Resource Scheduling for BigData Frameworks Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Python HAC Value Normalization University of Wisconsin-Madison
Quality-of-service for High Performance Computing Storage Texas Tech University
Quantifying network characteristics of userspace TCP stacks for compute accelerators University of Washington
Quantifying OS overheads in big data stacks University of Wisconsin-Madison
Query optimization University of Wisconsin-Madison
Query processing on Basil University of California, Berkeley
Quick experimentation with Kubernetes based NFV Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais
Quick floating point problem detector U of U
QuicTor Qatar University
quiver with serverless The University of Edinburgh
Radio Frequency Localization Florida Atlantic University
raft-priority Tianjin University of Technology
Ramsey Search University of California, Santa Barbara
ray The University of Texas at Austin
Ray Deployment and Test on Cloud University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
RDD Reuse Northeastern University
RDMA based key value store research University of Pennsylvania
RDMA Congestion Control Purdue University
RDMA Emulation in User Space Using DPDK Cornell University
RDMA for spark University of Wisconsin-Madison
RDMA-acclerated GPU inferencing Royal Institute of Technology
RDMA-Based Databases Purdue University
RDMA_Research The University of Utah
RDMA_SC Georgia Institute of Technology
RDMC: Multicast at the speed of light Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Read, write, and interact with data in the Digital RF and Digital Metadata formats Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Real-Time Container Framework University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Real-time systems research University of Pennsylvania
Real-Time Tweets Analysis Inonu University
Realization paper novalsm Nankai University
Realizing Microservices and High Performance Computing Boston University
Receiver-side mechanisms to address unfair TCP senders Carnegie Mellon University
Recovery time objective for the LSM based databases Penn State University
Reducing Energy Consumption in Internet Data Centers University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Reducing energy use of content datacenters University of Massachusetts Amherst
Reg cache research University of Wisconsin-Madison
regex on dpu Università La Sapienza
Reliable UDP in ECHO Georgia Institute of Technology
Remote Memory graft
Remote NVMe SSDs with SmartNIC Shanghai Jiaotong University
RepeatJdart2016v4 Nanjing University
Replace PLFS Metadata server with RADOS object store University of California, Santa Cruz
Reproduce AIFM results University of California, Berkeley
Reproduce SIGCOMM22-SPRIGHT Peking University
Reproduce the codes of AIFM Tsinghua University
Reproduce the result of SIGCOMM Homa Paper University of Washington
reproduce-hire-paper Nanyang Technological University
Reproducibility Imperial College London
Reproducing the Performance Evolution of Linux Core Operations University of Wisconsin-Madison
Reproducing the Performance Evolution of Linux Core Operations University of Wisconsin-Madison
Reproduction of SIGCOMM22 SPRIGHT Peking University
Reproduction of the Database Index Project Bourbon Sun Yat-Sen University
research University of Kabianga
Research exploring which policies for core allocation and load balancing enable the best combination of low latency and high CPU efficiency. University of California, San Diego
Research on architecture and mechanisms for future Internet Tsinghua University
Research on Index selection for Big Data Analysis Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Research on Website Fingerprinting on QUIC Agency for Science Technology And Research (A*STAR)
Research Project A - Implementing DRL AQM and DRL MPTCP Deakin University
Research project about cloud computing University of Wisconsin-Madison
Research projects for students The University of Texas at Austin
Research to discover what the UofU Enterprise Hybrid Cloud project might learn from CloudLab The University of Utah
Research Topics in Computer Networks; CS8320 Auburn University
Researching security of 5G in the context of IoT Agile PQ
ResilientDB: Global-Scale Privacy-Preserving Blockchain Fabric University of California, Davis
Resource Allocation for NFV over hybrid nets University of Maryland, College Park
Resource management in Federated Cloud IIT Guwahati
Resource-aware federated learning using neural network architecture search Iowa State University
Responsible AI Engine aims to facilitate the research of fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics in AI University of North Texas
Rethinking Data Center Racks University of California, San Diego
Rethinking Datacenter Abstractions with Ulambda Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rethinking End-to-End SSD Storage Stanford University
Retrofitting Operating Systems and Applications for Emerging Disaggregated Data Center Deployments University of California, Santa Cruz
Retrospective Bayesian Famework for Visiual Perception Princeton University
RiskMngt Naval Postgraduate School
RL for Networking Research Microsoft Research
Rob CloudLab Test The University of Utah
Ropnn: Detection of ROP Payloads Using Deep Neural Networks Penn State University
Router Securtiy Institute of Computering Technology
Run AIFM experiments Illinois Institute of Technology
running benchmark for a paper submission University of Wisconsin-Madison
Running Diaspora Distribued OSN experiments on GENI University of California, Davis
Running RDMA scripts for DCQCN benchmarking on cluster University of Illinois at Chicago
Running software hardware codesign for ML/DL models. The University of Texas at Austin
Runs Pyret tests against multiple implementations Brown University
Runtime verification of Raft-based storage systems University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Rust_Arkouda Illinois Institute of Technology
RVDNN East China Normal University
RWRAN Stackpath
Sam's undergraduate research on RDMA with professor Akella's group University of Wisconsin-Madison
Santa: Faster Packet Delivery for Commonly Wished Replies COMSYS RWTH University
SBU AMS560 hand-on homework on cloud computing Stony Brook University
SC AEC evaluation Florida State University
SC21 Artifact Evaluation ETH Zurich
Scala Bug Finder University of California, Los Angeles
Scalability analysis of a P2P network Florida State University
Scalability analysis of edge clouds Rutgers
Scalable agreement The University of Texas at Austin
Scalable and Fault-Tolerant Microservices for the O-RAN Control Plane UTFPR - Federal Technological University of Parana
Scalable Machine Learning for Arabic Data Management Umm Al-Qura University
Scalable MKL The University of Utah
Scalable Quality-of-Service Control for the Next Generation Internet University of Massachusetts
Scalable RPC The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Scalable State Machine Replication Università della Svizzera Italiana
Scalable, Extensible, and Safe Monitoring of GENI (S3MONITOR ) Hewlett Packard
Scale up with Hadoop University of Wisconsin-Madison
ScaleKV : A scalable key value store University of Toronto
Scaling Big Data systems using novel advances in hardware such as GPU and FPGA University of Massachusetts
Scaling containers University of Wisconsin-Madison
Scaling FaaS Indian Institute of Science
Scaling up EM University of Wisconsin-Madison
Scure computation IDS Ariel University
SDI testing of small cluster NCSA
SDN Institute of Business Administration
SDN San Jose State University
SDN and CloudLab Clemson University
SDN and IoT Research Columbia University
SDN for Bioinformatic Data and Pipelines University of Chicago
SDN loadbalancer San Jose State University
SDN protyping and testing for MTech thesis students Karunya University
SDN RYU Wolkite University
SDN test for ClickOS SJSU
SDN Testbed North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
SDN/NFV Security Clemson University
Seattle Test Project NYU
SecARM Columbia University
Secure and private execution of JOIN queries in the outsourced database model Boston University
Secure and Verifiable Big Data Life Cycle in Cloud Computing Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
secure cloud National Chung Cheng University
Secure Communication Based on Robust 3D Localization Technical University of Crete
Secure dedup combine cloud and client Saint Mary's University of Minnesota
Secure Disaggregated Memory Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
secure multi-party computation over polynomials Purdue University
Secure Storage Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
Secure, Scalable and Fault Tolerant Cloud Storage Cornell University
securing a server from attack PET Engineering college
Securing MTD using Monitors and different strategies Graduate Research Assistant
Securing the acces to Telework network in the use case of Electronic Documents Management Université Abdelhamid Ibn Badis de Mostaganem
Security Automation for Containerized Environments Sriram Sankaran
Security Cloud Federal University of Minas Gerais
Security Exercises Involving BGP Prefix Hijacks Colorado State Univeristy
Security for Scada Systems Howard University
Security in Advanced Networking Technologies Clemson University
Security in Trusted SCADA and Smart Grids University of Rome "Tor Vergata"
Security Issus in Cloud, IoT, SDN Marist College
Security service as NFV SJSU
Security solutions for the cloud Rice University
Security Testing of eBPF Functions for Cloud Platforms George Mason University
Self Managed Moble Cells Imperial College London
Self-managed systems for data stream processing Boston University
Self-stabilizing Byzantine Tolerant MVC University of Cyprus
Self-tuning of concurrency in Hadoop based on resource interference University of Florida
Senior Design CS551 Stevens Institute of Technology
Senior Design using srsLTE/OpenAirInterface Iowa State University
SenseAid Purdue University
Sentiment Analysis for Twitter feeds University of Wisconsin-Madison
sentitrak Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi
Sequential Gradient Coding University of Toronto
Serveless Research on Resource Disaggregation Tianjin University
Serverless and cloud computing at NTU Singapore Nanyang Technological University Singapore
Serverless Computing on SmartNICs Indiana University Bloomington
Serverless computing: Openwhisk North Carolina State University
Serverless deployments - Performance characterization University of Thessaly
Serverless extension of kubernetes Peking University
Serverless P2P Infastructure Michigan State University
Serverless Pipeline Peking University
Serverless platform University of Wisconsin-Madison
Serverless Platfroms Deplyment University of Mazandaran
Serverless Scheduling on Slack Resources Eidgenoessische Technische Hochschule Zurich (ETH Zurich)
Serverless with RDT University of Rhode Island
ServerlessB5G Universität Bern
Service Centric Networking for Challenges Decentralised Network University of Cambridge
Service Clouds Michigan State University
Service Detection Research Clemson University
Service Function Chaining for server centric architectures Instituto Federal do Espirito Santo
Service Mesh Benchmarks Duke University
Services for Intrusion Tolerant AdHoc Networks Computer Science Dep - Faculty of Sciences and techology. UNL
Services in support of socially-aware distributed sytems University of South Florida
ServiceX University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
SetSimilarity University of Wisconsin-Madison
Setting up a remote 5G testbed for educational and experimentation purposes Center for Research and Technology Hellas, CERTH
Setting up cluster on CloudLab Stony Brook University
SEVerless Nanyang Technological University
Shared memory support in serverless cloud University of California, Riverside
Shared memory support in serverless cloud University of California, Riverside
Shimmy Research University of Colorado Boulder
SIGCOMM 2018 Hackathon Lancaster University
Sigcomm 2021 Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
SIGCOMM 22 Artifact Evaluation Princeton University
Sigcomm artifact evaluation University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
SIIS Laboratory Experiments Pennsylvania State University
SIMD code generation for stencils on brick decompositions The University of Utah
Simulate dwell time variation for SSD Carnegie Mellon University
simulated project ENSIAS
Simulating SmartNIC based virtualized cloud server connections Texas A&M University
Simulation of 5G Core Network testbed Samsung Research America
Simulation of drones for providing wifi connectivity within college Prasad V.Potluri Siddhartha Inst. of Tech.,
Simulation on PBFT Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin
slicenet CNIT, Italy
Smart Allocation of Remote Memory Over RMDA Texas A&M University
Smart Applications on Virtual Infrastrcuture University of Toronto
Smart Citizen University of Missouri-Kansas City
Social media analytics for understanding and modeling behavioral trends in crisis The University of Utah
Software defined Concurrency control of job/task for performance optimization in Hadoop University of Florida
Software Defined Networking Universidad de Talca
Software Defined Networking for Enhanced Quality of Experience in Multimedia Ozyegin University
Software Defined Radio The University of Utah
Software Defined Systems University of Florida
Software Defined Systems University of Florida
Software performance evaluation Software Engineering Group, Department of Computing Science, School II, University of Oldenburg
Software-defined monitoring in Data Center Network City University of Hong Kong
Software-defined wide area network vulnerabilities and threat assessment City University of New York
SoS as a Service Federal University of Parana
SOSP21 Artifact Replication #108 Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Source driven migration for NovaLSM University of Southern California
Space Science Engineering Center Atmospheric SIPS University of Wisconsin-Madison
Spark Stony Brook University
Spark basemod smrtanalysis Clemson University
Spark Provenance Management - Reproducibility for Spark Applications Universidade Federal Fluminense
Spark Streaming Autotuning University of Wisconsin-Madison
Spark vs Others Benchmarking University of Wisconsin-Madison
SparkDev University of California, Santa Cruz
SparkFHE Rochester Institute of Technology
Spatiotemporal Data Management with Dynamic Constraints Purdue University
Spectrum Aware Cloud Offloading Electrical & Computer Engineering, Stevens Institute of Technology
Spectrum Characterization and Occupancy Sensing System US Department of Commerce: NTIA-ITS
spectrum coexistence testing FFRDC
Spectrum Collaboration Challenge Project Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Spectrum Sensing with Crowdsourced Spectrum Sensors Stony Brook University
Speeding up serverless systems w.r.t startup, execution, and cleanup University of California, San Diego
SRC Prism - McDaniel University of Wisconsin-Madison
srsran-handover Multimedia University
SSD experimentation University of Wisconsin-Madison
SSD Key Value Project University of Wisconsin-Madison
Standards Acceleration to Jumpstart Adoption of Cloud Computing Texas Tech University
State machine replication using RDMA, instead of TCP-based communication Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
Steijn senior thesis research CISC Dept; Univ of Delaware
Stochastic Modeling for Virtual Network Function Processing in Open RAN University of Mississippi
Storage and Energy-Efficient Cloud Computing ENSIAS
Storage research group at Sun Yat-Sen University Sun Yat-Sen University
Stork for Cloud: A Cloud hosted Data Transfer and I/O optimization Service University at Buffalo, State University of New York
Storm Tuner George Washington University
strategy to reduce peak traffic for Content-Distribution-Network edge cache Princeton University
Streaming Data Ingestion Study Purdue University
Streaming Matrix Approximations The University of Utah
Stress Test AWS Environment for class Clemson University
Structured prediction for biological processes The University of Utah
Student Learning Opportunity Southwest Mississippi community College
Student Projects Clarkson University
Students and others doing internships with the University of Utah The University of Utah
Study capabilities of Cognitive Radios Wichita State University
Study latency changes with different hosting locations University of Colorado Boulder
Study of a Byzantine-tolerant P2P-TV infrastructure Universita`di Trento, Diaprtimento di Ingegneria e Scienza dell'Informazione
Study of Docker and related container technology University of Wisconsin-Madison
Study of the ONOS and P4 language using RiaB. University of Thessaly
Study on arm and x86 kvm unit test Columbia University
study SSL vulnerability due to TCP The University of Utah
Study TCP Throughput Collapse CS Division
study the dmclock algorithm in Ceph University of California, Santa Cruz
study the quality of services in the Cloud Free University of Bolzano
Study the scalability of MXNet distributed infrastructure Stony Brook University
Study unauthorized wireless access The University of Utah
Studying the motion planning and control problems. The University of Utah
Studying Yelp Dataset University of Wisconsin-Madison
Subset Digest Stanford University
Summer School Cloud and BigData Cameroon INPT
SUNY-Cloud Assistant Professor of CS at State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Supercomputing Reproducibility committee test Argonne National Laboratory
Supersuper Fast and Efficient HashTable Tsinghua University
Support to run Kubernetes on Kubernetes in Magnum Catalyst Cloud
Supporting rapid experimentation for low level system performance evaluation. University of Illinois at Chicago
SUT Aiyara Hybrid Cloud Suranaree University of Technology
Swiftbuffer University of Wisconsin-Madison
SYNC Johns Hopkins University
Synthesizing network designs with certifiable performance properties Purdue University
System call interception for improving storage University of Wisconsin-Madison
System Measurement Project University of California, San Diego
Systemic characterization of service mesh The University of Texas at Austin
Systems for Artificial Intelligence Lab Georgia Institute of Technology
Systems stack for networking, storage and machine learning The University of Edinburgh
Taiwan NCHC testbed Project Upgrade Student
Tapestry University of California, Berkeley
Task Scheduler for Serverless Platform Providers Johns Hopkins University
Taxonomy of threading models University of Michigan
TCC-Cavalheiro Univercidade do Estado de Santa Catarina
TCP and UDP based data transfer performance evaluation University of Missouri-Kansas City
Teaching a PhD class at U Vienna Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Teaching cloud computing Universita' del Piemonte Orientale
Temporary accounts to support Cloud Plugfest tutorial sessions Texas Tech University
Tensorflow device placement with reinforcement learning Massachusetts Institute of Technology
test University of Pittsburgh
test Saint Louis University
test NXM Labs Inc.
Test account for testing ACM artifacts Ecole Nationale de l'Aviation Civile
Test bed for U of Utah Center for High Performance Computing Center staff to explore use of cloud resources in HPC environments The University of Utah
Test CloudSuite v3 on ARM processors Stony Brook University
test for NV Andong Natioanl University
test for storage National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
Test lvd performance Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Test Mobile core UPC Catalunya
Test my Network Security Harbin Institute of Technology
Test OpenStack Rutgers University
Test Palisade FHE operations University of Pennsylvania
Test Project University of California, Santa Barbara
Test project for Rado BU
test rdma on cloud lab University of California, Riverside
Test the DAIFM System Nankai University
Test the state-of-the-art isolation solution (Justitia, in NSDI 2022) Duke University
Test the tofino switch. University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Test to see how this can be used to further enable researchers at UCR. University of California, Riverside
Testbed technology experimentation University of Chicago
Testbeds Evaluation and Comparaison (Emulab, PlanetLab, Grid'5000, DAS'3) Laboratoire d'Informatique de Grenoble, University of Grenoble
Testing access to Tofinos Intel Corporation
Testing Alternative Far Memory Implementations based on AIFM University of Kansas
Testing and benchmarking my own ideas and as well as the state of the art methods Chalmers tekniska högskola
Testing and comparing computer vision models for adversarial image generation Georgia Institute of Technology
testing bare-metal provisioning for HPC National Optical Astronomical Observatory
Testing BBR v2 University of Michigan-Dearborn
Testing brokering and crawling solutions for EarthCube National Snow & Ice Data Center, Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental SciencesUniversity of Colorado
Testing Bundler project artifact Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Testing Cloudlab and OpenStack on Cloudlab Mass Open Cloud / BU
Testing deployment of WiNGS workloads in the cloud(lab) University of Wisconsin
Testing different Loads in NFV Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
Testing Distributed Cloud Computing on Cloudlab Clemson University
Testing Distributed Fuzzer Hopper The University of Utah
Testing distributed systems from the Mace project Purdue University
Testing fairness in distributed protocols Technion, EE
Testing how to leverag the cloud environment Clemson University
Testing lab work for a hands-on lab based networking course Rochester Institute of Technology
Testing Latency and Throughput of Intel Optane NVRAM University of Rhode Island
Testing M-CORD scenario for Autoscaling VNFs Shawnee State University
testing openflow topologies The University of Utah
Testing ORCA resources for Nowcasting University of Massachusetts Amherst
Testing our genomics and epigenetic pipeline performance on a private cloud architecture Van Andel Institute
Testing query implementation on tpcc University of California, Berkeley
Testing RDMA University of Missouri
Testing technologies before incorporating in the AERPAW project North Carolina State University
Testing the ability of CloudLab sites to connect to PEERING Nodes Columbia University
Testing the FIRM paper using Openshift logs Boston University
Testing the implementation of a scalable QUIC server Georgia Institute of Technology
testopennetvm University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Test_Cloud_lab NYU
Tetris on Spark University of Wisconsin-Madison
Texas Tech High Performance Computing Center Test Cluster Texas Tech University
Text and sentiment analysis of online reviews The University of Utah
The Agave Platform: An Open Science-As-A-Service Cloud Platform for Reproducible Science University of Texas
The CPS/IoT Ecosystem TU Wien
The evaluation of various virtualization University of Florida
The first APL srsLTE Throughput study JHU APL
The goal of this project is to democratize genome sequence analysis using CloudLab. University of Missouri
The goal of VIRO is two-fold: i) support -- with minimal manual configuration -- (future) large, dynamic networks; and ii) to meet the high availability, robustness, mobility, manageability and security requirments. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
The Homa network transport protocol Stanford University
The impelentation of 2PC commit protocol with one-sided RDMA operations Peking University
The Jellyfish Data Center Network Architecture University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
The Legume Federation is an NSF project (link is external) to build a federation of legume databases through data standards, distributed development and comparative analysis, to support research across the legume plant family. USDA-ARS
The network would like to be used for experimenting with the openflow/ software. Illinois State Univeristy
The next-generation of distributed computing framework Georgetown University
The project for CS640 at UW-Madison. University of Wisconsin-Madison
The Rational Programmer Brown University
The RotorNet optical datacenter network University of California, San Diego
The scope of work on this project is to adapt the Handle System and/or a Digital Object Registry to realize a clearinghouse registry. Corporation for National Research Initiatives
Think Before You Shuffle: Data-Driven Shuffles for Geo-Distributed Analytics The University of Texas at Austin
This explores how to improve distributed storage performance Vmware Research
This is a project for students doing storage-related work at UIUC University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This is a project to test spark's ability over distributed system SJSU
This is a projst just for artifact evaluation of ASPLOS 2023. Peking University
This is a test project for APT to get familiar with it. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
This is for a course on advanced computer networks I am teaching at Illinois State University. Illinois State University
This is for accessibility testing of cloud lab by Utah Valley University's EIT Accessibility Manager. Utah Valley University
This project aims to detect DDoS attacks using statistical methods. Dept. of Computer Sciences, University of Tampere
This project aims to enhance the confidentiality of content in Cloud computing Purdue University
This project aims to use the 5G data on the SCReAM algorithm Budapesti Muszaki és Gazdaságtudományi Egyetem
This project explores how to build a software infrastructure for asynchronous iterative computation New York University
This project is aimed at granting badges for two submissions in SC21 AE stage. University of Science and Technology of China
This project is exploring novel techniques for recovering from faults in cloud systems. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
This project is for my class project at Georgia Tech on datacenter systems Georgia Institute of Technology
This project is for the Purdue cloud native database research. Purdue University
This project is to enhance the resource allocation for Yarn Stony Brook University
This project is to experiment how to measurement throughput of cloud network in a lightweight matter. University of California, San Diego
This project studies two new algorithms, BIGWHEEL and HOPPAA Chalmers University of Technology
This project uses a genetic algorithm to design a neural network to predict hard disk drive latencies. University of California, Santa Cruz
This project will aid in the SC21 Artifact Evaluation Phase and assigning ACM Badges DePaul University
This projects analysis the trace published by Alibaba. Student
Threading Model in Microservices Emory University
Time Synchronization Performance Modeling on 5G networks University of Massachusetts Amherst
TLB Instrumenter University of Michigan
TLB performance measurement Pennsylvania State University
To detect tampering of big data programs during execution University of Missouri
to do some reserch pn 5G University of Missouri-Kansas City
To find out how emulab could faciitate BT security research Security Research Centre, BT
To measure the isolation of Virtual Machines and Containers University of Wisconsin-Madison
To push middleboxes to the extreme edge University of Wisconsin-Madison
To simulate encrypted traffic for developing a traffic detection algorithm San Jose State University
To test Ray's performance University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Tofu: Large scale machine learning system with automatic tiling New York University
Tondbaz Cloud Research University of Oregon
Towards more programmable end-host networking stacks Queen Mary University of London
Traceable on DSB Tufts University
Traceroute exploration Texas A&M University
tracking and prediction Boise State University
Traffic classification University of Massachussets Lowell
Traffic Prediction for network purpose Saint Louis University
Training students for DoE CyberForce Competition Mississippi State University
Transaction test in database applications The Ohio State University
Transfer learning with Quality Diversity Methods University of Alberta
Transitioning to SDN University of Wisconsin: Department of Computer Sciences
Trinity Yale University
Trust in Lightweight Virtual Machines: Integrating TPMs into Firecracker Chalmers tekniska högskola
Trying out OpenNF and benchmarking with some initial workloads University of Wisconsin-Madison
Trying out tracing in large scale distributed systems New York University
TUD-Tallaght Technological University Dublin
Tutorial project for CloudLab at GEC 22 The University of Utah
Tutorial Test University of Colorado Boulder
UARK Cloud Security 01 University of Arkansas
UAV Spectrum Northern Arizona University
UAV Traffic Management The University of Utah
UBU research on SDN Universidad de Burgos
UCSD OAI Testbed Federation using SENSE/AutoGOLE University of California, San Diego
UCY Computer Architecture and Systems Team University of Cyprus
UH Cybersecurity Education Workshop Barnstormer Softworks, Ltd.
UHMC Applied Business and IT Project University of Hawaii Maui College
UHMC Cybersecurity Project University of Hawaii Maui College
UKy Cloud Lab Test University of Kentucky
UMass CloudLab ESI integration University of Massachusetts Amherst
Umbrella project for APT guest user experiments The University of Utah
Umbrella Project for people with deadlines The University of Utah
UMKC Cloud Computing Course University of Missouri-Kansas City
UNCA Cloud Computing and Cybersecurity class UNCA
Uncertainty quantification in deep models Texas A&M University
Uncovering Remote Peering Interconnections FORTH
Understanding and Detecting Upgrade Failures in Distributed Systems Purdue University
Understanding DNN partitioning b/w cloud-edge University of Wisconsin-Madison
Understanding how to debug network problems University of Michigan
Understanding OS requirements to handle data center tax operations. Carnegie Mellon University
Understanding performance of evolving deep learning application workloads for virtualization platforms Florida International University
Understanding scheduling capability of cloud Penn State University
Understanding the behavior of MPTCP University of California, Riverside
Understanding the difference between different congestion control algorithms and the impact of network stacks on their performance. Georgia Institute of Technology
Understanding The Impact of Serverless Computing on Datacenter Networks Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Understanding Variability Due to Power Management on GPUs University of Wisconsin-Madison
Uni-Wuerzburg Placeholder University of Wuerzburg
Unified Orchestration Universita di Firenze
Unified Regression Tests University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Univ of Kentucky Planetlab experiments University of Kentucky
Universal UAS Traffic Management School of Computing, UU
University MultiCore Challenge Industry-Academia Partnership
University of Massachusetts Amherst Nursing Engineering Lab related projects University of Massachusetts Amherst
University of Utah PlanetLab Experiments The University of Utah
University of Wyoming Advanced Research Computing Center University of Wyoming
Unsupervised Detection of Anomalies in Distributed System Logs TU berlin
UofC WiNet Lab BW Measurements University of Calgary
Usability test for Cloudlab The University of Utah
Use Ceph to generate 1000 files and set up time of request then get the download time for each files Purdue Univeristy
Use Cloud Computing in Machine Learning James Madiosn University
Use cloudlab to set different serverless platform and compare University of Colorado Boulder
Use Cloudlab to test CMware Umass lowell
Use DPDK and Smart NIC to accelerate the server Fudan University
Use of software defined networks in the energy conservation process Centro Estadual de Educacao Tecnologica Paula Souza
USENIX Security 2022 Fall Artifact Evaluation for #25. A paper accepted in USENIX Security 2022. University of California, Berkeley
User-centric mobility management in malfunction areas University of Victoria
Users privacy and security in the cloud database Concordia University of Edmonton
Using a Distributed Cyclic Dataflow Framework for Datalog Evaluation University of Wisconsin-Madison
Using CloudLab in Graduate Course on Distributed Systems University of Florida
Using Cloudlets to Offload Computation University of Delaware
Using Measurement Objects in LTE to measure RSRP/RSRQ for neighbouring cells University of Washington
Using ML for Networking Research University of Oregon
Using ML technologies to characterize workload, machine, and the resulting performance Clemson University
Using modular arithmetic to design FPGA-based secure hardware architectures for multi-layer perceptrons (MLPs) The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Using Neural Networks For Query Execution Time University of Wisconsin-Madison
using openflow to adapt network resource The Ohio State University
Using social data to accelerate network Fudan University
Using software defined networks for computing with Protected Health Information (PHI) University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Using spark and GPUs to achieve business intelligence Montclair State University
Using SparkSQL to process UK Data University of Wisconsin-Madison
UTSA 5G Testbed for Future 5G Technologies The University of Texas at San Antonio
UVITEST University of the Virgin Islands
UW Madison course on Big Data Systems University of Wisconsin-Madison
UW Madison Data Analysis and Systems Hub University of Wisconsin-Madison
UWProj University of Washington
VAIF traces from OpenStack Tufts University
variability research Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Vector-Scheduling Approach for Running Many-Task Applications in the Cloud Louisiana State University
Vehicular Edge Network for Connected Transportation North Carolina State University
Verification of RL controllers University of California, Irvine
Verify the robustness of machine learning algorithm University of Southern California
VetSC The University of Utah
vhive École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
vHive-test Zhejiang University
Video Streaming Purdue University
Video Streaming Purdue University
Virtines Illinois Institute of Technology
Virtual environment for training students in penetration testing courses Arcadia University
Virtual Memory in Virtualized Systems University of Michigan
Virtual Secure Network Service Polytechnic Institute of NYU
Virtual Sensor Networks Colorado State University
Virtualization concept University of Stavanger
Virtualization of MPP clusters The University of Utah
Virtualizing 5g RAN with GPU University of Wisconsin-Madison
Virtualizing middleboxes on Cloud University of Wisconsin-Madison
VM Isolation Benchmarking University of Florida
VM Migration Network Optimization Concordia University
vm storage size at scale ENS Lyon
VNF Utilization estimation Georgia Institute of Technology
VPP UPF with Hardware offloading National Chiao Tung University
Wasp: micro-hypervisor that enables lightweight, isolated virtines Illinois Institute of Technology
We are experimenting some machine-smartphone interface to test our phone controlloring software. SUNY Buffalo
We are exploring a combination of modeldriven and modelfree approaches for firewall circumvention Carnegie Mellon University
We are investigating the impact of large scale machine learning model training on datacenter network topologies. Stanford University
We are looking at developing software synthesis techniques for real-time and reliable wireless applications. University of Iowa
We investigate security and performance issues on the Internet Case Western Reserve University
We want to develop a cloud managment protocol. Beijing Foreign Studies University
We want to leverage V100 GPU nodes to conduct our research. The University of Utah
We work on hardware and software optimisations for big data processing on frameworks such as Hadoop, Storm, Spark, and so on. Sharif University of Technology
Web cache_HW3 University of Florida
WebApplicationStudy Carnegie Mellon University
Whale Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Wide Area Cluster Computing Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
Wide area congestion control with global clock synchronization Carnegie Mellon University
Wide area maesurements of path properties on RON University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wide-area path performance diagnosis University of Washington
WiFi Optimization Project IBM Research
Will be used by a students for his master University of Bolton
wireless bit rate adaptation for cognitive radios University of California, Santa Barbara
Wireless Data Centers North Carolina State University
Wireless LAN Technologies University of Northern Iowa
Wireless Network Coding U/ Washington
Wireless Research Idaho National Laboratory Spring 2018 CS839 ML Project University of Wisconsin-Madison
Wisconsin Research Facilitator Testing Wisconsin
WIU Computer Science Security Western Illinois University
Work related to CS MS in HPC & systems architecture University of Colorado Boulder
Workflow Data Management as a Service for Multi-Site Applications Inria
WormholeDB University of Illinois at Chicago
XaaS+XOS University of Kinf Juan Carlos I
Xen on ARM Xen Project
XOS-experiment Ericsson Inc
XPS: SDA: Collaborative Research: A Scalable and Distributed System Framework for Compute-Intensive and Data-Parallel Applications University of Central Florida
XSEDE Campus Champion Trial Harvey Mudd College
XStore Hunan University
Yawn: A CPU idle-state governor for datacenter applications Johns Hopkins University
Zero Trust Datastore University of Georgia
zero-knowledge middleboxes University of Michigan
ZKM Testbed University of Wisconsin-Madison
zookeeper consistency control over znode University of Wisconsin-Madison
[System] Serverless caching for DL training George Mason University