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New Emulab Portal UI (Beta)
Tuesday, May 23, 2017, 4:26PM; posted by stoller (282).

The Utah Emulab team is pleased to announce a new web "portal" UI for the Emulab testbed, now available for BETA TESTING and feedback at:

Please help us test this new interface to Emulab! Send questions and comments about the new interface to, or to for private questions/comments.

The new Emulab portal is based on the interface already in use for the CloudLab, Apt, and PhantomNet testbeds. If you have used any of those, the new portal interface to Emulab should be very familiar.

We intend that the new portal will become the default interface to Emulab in the "near" future. Your help with beta testing will help to make the new portal interface better!


In comparison to the current "classic" Emulab UI, the new portal has a streamlined, modern web GUI. More significantly, the new portal is organized around *profiles*, which are similar to, but different than, classic Emulab experiments. Profiles:

  • are written in a domain-specific language atop Python (no more NS/Tcl!)
  • can be created and edited with a web-based GUI
  • are versioned
  • can have parameters, settable at swap-in time
  • can have metadata, including embedded instructions
  • can potentially be instantiated on other testbeds, like CloudLab
  • can be based on Git repositories
  • can be published to the world

To learn about the portal UI, profiles, and the "geni-lib" DSL, please consult the online documentation:


The Emulab portal can create profiles from "classic" Emulab experiments, automatically converting NS files into geni-lib scripts. Within the classic Emulab interface, navigate to one of your experiments and select "Create Profile from Experiment" from the left-hand menu. In the portal, you will also see icons that provide a "shortcut" to the converter.

The converter covers the most commonly used features of NS. If you find a missing feature, or have an experiment that cannot convert, please let us know. We are especially interested in feedback about the converter!


The primary features of NS-based experiments that are *not* currently available in geni-lib profiles relate to the event system. The missing features include dynamic events ("event at time X"), event sequences, event timelines, and event groups. These features are somewhat rarely used by most Emulab experimenters. Please send us feedback if you would like support for these features and/or help with possible workarounds.

Thank you for your help in beta testing the new Emulab portal interface. Happy hacking! ---

Eric Eide Robert Ricci and the Utah Emulab Team