Request an Account A time- and space-shared platform for research, education, and development in distributed systems and networks. Emulab's primary goals are ease of use, control, and realism, achieved through consistent use of virtualization and abstraction.

Emulab is a network testbed, giving researchers a wide range of environments in which to develop, debug, and evaluate their systems. The name Emulab refers both to a facility and to a software system. The primary Emulab installation is run by the Flux Group, part of the School of Computing at the University of Utah. There are also installations of the Emulab software at more than two dozen sites around the world, ranging from testbeds with a handful of nodes up to testbeds with hundreds of nodes. Emulab is widely used by computer science researchers in the fields of networking and distributed systems. It is also designed to support education, and has been used to teach classes in those fields.
Cluster Status
Active Experiments: 32
TypeFree% Inuse
d430 40
75% inuse
d710 151
6% inuse
d750 0
100% inuse
d820 6
63% inuse
dl360 2
0% inuse
nuc8259 1
50% inuse
pc3000 79
50% inuse
Projects 1565
Users 5134
Profiles 2657
Experiments 100021
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